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House Envy: A Cantilevering Creekside Retreat
In California wine country, a house-hunting couple struck upon a cozy, cedar-shingled cabin. Encompassing 960 square ...
Home Additions and Renovation Projects: Where to Begin
Doubling the size of your house with a new addition is not identical to, say, putting a second bath in that small bac...
The Sensitive Addition
There’s been a lot of talk invested in the last few years in trying to define what is an historically sensitive addit...
Growing Home: An Approach to Adding Space
As real estate markets across the country deal with sluggish sales and plunging prices, many people who, just a coupl...
Adding an In-Law Suite
Job loss and broken retirement nest eggs may encourage more Americans to consider moving in with their adult children...
Rethinking Space Needs as Families Grow
As a family matures, space needs change. Noise levels alter. A need for privacy arises. Entertainment choices diverge...
So, You Want to... Add an In-Law Suite
No matter what you call it, an in-law suite or an intergeneration living unit, it's the same thing in the end: one ad...
Quick Tip: Protecting Your Landscape
If you’re planning on adding to your house, great care must be taken to protect the trees and their root systems from...
Planning for Soil Conditions and Setting the Footings
Bob introduces homeowner Howard Brickman. Steve Ivas, an environmental engineer, describes the area wetlands, which must be accommodated. Innovative building tech...
Tour of Medford, MA
Bob introduces Medford, MA, a city five miles north of Boston. Settled in 1630, Medford once flourished with industry, including the shipbuilding building. Today,...
First Floor Framing and Barn Renovation/Demolition
Bob tours the first floor of the house, then turns his attention to the family room addition. Demolition has taken place in the barn, where a concrete floor has r...
Interior Framing and Bathtub Installation
Much of the space on the first floor has been opened up to give the house a 21st-century lifestyle feel. The framing of the new addition is ongoing, and the Kohle...
Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight
A representative from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles that have been selected to replace the old roofing material. And Velux VSE skylight...
Home Expansion Principles
Architect and town planner Andres Duany explains how the project house in Mount Pleasant, SC may be expanded if necessary.
Reviewing the Exterior and Discussing the Addition
General contractor Sam Daniels gives Bob the details about the three-level northeast addition.
Progress Report on the North Addition
Carpenter Bob Ryley and general contractor Sam Daniel issue a progress report on the construction of the north addition to the Viriginia governor's mansion.
Review of the Project Plan
Bob meets Arquitectonica's Laurinda Spear, an architect who has come up with some eye-catching and very tropical ideas for the project.
Pouring the Slab
Bob watches as contractors pour and finish the slab for the addition.
Applying Stucco
Bob meets with stucco contractor Angelo Dattini, who walks Bob through the first steps of stucco application.
Tour of the Colonial Revival Home
Bob meets homeowners Tracy and Linda Gallagher at their 1930s Colonial Revival home. Bob also meets the architect and contractor, whom the Gallaghers have enliste...
Foundation Excavation and Formwork
Bob and contractor Paul Morse review the excavations and formwork for the foundation.
Architectural Details and Framing
Bob reviews the framing for the new addition. Homeowner Linda points out the corner notches, which add architectural interest. And a large opening punctuates one ...
Plumbing and Electrical Work in the Home Addition
Bob joins Jack O'Leary to review the rough-in plumbing and electrical work, and, together, they install a roof vent.
Wall Demolition to Create a Doorway
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley demolish a wall on the second floor in order to connect the framed-in addition to the existing house.
Shingle Siding
Bob joins carpenter Bob Ryley, who is putting sidewall shingles onto the exterior of the new addition.
Installing an Oil-Fired Boiler for the New Home Addition
Bob meets Jack O'Leary, the plumbing and heating contractor for the Newton, MA project. Since the house has doubled in size with the neaddition, the old heating u...
Discussing the Budget
Bob and carpenter Paul Morse go over the details of the budget and discuss whether or not they'll be able to finish the project under the estimated cost.
Discussing the Design
Bob is on site to discuss the design of the completed addition with the project architects.
Foundation Layout
The foundation has been hand-dug and the forms laid for the footings. Bob and contractor Bob Ryley discuss the layout of the greenhouse foundation and framing.
Gable Addition Framing
Bob reviews the turret structure that's been added to the project house. Then Bob and contractor Bob Ryley and the rest of the workmen raise a gable wall in accor...
Touring the Home Addition
The designer shows Bob around the addition, pointing out certain highlights, such as the breezeway with exposed studs and the Victorian-influenced lighting design...
Meeting the Wayland Homeowner
Bob meets with homeowner Paul Paresky and tours the project. Expanding the lakefront home with a second floor addition will be a major undertaking. General contra...
Home Addition and Construction Timeline
Bob remarks on how much progress has been made in one week of work on the Wayland project home. The footings have been established and the crew has begun building...
Architectural Modifications
Bob reflects on the project house's previous appearance and how the addition will change both the appearance and functionality of the home.
Building a Gable Roof
Contractor Bob Ryley demonstrates how to build a gable end dormer into the new roof.
Roofing Around Skylights
Contractor Larry Landers demonstrates how to install roofing shingles around skylights.
Wiring the Home Addition
Electrician Steve Bradley is on hand to install the electrical wires and boxes for the addition. Bob discusses the codes regarding receptacle placement and Steve ...
Mid-Renovation Tour
Bog gives a mid-renovation tour, reviewing the progress that's been made on various projects throughout the house. He also provides an update on the changes have ...
Installing a Box Bay Window
Bob helps carpenter Bob Ryley and crew install a new box bay window, which will enlarge the dining space and enhance the interior atmosphere.
Screen Porch and Ceiling Fan
Bob reviews the plans to create a new screen porch with a ceiling fan at the Naples project house.
Reviewing Plans for Updating the Victorian
Bob meets with homeowner David Masher and architect Greg Colling at the project house, a Queen Anne Victorian in Rowley, MA's historic district, to review plans f...