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How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Window cleaning cost varies depending on window size, number of panes, the degree of cleaning required, and other factors, but the typical range is $149 to $296, with the national average running about $213.
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Window Cleaning Cost
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  • Typical Range: $149 to $296
  • National Average: $213

Whether you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or make the most of the view at your home, the windows need to be clean. If you don’t do windows (as the old joke goes), you can hire someone who does. Window cleaning cost typically ranges from $149 to $296, with the national average at about $213. As with other house cleaning duties, size is the predominant factor in pricing. The price also depends on the accessibility of the windows, the number of panes, and how dirty they are. Some cleaners charge per window, others by square footage, and some by the hour. Either way, hiring a professional to do this job can save time and money, especially after adding in the costs for supplies if you do it yourself.

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Factors in Calculating Window Cleaning Cost

Window Cleaning Cost
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Most window cleaning services charge per window, plus any additional cleaning you request, but some charge by the number of square feet of your house or by the hour. Some companies charge more for different types of windows due to their complexity, such as one with mullions, or they may charge more for the risk of cleaning a window due to its height or location. Extra charges may be added to clean the sills, tracks, screens, or trim.

If your home has a lot of windows, you may be able to get a break on the per-window price. And, if you already use a regular house cleaning service, they may include windows as part of their basic cleaning.

Number of Windows

The cost of cleaning one window ranges from $4 to $11. The average is $5 per window, based on a window size of 3 feet by 6 feet. The amount can vary not only by size but also if the window has panes, which take longer to clean. Also, if windows are on a higher floor, they are more difficult to clean and will perhaps require a lift or other equipment to reach them.

Window Size

Cleaning big windows can take as much time and product as cleaning multiple windows, so some companies use an algorithm that combines your home’s square footage with the number of windows to calculate a fair price. In general, the more there is to clean, the higher the price will be.

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Window Type

Different types of windows require different cleaning styles, as well as different amounts of work. For example, double-hung windows with two sashes are more difficult to clean and will take more time and effort than other styles. Multi-pane windows also require more time and effort than single-pane windows, so they usually cost more to clean.


Floor-to-ceiling windows or particularly tall windows are difficult to reach, often requiring a ladder or other equipment to access. They simply take longer to clean, which adds to the cost. In addition, any challenging or potentially dangerous situation, and any window that requires extra equipment, is likely to come with an upcharge.

Condition and Dirtiness

Dirty windows restrict the amount of light coming through them and can even damage the glass by scratching it. They are also harder to clean. Because of that, extremely dirty windows may cost more to clean. Buildup of grime may require a second pass—or more—to remove. Sometimes a special product with vinegar is necessary to get severely dirty windows clean.

Labor and Accessibility

Windows on the second, third, or higher story are more difficult to access. As the difficulty and the danger increase, so too does the price. Second-story windows may be accessible by ladder, but attic windows or windows on higher floors may require a platform lift. The addition of special equipment is definitely going to affect the price. If the terrain makes it difficult to place equipment needed to reach windows, it can also affect the cost.

Window Cleaning Cost
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Additional Costs and Considerations

Windows consist of more than just the glass panes; there are other related components of the window that may also be in dire need of cleaning. If you leave your windows open to catch cooling breezes, water and dirt can collect in the sills and tracks. Screens keep out insects, but they collect dirt.

It’s important to know what is included in the contract with the window washing company and if there are additional charges for additional areas. If the cleaning service charges by the hour, expect to pay more, as additional work requires additional time.

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Inside Cleaning and Outside Cleaning

Most window washing companies clean both inside and outside for the same price. The average rate for both is $5 per window. You can often get an estimate that includes the breakdown.

Shutter, Blind, Window Treatment, and Curtain Cleaning

Interior shutter, blind, and curtain cleaning are not typically included in the cost of washing windows. It’s a good idea to dust them, wipe them down, or wash or dry clean if applicable. Cleaning exterior shutters is usually an extra fee. It can often be done by power-washing, but it can require a different chemical product than what’s used on the glass panes.

Sills and Tracks

Some window washing companies clean the sills and tracks as part of the service they provide. It’s important to clean them, as they catch bugs, dirt, and water, and mold can grow in them, too. Plugged tracks can make it difficult to open the windows. It’s common to pay $1 per window extra to have the tracks cleaned.

