The Best Painted Tile Floors on the Internet

When you're paring down your renovation budget there are a few places you can't scrimp. For instance, appliances, wiring, and plumbing should be of the highest quality you can comfortably afford to ensure a successful home remodel. When it comes to the floors, however, there's room to negotiate. Not only is tearing up and replacing floors costly, but it's also a major job that can kick up dust, aggravate allergies, or lead to even bigger projects in the event that something goes wrong. If your floors are ugly and dated yet structurally sound, there's an alternative to replacing them outright: Paint. Although it may sound strange, tile floors can be painted to great effect. Whether you have linoleum or ceramic tile, you can prep, paint, and stencil them to match your style—and your guests will never be the wiser.

  1. Country Classic

    Country Classic

    Weathered tile floors can age an otherwise gorgeous room. Such was the case for Kris, the blogger behind Driven by Decor. Tired of her stained, red tile floors, she covered them in a neutral gray paint that perfectly complements the wallpaper and bath towels above. You can read the full tutorial here.

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  2. Simple Stencil

    Simple Stencil

    The blogger at Plum Pretty Decor & Design Co. was determined to transform her builder grade home into a show-stopping modern farmhouse—but those ugly tile floors would have to go. Resourceful as she was, she managed to do the job for $80, by painting rather than replacing.

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  3. Impressive Scale

    Impressive Scale

    All signs of a very '90s tile floor were completely effaced when Jess from Bright Green Door coated it in cement-colored paint and white stenciled details. The swath of tile leads from the entry to the mudroom, making a bold design statement all throughout the house.

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  4. Black and White Party

    Black and White Party

    Fate did not give Mysha at Remington Avenue the beautiful tile floor she wanted for her bathroom. On the bright side, their lackluster finish could easily be upgraded with a coat of paint and detailing applied with stencil and brush. Here's how she did it.

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  5. Touch of Chevron

    Touch of Chevron

    Laundry is an inescapable chore but that doesn't mean that the laundry room should feel like an inescapable bore. A fresh coat of white paint, topped with gray chevron lines, makes this room by the blogger at Love Stitched feel both surprising and cheerful—and a delightful place to sort your whites and brights.

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  6. Tile Revival

    Tile Revival

    How did this master bathroom go from a mismatched vintage mess to a country chic masterpiece? The secret is that the transformation was achieved with little more than paint and new fixtures. The most dramatic change may be the floor, which Kelly at Domestic Blonde stenciled in a lacy design that softens the bold black vanity.

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  7. Chalk It Up

    Chalk It Up

    A shabby chic door is a design statement, but shabby tile floors are just a downer. When one of the bloggers behind Lolly Jane had had enough of her ugly tile floors, she turned to chalk paint to upgrade her space. See her full DIY project here

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  8. Now for Something Different...

    Now for Something Different...

    When it comes to painted tile floors, one of the most commonly asked questions is: Will the paint survive daily wear and tear? Those who have attempted the job agree that painted floors will hold up relatively well over time, as long as you prep the surface properly. It's a concept that holds just as true in the shower, like this one from the blogger at Pink Little Notebook, as it does on the floor.

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