The Lazy Homeowner's Best Weapon in the Fall

An unsung hero of the home, gutters quietly perform the critical function of capturing storm water and carrying it away to a safe remove. Unfortunately, the consistent performance of your drainage system comes with a big catch: If you expect your gutters to do their job, then you have to do yours. If not properly maintained, it's only a matter of time before conventional gutters clog and overflow, allowing water—the natural enemy of any home—to go where it doesn't belong. Frankly, if you don't stay on top of maintaining your gutters, you may as well not have them at all. According to experts, the wise course is to inspect your system and remove any built-up debris twice a year at minimum, and perhaps even more often if you live on a heavily wooded lot. But the real problem isn't that homeowners don't know what to do, it's that they they dread doing it. After all, gutter cleaning isn't only messy, laborious, and time-consuming, it can also be downright dangerous, considering the fact that it does involve scaling an extension ladder all the way to the roofline. Sure, there's always the option of hiring help, but for a twice-yearly task, the costs can mount up quickly. Unwilling to do it themselves and unable to afford the services of a pro, countless people neglect their gutters every year and put their homes in harm's way. So what's the solution here? Click through right now to find out!

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  1. Gutter Guards

    Gutter Guards

    Believe it or not, a number of options exist for reducing or even eliminating gutter clogs. Many people experiment with screens, helmets, and other products that claim to guard gutters against blockage, not least because of their low cost. Though these approaches are not always effective, after-the-fact add-ons are worth considering if you're not willing to remove your current gutters. But for permanent, works-every-time protection, homeowners often go with a system designed from top to bottom to eliminate gutter hassles completely and for good. Backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, LeafGuard stands out from competitors on account of several smart, patented features.

  2. Debris Blockage

    Debris Blockage

    If there's one key to the clog-free performance of the LeafGuard system, it may be the way its design leverages the principle of liquid adhesion. Here’s how it works: When rainfall cascades down the roof and reaches the curved hood of the gutter, it flows right around the lip and into the trough. Meanwhile, when debris comes into contact with the hood, it gets deflected to the ground. With leaves, twigs, and pine needles unable to enter, the gutter remains unobstructed at all times, ensuring the free flow of water all the way to the downspouts and away from your home. That's why you never need to clean LeafGuard gutters: They don't get dirty in the first place!

  3. Leak Prevention

    Leak Prevention

    Gutters that leak are gutters that give storm water the chance to do damage. Even drips and drabs of water can compromise exterior paint or rot wood trim. Fortunately, with LeafGuard there's no way for water to escape once it enters the gutters. That's because, in a class of its own, LeafGuard provides the only drainage solution that's 100 percent seamless, with no flimsy connections for water to sneak through. Another big advantage: Whereas the installation of many two-piece gutter guards requires altering roof shingles, often in violation of their warranties, the seamless, one-piece design of the LeafGuard system enables it to sidestep that headache altogether.

  4. Rapid Discharge

    Rapid Discharge

    Gutters get most of the attention, but downspouts are equally critical. After all, while gutters merely collect water, downspouts actually carry it away. Simple in design and straightforward in function, downspouts disappoint only when they're unable to shed water as quickly as it arrives. A light drizzle is one thing, but run-of-the-mill downspouts are often too narrow to keep pace with the worst, most potentially damaging rainstorms. LeafGuard resolves the problem in a simple, successful way: With downspouts 30 percent wider than average, the system can easily handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour—three times more than the all-time heaviest downpour ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau!

  5. Superior Installation

    Superior Installation

    Neighbors, friends, and relatives have probably told you tales of amateur installation crews doing a slapdash job. LeafGuard sets itself apart with a unique, patented method: Working from a continuous sheet of metal, trained and certified dealers fabricate your gutters on-site, tailoring the system to custom-fit your home, no matter its size, style, or idiosyncrasies. Best of all, the LeafGuard process rarely takes more than a day, despite the extra steps it involves. For example, while conventional gutters are fastened with slip-prone nails at four-foot intervals, LeafGuard always secures its gutter hangers with noncorrosive screws positioned every two feet—double the industry standard.

  6. Lasting Results

    Lasting Results

    Of all the materials commonly used in gutters, aluminum ranks as the most popular. That's in part because of its low price, but mainly because it boasts several distinct advantages. Most important, aluminum resists rust, key in ensuring longevity. Of course, LeafGuard gutters are made not with a conventional gauge of aluminum, but with material that's 20 percent thicker than average. What's more, LeafGuard features ScratchGuard, a proprietary finish guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack. Available in a wide variety of colors, ScratchGuard ensures not only a long-lasting but also attractive result—a look that complements the rest of the home's exterior and boosts curb appeal in the bargain. Ready to take the next step? Visit LeafGuard online right now to learn more about the product and request a free estimate.

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