The Most Impressive Before-and-Afters We've Seen All Year

Styles and trends come and go, but once you've committed to a look, you're stuck with it for many, many fashion cycles. When a room's style starts to feel dated, or if the space simply isn't functional anymore, take heart in knowing that you can DIY your way out of anything. Just take it from these 8 resourceful bloggers whose real-life home makeovers left us thoroughly impressed—and inspired to plan our own 2015 home improvement to-do lists.

Before: A Messy, Miscellaneous Room

Attic Renovation

Before moving into her new home, ChiWei from One Dog Woof was excited to have the chance to convert the two attic rooms into her own personal sanctuary. But while the attic did have great potential, it would take a little work to rid the space of its blue carpet and blue-and-green walls.

After: A Calm, Collected Craft Room

Craft Room Ideas

With the help of her handy husband Drew, ChiWei was able to turn her self-proclaimed ‘turd’ room into the ultimate crafter's workspace. After ripping up the carpet and laying down scratch-resistant hickory wood floors, they painted the walls a crisp white and equipped the room with all-new furniture and lighting.

Before: An Empty Entryway

Entryway Ideas

Designer Jenna Sue initially wanted to add a board-and-batten treatment to the walls of her plain-Jane foyer. After weighing the process and the cost, she scrapped that idea, leaving the question unanswered: What would fill this void of an entryway?

After: A DIYed Drop Zone

Foyer Ideas

Using wood planks left over from other home projects, Jenna Sue switched gears and put up a plank wall to add much-needed visual interest. The addition of a mirror at eye level as well as a floating shelf and boot tray created a spot at the entrance for family and guests to empty their pockets, drop off their shoes, and check their look as they pass by.

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Before: A Pretty Standard Pantry

How to Organize Your Pantry

There's nothing wrong with Melissa's "before" pantry—it's functional and even more organized than most. But for the blogger at A Prudent Life, the pantry lacked personality.

After: An Organization Overhaul

Pantry Makeover

With the addition of gold accents, a playful backsplash, chalkboard wall, and bright containers, this pantry went from standard to outstanding. Its cheerful tones refresh and energize—great for when you have to dig around in the morning before you've had your coffee.

Before: A Bland Kitchen

Kitchen Makeover

Not all renters have the freedom to remodel—but if you can, small-budget redos are the only way to go, because you won't recoup your costs in selling the house. So when Lauren of Undeclared Panache moved into her rental, she knew she had her work cut out for her in the uninspiring kitchen.

After: All-Out-in-the-Open Organization

Kitchen Storage Ideas

With lots of paint, hardware, and style, and very little construction, Lauren completely altered the character of this rental kitchen over the course of five weekends. The best part? This big conversion to open storage cost a mere $500.

Before: A Dated Blue Bathroom

Small Bathroom Makeovers

We spied this tired bathroom on Sweeten, a remodeling site that matches NYC homeowners who want to renovate with experienced contractors. Allison and Jovito hated the design and color scheme of this bathroom, but they also faced a functionality issue—at 36 square feet, the space was certifiably tiny.

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After: A Lighter and Brighter Bath

White Bathroom

Fresh, warm white lends an airy quality to the updated bathroom. And because no walls could be knocked down to expand the bathroom's size, the couple worked with what they could change. The clawfoot tub and console sink remove visual weight from the floor and draw focus upward.

Before: Dim Dining Prep

Kitchen Before and After

The lighting in Carol's kitchen was poor, and the stove lacked ventilation to the outdoors. While the cabinets accommodated a lot, the space needed more accessible storage. That's when remodeling site Sweeten stepped in.

After: A Can-See, Can-Do Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

With open shelving that's interspersed with closed cabinets, Carol can now keep essentials within sight and reach. Plus, the combination of under-cabinet lighting, a reflective backsplash, and white countertops really brightens the kitchen and enhances the prep space.

Before: A Country-Quilted Bath

Bathroom Before and After

When Sarah Brown, an interior designer in Montreal, moved into a 1950s cottage, remodeling the bathroom ranked high on her list of priorities. She was in the middle of a mini refresh when she noticed the toilet was leaking—and had been for a long time. The peel-and-stick tile floor was rotted right down to the subfloor.

After: A Cool, Classic Update

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Sarah ripped out the rotted floor, along with previous layers. Then, starting from scratch, she took cues from the home’s midcentury heritage and chose a black-and-white mosaic pinwheel-pattern tile for the new flooring and a pedestal sink to replace the vanity. The end result: This cottage now feels classic.

Before: Your Usual Boys' Bedroom

Kids Rooms Ideas

When two boys share a room with twice the number of beds and double the amount of mess, there's usually very little floor space left unused. Then Michelle at 4 Men 1 Lady had an idea that was a real game-changer.

After: Dreamy Built-In Bunk Beds

Built-In Bunk Beds

Michelle designed (and then hired professionals to help install) these built-in bunk beds for the brothers. Now that the beds are stacked (each with its own privacy curtain and reading light), the boys have more space to hang out, play, and do homework. Hello, floor! We meet again.

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