No Money to Burn? 9 Fire Pits You Can Afford

An outdoor fire pit can add character and utility to your garden landscape. It can knock the chill off a fall evening and make it downright cozy. It will cast a warm glow on any nighttime gathering. And do we even need to mention the marshmallows? Whatever you do around your outdoor fire pit, there are some basic tips that will help keep you, your guests, and your home safe and comfortable while you enjoy your evenings outdoors.

Make sure your fire pit is located at least 10 feet from your home or any trees, and is sitting on a level surface. A hard surface like brick or concrete is best. Never put a fire pit on your wood deck or in an enclosed porch. Keep a bucket of sand or water (or even a fire extinguisher) close at hand in case flames get out of control. Start your fires the old-fashioned way with paper and kindling, not lighter fluid. And burn dry, seasoned wood—preferably that’s been cut for at least six months. Always keep an adult nearby when children are present, and never go inside for the night until the fire is completely snuffed out.

Use your common sense and your outdoor fire pit can safely be the highlight of your backyard gatherings. Check out our collection of reasonably priced fire pits in a range of sizes and styles to suit almost any taste, whether aesthetic or practical.

  1. Flame Genie Pellet Fire Pit

    Pellet Fire Pit

    Want the coziness of a fire without the hassle of burning wood logs? The Flame Genie is powered by wood pellets, which means it reduces smoke and sparks, and there's less ash to clean up. At only 12 pounds, it can be easily repositioned to delight your backyard guests wherever they've gathered. Available on Amazon; $130.

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  2. Fire Sense Bon Fire Portable Fireplace

    Outdoor Fireplace

    This handy fire pit features a retractable handle and large wheels that make it easy to move around the patio or transport to the campfire or beach. The durable spark-screen walls keep embers from landing on clothing or surroundings, and the double doors allow for easy refueling, cleaning, and marshmallow roasting. Available on  Amazon ; $109.

  3. CobraCo Hand-Hammered 100 Percent Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

    Copper Fire Pit

    Bet you've never roasted s'mores by such a chic heat source! Imagine sitting around toasty flames as they bounce around the rim of this hand-hammered copper fire pit. At more than 11 inches deep, the basin is perfect for housing a long-lasting fire, and it's outfitted with a mesh screen to protect against flyaway ash. Expect the copper to weather with use, aging gracefully to a rustic patina. Available on Amazon; $400.

  4. Esschert Design Rusted Steel Fire Bowl

    Steel Fire Pit

    This open fire bowl cradles an attractive low flame to enhance after-dark festivities. With a mod base, simple dish, and rusted steel, it's the perfect complement to aged brick patios or weathered wood furniture in any backyard settingAvailable on Amazon; $82.

  5. Double Flame Fire Pit

    Fire Pit Grill

    Equipped with smoke-reducing technology, the Double Flame Fire Pit is a practical outdoor decor essential. The best part? You can use this wood-burning pit to grill too! And with temperatures that can reach 1200 degrees, it'll have your burgers and hot dogs done in no time. Available on Amazon; $235.

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  6. La Hacienda Chimenea


    For a year-round fire pit, consider this modern and stately chimenea, which not only provides light and warmth but also doubles as a garden sculpture. The steel structure has built-in log storage for extra convenience. Available on Amazon; $200.

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  7. Uniflame Firehouse

    Grill Fire Pit

    The Uniflame Firehouse is more than just a fire pit—with its slide-out cooking grid, it doubles as a wood-burning grill. The chimney effectively directs smoke and ash away from your party while a removable ash receptacle makes cleanup a cinch. Available on Amazon ; $200.

  8. Northwoods Outdoor Fireplace

    Wood Burning Fire Pit

    In the Landmann Northwoods Outdoor Fireplace, you get a sturdy, generously sized base that holds plenty of firewood—even larger, longer-burning logs. Also included is a full-coverage spark guard that lifts out of the way, a cooking grate, and a couple of handy stoking tools. A handle runs around the perimeter of the fire pit, and there's also a mechanism for releasing ash and promoting optimal airflow. Available on Amazon; $200.

  9. Crosley Hudson Basket-Weave Fire Pit

    Cool Fire Pit

    If you're looking for a fire pit that can keep the flames going almost all night long with very little maintenance, look no further. The Crosley Hudson fire pit is equipped with an oversize steel bowl to hold a hearty supply of wood for longer, warmer fires. The innovative lattice pattern vents the fire, helping it burn vigorously. Available on Amazon; $149.

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