8 Surprising Reasons You Need Security Window Film

If you’re wondering how you might benefit from security window film, we’ve got some enlightening points to consider.
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Glass can be an amazing building material, but—in many cases—it’s also the weakest link on the exterior of a home. Whether it’s a window or a door, typical glass doesn’t put up much of a fight against would-be criminals, adventurous children, or powerful storms. Luckily, you can increase the strength of glass with security window film.

For those who need proof that window security film is often worthwhile and sometimes necessary, check out the following surprising reasons.

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1. Prevent successful break-ins.

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Let’s start with the surprise: Window security film, like this BDF 8 millimeter clear safety film at Amazon, will not prevent a determined burglar from getting into a home. However, since this film applies to the glass and holds it in place if it does shatter, it can prevent a fast break-in. The thicker the film, the more protection from an intentional break.

Consider this: A burglar walks up to a standard double-pane window and hits it with a hammer. The glass will shatter, at which point they can clear all the shards with the hammer, reach in and unlock the window. This takes seconds.

Covered with a security window film, the glass shatters but stays in place. The burglar is unable to push the glass through as quickly, taking more time for them to reach the lock and open the window. This longer timeframe may deter them. And this method is much cheaper than installing a new impact-resistant window.

2. Storm-proof the house.

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Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are natural disasters and they can be unpredictable. The wind can pick up stray items like patio furniture, planters, or tree limbs and send them whipping through the air and easily smashing through the glass around a door or window, potentially harming someone inside.

With window security film installed, the glass will be able to take much more powerful impacts without shattering. Also, the film can control spalling, which is when an impact sends tiny shards of glass through the air, becoming a serious safety concern for anyone in the home.

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3. Keep children safer.

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Face it: Kids will be kids. They’ll throw items in the house, horse around on the furniture, and attempt indoor gymnastics. Any of these events could shatter a window, potentially creating a fall risk, but definitely causing a dangerous mess in the home. With security window film installed, there’s a level of safety added that can offer parents peace of mind against these possibilities.

Window security film will make the window more difficult to break with a flying Matchbox car, or when Barbie’s horse jumps at a Malibu-based equestrian competition. They’ll also prevent hands, elbows, and heads from shattering panes during spur-of-the-moment wrestling matches, keeping children safer.

4. Contain rambunctious pets.

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Google “how often do dogs break windows,” and check out the results. Reactive or high-energy dogs are known for breaking windows (the author’s dog broke two on separate occasions as a puppy), and security window film can help avoid broken windows as well as escapes and vet bills. If they hit the glass through excitement or an escape attempt, the glass is less likely to break and hurt them.

Don’t forget to apply this film to storm doors, as well. A reactive dog that turns the corner and sees a letter carrier or delivery driver at the front door is likely to make some bad decisions.

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5. Minimize “sporting” accidents.

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As children are encouraged to go outside and play, the chances of windows breaking appear to increase exponentially. Whether it’s a sword fight with oak limbs, a home run in the bottom of the 9th, or a slingshot-propelled rock whizzing past its intended target and toward a window, these items can easily break a standard window if it’s not protected with security window film.

Windows that are protected have less to worry about. Yes, a rock can still chip or crack a film-protected window. But it won’t explode the glass into tiny shards or fall out of the window opening. This means homeowners can replace the glass at their convenience rather than needing to make an emergency repair.

6. Avoid workshop mistakes.

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It may be one of the lesser-thought-of areas on a property, but the garage or workshop’s windows are just as important. DIYers can easily break or shatter a window when bringing in long boards or spinning them around in a small shop. Also, striking tools that slip out of the user’s hand, or heavy-duty nails that spring off a board toward a window can cause damage if the glass isn’t protected with security window film.

Another aspect of workshop window film is security. Even fledgling DIYers have hundreds of dollars worth of tools that are easy to steal and sell, making garages a target for thieves. With window security film, they’ll have to do more than break a window to get access to those hand and power tools.

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7. Minimize UV rays.

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UV rays can do a lot of damage. They can fade curtains, furniture, carpets, and even hardwood flooring as they radiate through window panes. This is especially true for objects in front of south-facing windows, as these items receive sunlight all day long. According to a recent survey of U.S. homeowners whose furniture or floors have faded due to UV rays, 63 percent say they would consider installing protective window film to reduce further damage from the sun.

Luckily, many window security films also offer UV protection. These films filter out UV rays, allowing the objects in front of these windows to stay as good-looking as ever, while also increasing the window’s safety and security.

8. Improve privacy.

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Windows are wonderful for looking out of, but few people appreciate their ability to put everything in the home on display. From keeping people and children safe to protecting valuables, a little bit of privacy can go a long way, and some window security films can offer it.

Many of these products feature tinted hues that darken the look of the window, like this BDF 8 millimeter light black security film at Amazon, obscuring onlookers’ views from the outside. Others can provide a glossy, high-impact mirrored look to a passerby on the street while allowing residents to easily see outside. This film will protect against shattering but will also prevent onlookers from pinpointing targets they want to steal.

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Security Window Film Application Tips

Applying security window film to windows isn’t usually a ton of fun. But, with these tips, the job may go a bit smoother.

  1. Measure and cut the window film so it’s slightly oversized. It’s hard to get a perfect fit with a piece of film that’s been cut to exact dimensions.
  2. The preparation is as important as the application. Make sure the window is perfectly clean by using soapy water, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth to remove all dirt, oil, and lint from the glass. Use a high-quality microfiber cloth like the ones in this top-rated Chemicals Guys 3-pack that’s available at Amazon.
  3. If there are several windows of the same size, it may be faster to measure and cut one sheet, then use that sheet as a template to cut others.
  4. Separating backing paper from the protective film can be extremely frustrating. Simplify this process by applying a piece of painter’s tape to each side of the film, at the corner, and pulling the tape away from each other to separate the films.
  5. Use plenty of soapy water on the window’s surface when applying the film and float the film into place. Squeegee from the center outward at first, then from side to side and top to bottom to remove any bubbles. A high-quality squeegee like this EHDIS squeegee that’s available at Amazon will help.
  6. Trim the film to the window with a sharp utility knife, and take extra care to cut all the way through at the corners to avoid pulling the edges up when removing the excess film.