The 21 Best IKEA Hacks of 2016

In 2016, inventive DIYers around the Web showed us that you no longer have to hit the showroom floor to snag showstopping furniture and accents for your humble home. Take a cue from these 21 homemade hacks that transform everyday IKEA finds into fun and functional pieces fit for every living space.

Sitting Pretty

Ikea Hack Gold Chair

This luxury lounger might look like top-dollar decor, but you can make it at home for next to nothing. All you need is a budget IKEA chair and a bit of imagination. The legs get a stunning upgrade from a can of gold spray paint, while the faux fur throw draped over the seat lends the chair a touch of warmth and modern whimsy.

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Attention Drawer

IKEA Apothecary Cabinet Hack

Upcycled from an IKEA Moppe chest, this DIY apothecary cabinet is a stylish solution for storing CDs, stationery, and personal effects. Re-creating this IKEA hack involves merely attaching wooden legs and a plywood top and base, and covering the bare wood in chalk paint. Metal label pulls affixed to the drawer fronts complete the cabinet's vintage patina, making it a pretty and practical focal point for any room.

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Industrial Revolution

IKEA Hack Sconce

The perfect addition to a modern-industrial interior, this DIY sconce radiates soft light from its generous perforations. The secret to this sleek design is a stainless steel IKEA Ordning utensil holder with a thrifty lamp kit mounted inside. The assemblage is suspended from a steel flange, and a pipe secures the sconce to its wooden base. Black spray paint lends the lightweight luminary a factory-chic look that's truly one of a kind.

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A Desk with a View

IKEA Slim Desk Hack

All work and no play makes for a dull office—but that's not a problem in this playful space. You might never guess that the room's midcentury-modern-inspired desk started with an IKEA shelving unit. The intrepid DIYer behind this IKEA hack lined the shelf's top, bottom, and sides with stained wood boards, then affixed a set of hairpin legs to create a vintage-look work surface. Classic!

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Happy Media

IKEA Console Table Hack

This peppy console table comes together with matching IKEA Sektion cabinets, IKEA Veddinge cabinet doors, wood boards, and IKEA Hilver furniture legs. Wood and sleek white are artfully married in this stylishly Scandinavian design that's just the right size for stashing home electronics.

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Smooth Sailing

Nautical Drawers IKEA Hack

Perfect for maritime enthusiasts, this nautical-themed dresser brings beachy style to the front porch. To re-create the piece, update an IKEA three-drawer chest with white spray paint, then attach four casters to the base. Finally, detach the original drawer knobs and replace them with lengths of jute rope, tying the pieces of rope into large loops to make opening the chest both fun and easy.

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Novel Idea

Ikea Bookcase Hack

Using leftover wrapping paper, you can transform a basic IKEA bookcase into an eye-popping book nook. Simply tape a large swath of paper to the back board of an unassembled shelf. Once the paper has been fixed to the board, assemble the shelf and decorate with complementary accents.

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Thrifty Throwback

Ikea Hack Modern Cabinet

This midcentury-modern-inspired cabinet boasts age-old appeal that you can re-create in a jiffy with little more than an IKEA kitchen cabinet. When framed by four glossy white panels and elevated on vintage table legs, the cabinet becomes a versatile piece that suits any room or awkward corner.

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Spiced-Up Storage

IKEA Spice Rack Hack

Spice up bland walls—and declutter the kitchen—with this wall-mounted spice rack. Starting with an IKEA Bekvam shelf, spray-paint the wood black and secure hardware cloth behind the front panel of the rack. Attach a wood-burned label in between the bar and the base to announce your new IKEA hack's function with style.

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Illuminating Idea

IKEA Hack Pendant Light

Low on light and short on lamps? Add a light source above a desk, side table, or bed by threading an IKEA lamp kit through a hole drilled in a wooden IKEA serving bowl. Hang the pendant light according to the kit instructions to shine a light on any dark corner of your home.

