Under-Cabinet Lighting: 10 "Shining" Examples

Illuminate every corner and recess of your kitchen for maximum utility and improved aesthetics.

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  1. Stick 'Em Up

    Under cabinet lover1

    Battery-powered LEDs from Pegasus Lighting automatically flick on when motion is detected within five feet. An affordable option for renters, these fixtures can be installed with tape for a temporary under-cabinet lighting solution. 


  2. Easy Plug-In

    Under cabinet lighting2

    Sleek LEDs from IKEA (in 16- or 24-inch sizes) provide a warm, white light over a lifespan of 20,000 hours. Easily plugged into existing outlets, the fixtures are connected via their concealed cords or a separately sold corner piece. 


  3. Perfect Fit

    Under cabinet lighting3

    LED strip lights are sold in reels, which the homeowner can easily cut to fit under cabinetry. While maintaining excellent heat dissipation, these 24-volt strips from LED-LES feature 60 bulbs per meter.


  4. Whiter and Brighter

    Under cabinet lighting4

    If your kitchen has a modern feel, consider enhancing your countertops with ultra-bright LED strip lights from Flexfire LEDs, rated to last a whopping 50,000 hours.


  5. Pivotal Flexibility

    Under cabinet lighting5

    Looking to avoid a complicated installation? Adjustable track lighting from Improvements is powered with batteries, and its four pivoting heads may be positioned to bounce light off the backsplash.


  6. Spot On

    Under cabinet lighting6

    A unique hardwired option, the Xenon Low Voltage Triangle Light (available in multiple finishes) evenly distributes under-cabinet lighting through a pane of frosted glass and conveniently, the fixture can be dimmed.


  7. Bar None

    Under cabinet lighting7

    Illuminate a kitchen with dark corners and recesses using Utilitech's Xenon Light Bar Kit. Whether hardwired or plugged in, these straightforward fixtures can be linked together to complement any cabinet configuration.


  8. Very Versatile

    Under cabinet lighting8

    From Legrand, this fully customizable under-cabinet lighting system builds off a modular track fitted with outlets (into which LED fixtures are plugged) and USB ports (which charge cellphones or tablet devices).


  9. Warm and Welcoming

    Under cabinet lighting9

    Halogen lighting, though typically more expensive to buy and operate than other types, is uncommonly pleasant. From Sea Gull Lighting, this fixture with frosted glass creates an even, warm glow.


  10. Keep It Cool

    Under cabinet lighting10

    Fluorescent lighting, such as the fixture at left from Pegasus Lighting, is cooler to the touch and far more energy efficient than incandescent, and newer fluorescents emit "warmer" light than predecessors did.


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