Fresh Flowers: 10 New Annuals for 2013

Mix and match these new-to-market annuals to ensure an unforgettable garden this year.

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  1. Zinnias

    Annual zinnia

    Boasting double-petaled blooms of a rich, deep red, Zinnia Profusion series 'Double Hot Cherry'—an All-America Selections "Bedding Plant Award Winner"—lasts from spring through frost and is forgivingly, enticingly easy to grow.

  2. Calibrachoas

    Calibrachoa superbells lemon slice lg

    With bright yellow pinwheels similar to those of mini petunia, Calibrachoa Superbells series 'Lemon Slice' stands out in any container. No need to deadhead this consistent bloomer; just keep it well fertilized over the growing season.

  3. Lobelias   lobelia

    Unusually heat-tolerant for a lobelia, the Hot Springs series features lovely trailing foliage adorned with seemingly everlasting blooms. Lobelia 'Dark Blue' adds a welcome shade of indigo to your summertime garden.

  4. Verbenas


    A sharp 'Wicked Hot Pink' hue characterizes this verbena, a plant known for its vigorous growth under full sun.

  5. Geraniums

    Geranium all

    The Pinto Premium series 'White to Rose' Geranium comes on early, and as it matures, the color of its five-inch flower heads gradually deepens from pure white to bright pink.

  6. Lantanas


    Bred for its compact size and arresting color that does not fade, Lantana 'Little Lucky Red' draws hummingbirds and other pollinators to your landscape.

  7. Coleus


    With foliage in wild irregular, festive shapes and colors, this Under the Sea series Coleus 'Bone Fish' offers a unique silhouette ready for a shady corner of your garden.

  8. Alyssums

    Lobuleria blushing princess

    Invite butterflies with light lavender Alyssum 'Blushing Princess', a sweet-scented plant that grows well in full sun to partial shade.

  9. Impatiens


    A new addition to the New Guinea Petticoat series, 'Orange Star' is noteworthy for its ability to withstand more sun than typical impatiens. Use it in a border for continuous summer blooming.

  10. Petunias

    Supertunia provenwinners.comjpg

    Supertunias, capable of growing more than two feet tall, have been bred to be drought-tolerant and deadhead-free. The brilliant pink 'Watermelon Charm' looks great in either a container or garden bed.

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