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On the Edge

IKEA Hack Blanket

Beat the winter blahs in a guest room or bedroom by sewing homemade pom-poms and tassels in an alternating pattern around the edge of a basic blanket. Make each pom-pom by wrapping white yarn around a C-shaped cardboard cutout, and form the tassels by circling leftover yarn around your palm and knotting the top to create a playful flourish for your linens.

Desktop Dwelling

IKEA Desk Hack

You don't even have to lift a hammer to reconstruct this chic computer desk for your bedroom or office. Using just industrial-strength Velcro, you can assemble two IKEA Hilver table legs, a Linnmon tabletop, and a Micke drawer unit into a good-looking and hardworking surface for desktops, laptops, and everyday paperwork, all in the span of a few hours.

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Late-Night Nostalgia

IKEA Hack TV Stand

Pair a flat-screen with this timeless TV stand for nonstop elegance and entertainment. Starting with a basic IKEA TV stand with drawers, spray paint the legs in gold paint. Then, secure a brass starburst plate to the center of each drawer face, topping each plate with a brass knob to marry modern beauty with midcentury flair.

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Top Brass

IKEA Dresser With Metal Accents

When a six-drawer IKEA chest is refinished with brass hardware and matching decorative flourishes, the result is a showroom-quality dresser you can proudly call your own. Rather than distracting from the design, the sleek silhouette of the bar pulls and the careful alignment of the corner braces on each drawer face accentuate the simple elegance of the pure white dresser.

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Laid-Back in Leather

DIY Woven Leather Bench

Sit in the lap of luxury without breaking the bank by upcycling an IKEA wooden bench into this leather-accented seat. The eye-catching piece, particularly welcoming in an entryway or mudroom, is created by covering the top of the bench with a woven pattern of long and short strips of leather

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Guiding Light

DIY Map Lamp

Pique the interest of geography buffs in your house with this illuminating idea for a decoupaged lamp. By gluing a world map to the inside of an IKEA lampshade before assembling it, you can make a world-class light source for hardworking spaces like the office, studio, or craft room.

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Stand Corrected

IKEA Nightstand Hack

Your next vintage furniture find for the bedroom may come not from a flea market, but from IKEA. Finished with onyx paint and bun feet, this three-drawer nightstand takes on a new life of old-world glamour. Narrow slats of wood highlight the perimeter of each drawer front, and glass handles accented with brass bands elevate this artful bedside companion.

Bar with a Twist

IKEA Hack Storage Unit

Repurposed from an IKEA dresser, this showpiece bar "cart" makes for an entertaining addition to the dining room or kitchen. Re-create this functional piece by adding a wood base to the bottom of the dresser, then attaching wooden furniture legs to metal hardware plates and securing them to the base. Coat the bare wood with white chalk paint, attach modern metallic drawer pulls, and affix decorative fretwork panels, spray-painted gold for a regal finish.

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Tiers of Joy

IKEA Hack Tiered Stand

Whether you fill it with loose jewelry or tantalizing treats, this tiered tray is sure to be a conversation starter in any room. With a few spare nuts and bolts, you can join two ceramic IKEA plates with an oak dowel to form a storage-smart accent that fits in beautifully anywhere—whether it be the bathroom counter, bedroom dresser, or kitchen island.

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Activity in Motion

IKEA Hack Playroom Table

While the kids are busy playing, you can pull off this effortless IKEA hack that will transform the activity room into an organizational oasis. Turn over an IKEA Trofast storage frame so that the opening faces the ceiling. Then, using six screws, secure an IKEA Linnmon tabletop to the frame. Keep the tabletop clear for a train track, and fill the interior with bargain bins to stash unruly building blocks and accessories in between play times.

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Stony Expression

IKEA Hack Faux Marble Table

Emulate the modern look and feel of marble at a fraction of the cost by adhering marble contact paper to your favorite piece of furniture. Here, marble contact paper is applied to the top of a primed and painted IKEA Malm dresser to create a low-cost look-alike of the luxe stone.

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