Screen Cleaning

Some window washing companies include the cost of cleaning window screens, especially since they have to remove them in order to clean the windows, but it’s a good idea to make sure. If you’re paying by the hour, the price could go up because of the additional time necessary to clean the screens, but this may be already accounted for in the estimate. Some services may charge nearly $5 per screen over and above the cost of cleaning the window, and specialized solar screens that need special cleaning methods can run as high as $10 each.

Mineral Deposits

Removing mineral deposits on windows requires special cleaning formulations and extra work, so many window washing companies add a charge of up to $20 per pane to complete this task. Over time, most windows will accumulate buildup from mineral deposits such as calcium and lime, especially in areas with hard water.

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Glass Doors

Glass doors are typically easy to access, so the cost of cleaning them should be comparable to that of cleaning windows. A sliding glass door, because of the expanse of glass, may cost $7 to clean. As entry and exit points, glass doors frequently collect fingerprints as well as dirt from pets.

Paint or Stain Removal

Paint and stain removal is not usually part of the basic window cleaning procedure, so expect an upcharge of $3.50 to $6 per window if you need to have this done. Paint removal requires a different product, which can add to the cost. Sometimes scraping is necessary—a time-consuming labor that costs more.

Window Cleaning Cost
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Benefits of Window Cleaning

The benefits of window cleaning are many. Clean windows sparkle, adding to your home’s curb appeal and lifting your mood. They also let more light into the interior spaces, protect indoor air quality, and improve energy efficiency, which reduces heating and cooling costs. Cleaning removes bugs that hide behind shutters or screens and perhaps build nests. Regular cleaning can prevent infestation.

Practical benefits from window cleaning include eliminating condensation, which can cause mold and ruin window frames and seals. When those fail, windows become drafty, letting in outside air, which impacts your home’s energy efficiency. Accumulated dirt and debris in the tracks can cause mechanical failure, making windows difficult to open and close. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your windows by detecting and correcting problems early.

If air leaks through your windows, if mold grows on them, if condensation appears between the panes, or if they no longer function properly, it can indicate that window replacement is necessary. With window prices ranging from $300 to $1,200 and an average replacement cost of $650 per window, replacement gets expensive quickly. Cleaning can remove abrasive grime, prolonging the life of a window. It’s always best to clean and protect your windows to preserve their life as long as possible.

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Reduces Bug Infestations

Bugs love to find hidden places to build their nests or spin their webs. Shutters, screens, windowsills, and even the space between windowpanes are common spots for insects to reside. Besides being annoying and unattractive, they can do damage to your windows. Cleaning will remove these unwanted pests before they cause too much trouble.

Extends the Life of Windows

Cleaning windows extends their life. Keeping the track free from debris not only makes windows easier to open but also prevents cracking of the seal. Removing dirt and grime from hinges allows them to function properly and prevents damage. Removing dirt, grime, and mineral deposits also protects the glass panes from corrosion and pitting.

Curb Appeal

Leave the cobwebs in the windows for Halloween decoration only: Dirty windows turn off buyers. Dirty windows signal home buyers that other areas may be similarly neglected. One of the easiest ways to boost your home’s curb appeal is by cleaning the windows.

Better Air Quality

Smoke from the fireplace, cooking, cigarettes and cigars, and incense and candles builds up on the inside of your house’s windows. Dander from pets and other allergens cling to the glass panes. Removing this residue from your windows can help improve the air quality in your home and allow you to breathe more easily.

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Better Natural Light

Dirty windows obscure some of the natural light penetration, making your home feel dark and dingy. Clean windows that let in light make interior spaces feel brighter and bigger, which not only improves your mood and increases your productivity but also makes your home feel more appealing to prospective buyers.

Better Efficiency

Because dirty windows prevent some natural light from getting in, they keep that sunlight from warming your home. This results in decreased energy efficiency and a higher heating bill. Perhaps even worse, oxidation can ruin the window seals, allowing drafts, which can affect both your heating and your air conditioning bills.

