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8 Places You Could Add an Awning

An awning installed at nearly any part of your home lets you take a welcome breather from the sun, wind, or rain this summer or any time of the year.

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Get More Outdoor Time Under an Awning


With summer here, many people want to spend their hours outside as much as possible. If this resonates, you might find your outdoor spaces get sunny at different points in the day. This shouldn’t deter you, though, since awnings are a simple solution to grab some shade and relief from the hot sun, particularly when you’re looking to avoid potential skin damage from harsh UV rays. That said, awnings come in handy any time of year as a practical solution to shelter from elements like rain, wind, and snow.

There are many places to add an awning, and awning installation is straightforward if you carefully follow the instructions.

Over the Front Door


Consider the scale and size of your front door entry. If it’s a narrow or low door frame, you don’t want something that feels (or is) too heavy or overbearing. Also, think about whether a retracting, motorized, or manual awning makes the most sense. Or, consider one piece that stays in place, like this polycarbonate model from Amazon. Your priorities for convenience, longevity, and budget will impact this decision.

Over the Back Door


Just like front door awnings, back door awnings come in stationary, retractable, motorized, and manual types. Consider the size of your doorway and the area you’d like coverage for. Awnings like this one from The Home Depot are easy to assemble and install and offer protection on the sides as well as the top.

Over a Deck


Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or birthday party or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon to yourself with a great book, at some point you’ll want coverage over the deck. This sun shade awning from Amazon is large enough to cover outdoor furniture and other areas—such as a kids’ play area or a hammock—you might want to protect from harsh rays or other elements. It’s easy to install securely with ropes and D-rings in the corners.

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Above Your Patio


Just like with any type of awning, when you install one above the patio you’ll need to determine the ideal width and depth to adequately cover your space. It will be installed above the gutter, under the soffit, or via wall mount, so know your plan ahead of time. There are many fantastic options out there, like this one from Amazon.

Over the Side Windows


Before installing any awning over your side windows, be sure the window frames are secure and not rotted. The older the frame and the more wear and tear it has seen, the more likely it can lose shape and crack. Check out this stylish window awning from The Home Depot, featuring clean lines that give a neutral, sharp, and modern look.

Next to Your Outdoor Pool


A wonderful way to add some shade and heat reprieve near your pool is with a visually appealing pergola, like this one from The Home Depot. Pergolas are generally easy to install, though you might need a few sets of hands to get the job done. Be sure to follow the included instructions and use the anchoring hardware to stabilize the structure.

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In the Middle of Your Garden


A pop-up canopy, like this one from The Home Depot, is the perfect way to hide from the sun or other elements in the middle of your yard or garden, especially if it’s a large space. These types of shelters come in all sorts of sizes and are super easy to set up, take down, and even transport if needed. Plus, assembly often isn’t required.

On the Gable End of Your Garage


If you’re looking for a bit more shelter outside, or simply more usable outdoor space, consider adding an awning to the gable end of your garage. This retractable model from The Home Depot comes in a fun retro stripe. You can mount it to the garage or use support arms for vertical installation on the driveway.

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