Storage Where You Least Expected It: 10 Sly Spots to Stash Your Stuff

After the holiday influx of guests and gifts, homeowners may find themselves short on storage space. They can, in theory, pack less-used items into garages or closets, but there's much to be said for storage that's handy, easy to access, and subtle—like these 10 clever ideas for stowing away everything from blankets and pillows to pet food and knickknacks.

  1. Tile Cube Drawer

    Secret Compartment

    Integrate a little sneaky storage into your tile work with these functional tile cubes that were created by designers in the Netherlands. These are the ultimate in storage minimalism.

  2. Fake Books

    Book Box

    A box dressed up with fake book spines can camouflage any number of little items that may be cluttering your shelves. There are versions available for purchase, or you can make your own with a crate and some books from the library sale.

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  3. Behind the Picture

    Picture Frame Storage

    A wall of family portraits might just turn out to be the perfect storage spot for extra dishes. These framed photos double as cabinet doors in this sleek and innovative storage solution.

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  4. Tubside Storage

    Bathtub Storage

    A shallow, tilt-out drawer on the side of the bathtub can accommodate extra washcloths, soaps, or your favorite pair of slippers. It’s a great way to keep things tidy in a small bathroom space.

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    Wanda Ely Architect inc.

  5. Stairwell Storage

    Storage Stairs

    A trapdoor in a stairway landing is an ingenious, unexpected use of extra floor space. Use it for storing bulky items that you need infrequently, like holiday decor or camping gear. It will all be neatly tucked away while still being easily accessible.

  6. Hidden in the Headboard

    Storage Headboard

    The face of this upholstered headboard lifts up to reveal a cubby that's perfect for storing throw pillows and spare linens. An extra blanket is always just an arm's reach away!

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  7. Pull Out Pet Bowls

    Pull Out Pet Bowls

    This set of bowls slides out from a drawer under the cabinet, at the perfect height for a pet. Now, if you can just train Fido to close the drawer when he’s finished.

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  8. Storage Column

    Storage Column

    Hide everything in plain sight! This may look like a structural column, but in reality, it’s a vertical storage system packed with drawers and shelves. A pull-out step stool serves as a boost for reaching the unit's higher shelves, or as a seat while digging through the lower ones.

  9. Underbed Storage

    Under Bed Storage

    Storing things under the bed is not new. But this idea raises the concept to a new level—literally. By placing the entire bed frame on hinges, you can lift it as effortlessly as a Murphy bed, for easy access to whatever’s stored underneath.

  10. Built-In Laundry

    Built-In Laundry

    This built-in cabinet opens to reveal a big surprise—a full laundry center, complete with storage inside the double doors. It’s a wonderful option for small homes or apartments where a dedicated room for laundry isn’t possible.

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