Kitchen Envy: 16 Rooms We Love

Your kitchen may not be as grand as these, but in each of them we found design ideas worth emulating.

Soaring Ceilings

High Ceilings

Symmetry, clean lines, and a classic color scheme distinguish this North Carolina kitchen. And then, of course, there's that ceiling. No matter what height your own ceilings are, the basic design of this kitchen is easy to mimic. Borrow this idea: Pair white walls and cabinetry with black counters and mullions for a simple, chic look.

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A Touch of Whimsy

Open Floor Plans

Even when the kitchen is part of a large, open floor plan, there's no reason it can't have a personality all its own. A row of eye-catching bar stools, a trio of pendant lights, and a backsplash in varying shades of blue enliven this airy space. Borrow this idea: Displaying collections on open shelving is a wonderful way to add color and texture to a room.

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Seating for All

Kitchen Island Seating

In this cream-toned kitchen, a separate table with seating for six was built alongside a work island, creating the ideal spot for family dinners or small get-togethers with friends. Borrow this idea: Incorporate different yet complementary styles of accent lighting to visually distinguish work area from dining area.

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Conservatory Kitchen

Kitchen Greenhouse

A kitchen in a greenhouse—who wouldn't enjoy spending time in this light-filled space? Details that enhance the conservatory feeling include the tile floor, bare windows, and twin ceiling fans. Borrow this idea: Cluster houseplants and garden antiques in one area of your kitchen to mirror the great outdoors.

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Seeing Double

Two Kitchen Islands

Installing one island can enhance the workflow of just about any kitchen; two—one for food prep, one for dining—seems like the ultimate luxury. A fun mix of pendant lights adds a playful note to the room. Borrow this idea: No matter how many islands your own kitchen can accommodate, consider the classic combination of a marble top over warm wood tones.

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Black and White Reimagined

Black and White Kitchen

This clean-lined kitchen presents a fresh twist on the black-and-white color scheme. The "white" underfoot is actually wood floors with a light stain. Borrow this idea: Create a morning station, like the one at the far end of this photo, where coffeemaker, microwave, mugs, and your morning staples can all be close at hand.

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Sunny Colors

Kitchen Colors

Yellow has always been a popular choice for kitchens, and this updated take on country casual uses the cheerful hue to full advantage. The positioning of the sink directly across from the stove enhances the space's workflow. Borrow this idea: Create a graphic checkerboard pattern on the floor using wood stains rather than paint or tile.

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Modern Rustic

Exposed Kitchen Beams

A wonderful blend of modern details and rustic charm, this kitchen features a wooden ceiling and exposed beams that draw the eye upwards, while track lighting floods the space with light. Borrow this idea: If your layout allows, install a range top in your work island to open up counter space elsewhere in the room.

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Old World Charm

Kitchen Woodwork

Ornate woodwork, a tile floor, and warm ocher walls all contribute to the Old World ambiance of this stylish kitchen. Counters and the work island display an elegant combination of granite and dark wood tones. Borrow this idea: Use a shelf above a stove hood to showcase favorite decorative items.

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Butler's Pantry

Butler's Pantry

Carving out space for a food pantry is a luxury for many, but a separate room to house dishes, glassware, serving pieces, and linens seems like something straight out of Downton Abbey. Borrow this idea: Designate a spare closet near the kitchen as a butler's pantry—or work one into your plan if you're starting from scratch. Install open shelves up above and drawers down below, and include a good source of light.

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Tuscan Flair

Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen

The warm and rustic charm of this Tuscan-inspired kitchen is balanced by open views of the breathtaking landscape. Borrow this idea: Remove the treatments from windows and doors, and add some colorful accents to your backsplash.

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Clean Lines

Simple Kitchen with Clean Lines

The simple, unfettered appointments of this modern kitchen put the eye immediately at ease, while the light wood tones of the cabinets and island lend warmth to the space. Borrow this idea: Use small profile counter stools and simple cylindrical pendants. Install streamlined cabinet hardware and clear your counters of all the unnecessaries.

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Wooden Touches

Rustic Wooden Kitchen

Stone and wood elements give this rustic kitchen a casual charm. Borrow this idea: Use salvaged wood to veneer islands, and create an accent wall in stone. Add vintage stools and light fixtures for a punch of modern style.

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Cleanly Contemporary

Contemporary Kitchen Design

The clean, contemporary lines of this kitchen give it a modern edge, while the natural elements ground it with some welcoming touches. Borrow this idea: Install a backsplash of mixed glass and stone and lay handscraped, engineered wood flooring in a darker tone.

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Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman Kitchen Design

This craftsman-style kitchen feels homey and inviting. Borrow this idea: Add silk plants and other decor to the top of cabinets for texture, and large glass crocks to the counters for accents. Bring in oversized wooden counter stools for comfortable conversation seating.

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Country Chic

Country Chic Kitchen

A country kitchen can have a contemporary flair, feeling casual and modern at the same time. Borrow this idea: Paint the island a contrasting color to the cabinets, and place a large throw rug over wood floors.

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