Get the Look of Wood Floors for Much Less: 7 Laminate Picks

Though it's always been a cost-effective alternative to traditional hardwood, today's laminate flooring proves just how far the product has come. Thanks to new imaging and finishing technologies, laminate now looks and feels so much like the genuine article, it's often hard to tell the difference. Its durability has improved, too, making laminate a total package well worth serious consideration the next time you're shopping for a new floor.

  1. The Latest in Laminate

    The Latest in Laminate

    Do-it-yourselfers love laminate flooring, not only for its ease of installation, but because the material makes possible virtually any look. That's because the color and pattern of the flooring come from a photograph that's covered under a durable, scratch-resistant sealant while being supported from below by a fiber-core board. Click through to see what range and beauty there is to be found among the laminate flooring on sale now at Lumber Liquidators.

  2. America’s Mission Olive

    America’s Mission Olive

    New high-definition technology makes America’s Mission Olive an eye-catching budget alternative to traditional, often costly hardwood options, while the 30-year warranty covering the product reinforces it as a smart investment.

  3. Delaware Bay Driftwood

    Delaware Bay Driftwood

    At home in a modern kitchen, living room, or bedroom, Delaware Bay Driftwood features a weathered gray appearance that's right on trend. Plus, its pre-glued, soundproofing underlayment facilitates installation even on uneven subfloors.

  4. St. James Brazilian Koa

    St. James Brazilian Koa

    Favor an exotic look? Check out St. James Brazilian Koa, a standout for its lustrous reddish-brown tones and unique, wavy grain pattern. Finished in a high gloss, the V-groove flooring clicks into place, requiring neither nails nor glue.

  5. High Sholes Hickory

    High Sholes Hickory

    These days, some laminate floors even boast a texture. Though brand new and backed by a 30-year warranty, "handscraped" High Sholes Hickory has the warm, rustic charm of rough-hewn, centuries-old wood flooring.

  6. Fumed African Ironwood

    Fumed African Ironwood

    A premium laminate flooring product, Fumed African Ironwood impresses with the range of subdued colors to be found in its boards. Tan, gray, and black hues combine to create an exciting foundation for any contemporary space.

  7. Rio Grande Oak

    Rio Grande Oak

    Rich, earthy colors characterize Rio Grande Oak, another laminate floor boasting a handscraped texture. For that reason, and because it comes in wider-than-usual planks, it makes an excellent choice for anyone who loves the Old World aesthetic.

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