The Queen Anne Porch

Less is not more when it comes to the Queen Anne. Here are some of the exuberant architectural details that make this style so enduringly popular.

  1. The Queen Anne

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    DIY Network

    Over-the-top decoration is the cornerstone of Queen Anne design. A gracious front porch ensures residents a shady spot on a hot day. Click through to see the details of what makes a Queen Anne and its porch stand head and crown above the rest—and learn how to achieve this specialized style.

  2. Victorian Windows

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    Time inc.

    Marvin's Ultimate Double-Hung window is available with a Victorian grille pattern appropriate for Queen Anne-style homes. Queen Annes also frequently feature a stained glass window or two, as shown here.

  3. Railings and Balusters

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    Vintage Woodworks

    Railings with flat-sawn balusters look at home on Queen Anne abodes. For a comparable style, try Vintage Woodworks or Victorian Woodshop.

  4. Spandrels and Brackets

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    A source like Vintage Woodworks can also provide decorative details, like the spandrels (top-mounted row of horizontal spindles) and brackets shown here.

  5. Fish-Scale Siding

    5/10 fish scale scallped siding

    True to its name, fish-scale siding overlaps and scallops like scales on a fish, adding yet another layer of texture to the already rich Queen Anne exterior. Sources like Fypon and Buy Shake Siding make panel versions out of durable vinyl; you get the look without the usual maintenance. 

  6. Siding Combinations

    Vintagewoodworks exterior siding fish scale and clapboard

    Vintage Woodworks

    Siding is often mixed with fish scale, standard shakes, and clapboard options to create multiple textures, the cumulative effect of which is aesthetically pleasing. Natural cedar shake siding is available in panels from a variety of manufacturers (Shakertown among them); using panels cuts down significantly on installation time.

  7. Wicker Furniture

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    Pottery Barn

    Wicker is a common material for Queen Anne porch furnishings. This rocking bench, made of an updated synthetic wicker material, will doubtless weather many seasons without the need for refinishing. On sale now at Pottery Barn, $599.99

  8. Decorative Hardware

    Houseofantiques roanoke pattern door hardware

    House of Antiques

    The ornate details associated with the Queen Anne house style extend to every feature, including the door hardware. This historic Roanoke pattern, made of solid brass and hand-finished to look antique, is one of many examples at House of Antique Hardware.

  9. Exterior Lanterns

    Mournelights finlieve small with square latern

    Wrought iron lanterns are perfectly at home with Queen Anne-style architecture. This shapely example from Mourne Lights, with its elaborate support and mounting hardware, gracefully reinforces the period's tendency towards the ornate.

  10. More on the Queen Anne?

    Micharch.blogspot queen anne house style porches

    Michigan Architecture

    For more on the history and architectural details of the Queen Anne house, click here. For more porch styles, consider:

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