Window Cleaning Cost
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Window Cleaning Cost: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

It’s quite possibly true that no one likes cleaning their own windows. They can be difficult to reach, and it’s almost impossible to do a streak-free job. But there are some advantages to doing it yourself. First, you’ll probably save money. Second, you can do it at your leisure and when it suits your schedule. If you live in a one-story home, it should be easy to access the windows. And today, some windows tilt in for easy cleaning. Perhaps you like to use homemade, natural cleaning products. When you do it yourself, you are in control.

But there are a few disadvantages of going the DIY route. If you live in a two-story house, you’ll probably have to climb a ladder. You’ll also have to invest in the cleaning supplies yourself. Many home improvement stores sell window cleaning kits, so you’ll have everything you need, but it’s going to cost you. And then you have to find a place to store these supplies until the next time. After all this work, you still might not achieve the sparkling clean results a professional can provide.

Advantages of hiring a pro include safety: There’s no climbing on ladders and no need to purchase your own supplies. You might not do as thorough a job as the pros do—or you might scrub so hard, you scratch the glass or break delicate stained glass windows. If you set up a regular schedule with a window washing company, you don’t have to keep track of when you last cleaned them or when they’re due for it again: The professionals will do that for you.

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How to Save Money on Window Cleaning Costs

Window cleaning is costly, but there are ways to save money when you hire a window washing company.

  • Clean your windows regularly. Rather than letting dirt and grime build up, which takes longer to clean and therefore costs more money, a routine cleaning schedule keeps things in check.
  • Look for deals. Some window washing companies offer bargains to new customers or discounts for referrals. You may even get a break on the price if you schedule more than one cleaning at a time. Or, take advantage of a package deal that may include gutter cleaning or power washing.
  • Choose a reputable company. Check reviews and ask for testimonials to make sure they have a history of doing the job right the first time so you don’t have to pay more to correct problems with a second wash.
  • Ask if the company offers group discounts for multiple homes on the same street or in the same neighborhood.
  • Some window cleaning companies will also clean roofs, gutters, and siding. If they do, ask if there is a discount for bundling services.
  • Only have the pros clean the outside of the windows and clean the inside yourself.

Questions to Ask About Window Cleaning

When looking for a window washing company to clean your windows, it’s important to ask the right questions in order to get the best company for your job. Because prices and services from window washing companies vary widely, it’s important to vet prospective candidates.

  • Are you licensed and insured? Perhaps the most important question, this should be asked first of any contractor. You want a professional doing the job. And you want to be sure you’re protected in case of an accident.
  • What’s included? You need to know what you’re paying for. Do their services include cleaning the inside and outside of the window? Sills and tracks? Screens? Do they charge extra for the windows on the second story? It’s important to understand what exactly is included in the window cleaning cost.
  • Do you guarantee your work? Windows won’t stay clean forever, but some companies provide a warranty that promises they will come back for free or a reduced price if windows are dirty within 30 or 60 days.
  • Will you let me know if there are any repairs that need to be made?
  • Do you have any references?
  • How many people will be completing the job?
  • Approximately how long will it take to clean all the windows?
  • How often do you recommend that homes in this area have their windows cleaned?
  • Do you offer other services like roof, gutter, or siding cleaning?
  • Do you tack on any fees for hard water removal or ladder use?
  • What products do you use?
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Everyone appreciates clean windows, but not everyone has the desire or ability to clean their own windows. Window washing companies offer a viable alternative. The following frequently asked questions will help you get started as you begin the process of selecting a window washing professional.

Q. What is the hourly rate for window cleaning?

Window washing companies that charge by the hour typically ask somewhere between $40 and $75 per hour for residential window cleaning. Cleaning windows on a high-rise can cost as much as $85 per hour, and because a two-person crew is required for safety reasons, the cost jumps to $170 an hour.

Q. What is included in window cleaning?

Each window washing company has its own list of what they include in a cleaning. Most wash the glass inside and outside. Some will also clean the sill and tracks for the same price, but others charge an extra fee for that. A lot of companies will also clean the window screens at no extra charge.

Q. How often should I clean my windows?

In general, you should clean your windows twice a year. However, if you live near busy streets or in an area with excessive dust (such as near a construction site), heavy pollen from a lot of trees, or other causes of dirty windows, you should consider cleaning the windows three times a year or even more frequently.