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Toss Your Keys: 9 High-Tech Door Locks

Now that our phones talk and our cars start with the push of a button, it's no surprise that the front door is going digital too. We’ve got the lowdown on some of the best new high-tech door locks.

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Samsung EZON

Samsung’s EZON proves that a door lock can look as good as the latest touch-screen cellphone. Program a password and use the touch screen to unlock your front door. If you’re worried that a technological failure will lock you out, fear not—a manual key backup is included in the unit.

AT&T Door Lock

The AT&T door lock lets you provide unique access codes to different people, so you can track who comes and goes. The lock is part of their Digital Life package, which includes a security system.

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August Smart Lock

The sleek August Smart Lock is operated by your smartphone. Employing encrypted locking technology, the lock syncs directly to your phone via Bluetooth. Unique codes can be issued to individuals for specific time periods to limit access. Other features, such as an exit/entrance log and battery alerts, can be accessed on your phone.

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Kwikset Kevo

With technology similar to that used by keyless ignition cars, the Kevo communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth or a key fob to allow you to unlock the door with a tap of your finger on the lock. The Kevo is an ideal option for someone juggling groceries, children, the family dog—or all three.


The Simplickey is the most versatile option on the list. While some in your household might prefer the old-school key-and-bolt option, others can go with remote unlock through the use of a distance-activated key fob. And if all else fails, a keypad and code will also allow entry.

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Kwikset SmartScan

Kwikset’s SmartScan might be the most futuristic door lock of all, despite the fact that it more closely resembles a traditional deadbolt. A biometric system programs fingerprints of those allowed access; the door is then unlocked with a quick scan of the finger.

Schlage LiNK

Like many of the more high-tech-looking options on the list, the Schlage can remotely lock and unlock the door via a computer or an app. It will also alert you when the door has been opened. While its options approach those of the others on this list, the Schlage retains a traditional look, which some homeowners might prefer.

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The Lockitron can unlock your door in one of two ways, depending on the type of smartphone you prefer—either via Bluetooth communication or by swiping your phone over the lock using near-field communication (NFC) technology. Text communication will let you know when the door has been opened, so you can keep tabs on the dog walker or teenagers breaking curfew.

Goji Smart Lock

For those who really like to stay on top of everything, the Goji lock will take a photo every time the door is opened— allowing you to know exactly who is coming and going and when. Access codes can be programmed to work within specific parameters, and the lock is “smart” enough to greet specific users upon arrival, making for a warm welcome even when the house is empty.

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