Why Go Out? 12 Bars You Can Build at Home

After a long day, nothing beats relaxing with a glass of wine or a well-mixed cocktail—which is why many homeowners are taking advantage of unused living space to build their own basement barroom. An at-home bar provides a prime spot for entertaining and could potentially add value to your property. Plus, homeowners with an appealing place for cocktails in the comfort of their own home will have less incentive to drive to the local pub the next time they want to wet their whistle. Are you ready to install your own DIY basement bar? Take a look at these 12 ideas for creating a practical and well-designed space for unwinding with good friends—and a good drink.

  1. Cocktail Contemporary

    Contemporary Basement Bar

    From the double television sets to the comfortable lounge chairs, every detail of this contemporary bar screams upscale entertaining. The live-edge wood bar seats 6 people, while the glass-backed shelves exude a cool vibe.

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    Zillow Digs home in Las Vegas, NV

  2. Industrial Meets Rustic

    Industrial Basement Bar

    The combination of industrial and rustic details forges a unique aesthetic in this basement bar. The homeowners relied on corrugated metal siding and reclaimed wood for construction, making this an easy and affordable project to adapt for your own space.

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    Zillow Digs home in Marshall, MI

  3. Nightclub Vibes

    Nightclub Basement Bar

    Why should you have to wait in a line, deal with bouncers, and pay a cover charge when you can re-create a nightclub in your own basement? Sleek design, a pool table, and pitch-perfect mood lighting add to the luxuriously sophisticated atmosphere.

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    Zillow Digs home in Delray Beach, FL

  4. A Statement Ceiling

    Basement Bar with Tin Ceiling

    This traditional and stately bar is reminiscent of an old English pub. The ornate tin ceiling and light-toned brick backsplash add visual interest, while the leather chairs and dark cabinetry epitomize cozy elegance. 

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    Zillow Digs home in Branchburg, NJ

  5. Exposed Brick

    Basement Bar with Exposed Brick

    Do you want your basement bar to be the neighborhood gathering place? Then take a cue from this Craftsman-style room, which features exposed brick and warm wood tones. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cold one with friends.

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    Zillow Digs home in Bloomfield Hills, MI

  6. Stone Style

    Stone Basement Bar

    The rustic finish of the mammoth stone bar strikes an attractive contrast with the formal elegance of the surrounding space. To counter the neutral palette, the homeowners relied on visual variety, opting for unique pendant lights, a multicolored backsplash, and a coffered ceiling crafted from dark wood.

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    Zillow Digs home in Ankeny, IA

  7. A Pop of Color

    Orange Basement Bar

    A pop of color can instantly liven any space. In this basement bar, a bright orange backsplash and colorful artwork provide an energetic jolt, but homeowners can achieve the same fun-loving effect in their own basement bar with practically any bold color. 

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    Zillow Digs home in Lake Oswego, OR

  8. Futuristic Finishes

    Futuristic Basement Bar

    Purple walls, brushed-metal surfaces, and angular fixtures transform this basement bar into a futuristic getaway. In these space-age surroundings, a gathering of intergalactic travelers would feel as at home as a convivial group of friends. 

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    Zillow Digs home in Las Vegas, NV

  9. On the Square

    Square Basement Bar

    With classy elegance and tasteful simplicity, this neutral-toned square bar is the perfect setting for afternoon cocktails or morning mimosas. Glints of shiny chrome on the chairs and light fixtures add a touch of bling to the otherwise matte space.

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    Zillow Digs home in Bloomington, IL

  10. Stunning Soapstone

    Basement Bar with Soapstone

    If you love both the irregular speckles of granite and the veining of marble, soapstone might be the perfect compromise. Just see what character it brings to this casual basement bar! The stunning countertop material resists stains,cleans easily, and adds distinction to any interior.

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    Zillow Digs home in Atherton, CA

  11. Set in Stone

    Wood and Stone Basement Bar

    Here’s another basement bar that mixes the rustic texture of stone with the traditional look of dark wood. Contemporary pendant lights and fun extras like a dart board and framed jersey create an entertaining hot spot.

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    Zillow Digs home in Reston, VA

  12. Classy Chrome

    Bar with Chrome Backsplash

    To modernize their basement bar, these homeowners opted for a shiny chrome subway tile backsplash instead of the classic white option. Blue pendant lights, sinuous bar stools, and a glass-door fridge distinguish an otherwise simple space.

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    Zillow Digs home in Urbandale, IA

  13. Cheers to That!

    Cheers to That!

    These stylish home bars are something worth celebrating—and maybe even emulating in your home. 


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