House Tour: Go Inside a 100-Year-Old Craftsman, Recently Restored

In La Verne, CA, architectural preservation and restoration expert Ray Adamyk recently dispatched a half-dozen workers from his "artisan army" of 150 to restore a Craftsman home to its former glory. See how skilled 21st-century artisans brought this early 20th-century home back to life.

Past Is Prologue

Craftsman Style Home

A historic home in La Verne, CA, The Kuns House typifies the Craftsman style, which rose to prominence in the late 1800s and remained popular through the 1930s. In its simplicity and honesty of materials, Craftsman-style architecture was a rebellion against what had come before it—the decorative (and some would say overwrought) Victorian style that'd come before.


Craftsman Restoration

In restoring the masonry portions of the home's exterior, expert masons took pains to retain what stone could be salvaged. And when that wasn't possible, they sourced new stones from the quarry where, a hundred years prior, the granite had originally been sourced.

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Natural Woods

Craftsman Interior

Craftsman style always placed an emphasis on wood. In that way, the Kuns House dutifully upholds the Craftsman tradition, with wood floors, doors, and wainscoting. The restorationists worked hard to refinish the century-old walnut and maple throughout. It's a testament to their skill that today, the place looks much as it must have a century ago.

Historic Details

Craftsman Historic Preservation

"I've put so much into the Kuns home—probably more than I should have—but I wanted the work, the granite, the colors, the lighting to be of consistent quality, and details reflect the historic period. Everything is historic, inside and outside. There are even 10-foot ceilings with vaulted arches on the main floor," says Ray Adamyk, founder and president of the Spectra Company, the group responsible for the restoration.

The Kitchen

Craftsman Kitchen

All plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems were upgraded. So, too, was the kitchen, which now boasts period cabinetry, granite counters, white marble flooring, stainless appliances and a breakfast nook.

The Wine Cellar

Craftsman Wine Cellar

In the basement, a vault door opens up to a wine cellar that was once a coin collector's It once housed a coin collector’s vault.

The Patio

Craftsman Patio

The outdoor space includes stone walls, majestic oak, xeriscape landscape, and a private patio courtyard.

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On the Market

Craftsman House For Sale

Completed two months ago, the home remains on the market for $1.6 million. And it’s turning heads: Sotheby’s reports that potential buyers are inquiring about it weekly. Much of the credit for that belongs to the skilled artisans who carefully brought the place back to life. 

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