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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost? (2024 Guide)

Hiring a house cleaner can help free up time for other tasks and hobbies. While many factors go into calculating the total house cleaning cost, customers can expect to pay between $90 and $600, or an average of $170.
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  • The typical cost range for house cleaning is $90 to $600, with a national average of $170.
  • House cleaning rates will be determined by home size, room types, service type, the cleaning company, number of cleaners, geographic location, labor costs, supplies, and taxes.
  • Homeowners may consider house cleaning if they have a limited amount of time for housework, have temporary or long-term physical limitations, are selling their home, or need a specialty clean such as mold remediation.
  • While plenty of homeowners are comfortable cleaning their own homes, those who value their time highly or would like a more thorough, professional clean may find it worthwhile to hire for this service.
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Choosing to use a house cleaning service is a decision that carries a lot of weight: This person (or people) would be entering the home frequently, so being able to trust them is key. However, paying someone to clean and tidy up a living space can be a valuable trade-off in time and money. Before hiring, it’s natural to wonder, “How much does house cleaning cost?” According to Angi, the typical range is $90 to $600, with a national average cost of cleaning services being $170. The exact price will depend on factors that include the size of the house or apartment, the frequency and quantity of cleaning, the tasks involved, and much more. House cleaning companies may offer additional services like window cleaning or carpet cleaning for an extra fee. Customers can use this guide to learn how house cleaning costs are determined and when it’s a worthwhile service.

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Key Cost Factors

So, how much does a cleaning service cost? The average rate of $170 is a good baseline for customers to use, but a better estimate can be made after all cleaning preferences are decided. Some factors that go into calculating the going rate for house cleaning include the size of the home, the type of establishment, and the tasks that will be performed, among others. Plugging these values into a house cleaning cost calculator may provide customers with a rough estimate.

Home Size 

The size of the area to be cleaned is the biggest factor in determining the overall price. Common cleaning areas include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. If certain rooms are considered off-limits to maids, then cleaning prices may be lower due to the reduced square footage. Conversely, homes with more square footage will likely be more expensive to clean.

Number of BedroomsAverage Cost
1$75 to $130
2$100 to $180
3$130 to $220
4$200 to $225

Room Type

House cleaning costs are often determined by the type of rooms being cleaned. Rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms may require more thorough and frequent cleaning than a home office or living room, and thus typically cost more to clean. Customers may consider prioritizing certain rooms for professional cleaning depending on how often the room is used in order to keep costs manageable. Basements and attics are among the most costly rooms to have cleaned as they tend to have a larger square footage than standard rooms. Attic cleaning costs up to $170, and a standard basement clean is about $130.

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Service Type

There are several types of cleaning to choose from: Some are more thorough than others, and some pay more attention to certain parts of the house than others. On the more affordable end, general cleaning involves light cleaning and tidying in high-traffic parts of the home. Deep cleaning is a more thorough service that tackles hard-to-reach areas that may not be regularly touched. Lastly, the best move-out cleaning services provide a top-to-bottom clean that gets a home ready for its next resident. Ultimately, the type of cleaning a customer chooses will also affect the going rate for house cleaning. Customers can search online for “cleaning services near me” to find out more about what local cleaning services are offering.

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Cleaning Company

A house cleaning company will typically charge between $30 and $250 an hour. This cost will depend on what type of service is scheduled and how many cleaners the job will require. Some companies are pricier than others; for example Merry Maids may charge up to $250 an hour, whereas Ecomaids costs typically reach $100 per hour at most. Ultimately, the company a customer chooses can depend on their budget, what services they need, and company reviews, among other considerations. Below are some popular house cleaning services and their hourly prices.

Cleaning CompanyHourly Cost
Ecomaids$30 to $100
Maid Brigade$75 to $150
MaidPro$35 to $70
Merry Maids$80 to $250
Molly Maid$75 to $200
The Cleaning Authority$75 to $95
The Maids$60 to $125
Tidy$30 to $80

Number of Cleaners

Often, house cleaning costs will include an hourly cost for each cleaner on housekeeping jobs. So how much do house cleaners charge? Prices are often around $25 to $50 per hour for each cleaner. A standard cleaning for an average-size home will usually require two cleaners, costing about $100 per hour in total. A larger home or a more complex clean may mean the company will send additional cleaners. The total cost of hiring a house cleaning service can also depend on whether the work is done by a self-employed person or a professional cleaning company. A self-employed house cleaner’s prices average between $50 and $90 for 2 hours.

Geographic Location

House cleaning prices tend to be higher in metropolitan areas than in rural areas as the cost of living is higher in many cities. Customers in suburban areas are likely to pay higher prices than those in rural areas, as many prospective clients commute into metropolitan cities and receive a higher wage than those in smaller towns.

CityCost Range
Atlanta$125 to $235
Chicago$90 to $185
Denver$115 to $225
New York$115 to $235
Seattle$120 to $140


Hourly cleaners charge $25 to $90 per hour on average. A house cleaner will take into consideration the level of the mess that needs attention. Homes full of kids and pets will likely take more time and effort than the home of a bachelor who travels frequently. Floor-to-ceiling cleaning is also more labor intensive and will likely cost more. Some companies charge house cleaning rates per hour, week, or month. Other companies charge a one-time or flat fee, per room, or on a per-square-foot basis. The following table shows the average costs for different rate types.

RateAverage Cost
Hourly$25 to $90
Weekly$75 to $250
Monthly$300 to $700
One-time$100 to $400
Per room$20 to $170
Per square foot$0.05 to $0.10


The cost of supplies can also factor into the total maid service cost. Some cleaning products are considered “premium” and are more costly than others, and this can be reflected in total. Providing cleaning supplies to the service or individual cleaner is one way to reduce the expense of cleaning jobs. This also allows some control over the choices of cleaning supplies used in the home. While there are some products that are preferred by professionals, the customer’s choices can be considered, too.


Factoring the cost of taxes is another consideration when researching what the going rate for house cleaning is. One advantage of choosing a professional cleaning company is that they take care of deducting their employees’ federal and state taxes as well as paying a workers compensation tax that protects their employees in case of accidents on the job. Contractor or individual housekeeping services may not carry workers’ compensation insurance.

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Additional Costs and Considerations

Determining the average cost of house cleaning includes the consideration of factors such as extra bathrooms, pets, and other add-on services. Pets generally increase the cost of a cleaning automatically, but add-on services such as gutter cleaning are optional.


Whether it’s muddy paw prints, dander, furballs, or urine stains, a proper, regular cleaning can help keep pets and their owners living in a healthy environment. However, the extra effort needed to clean up after some pet messes can require extra time and a range of other, more specialized supplies, which can translate to a slightly higher total cost.

Specialized Products

There are many options for cleaning supplies that meet a range of requirements, whether the products are allergy-friendly, pet safe, and more. Choosing products that work best for your home is important. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies may be safer to use, accommodating both pets and homeowners with allergies while providing an easy way to be more environmentally conscious. However, opting for these products can significantly drive up the total cost of house cleaning.

Add-On Services

The list of add-on services for professional house cleaning is lengthy. Depending on preference, customers may pay extra in window cleaning costs or carpet cleaning costs as needed. Certain services will need to be completed by companies who are certified or equipped to handle the job: The average maid service likely won’t offer crawl space cleaning, but vacuuming dusty curtains may be an option. Some professional cleaning companies may also offer full window cleaning even three stories up, but if not it’s best for the customer to leave this to one of the best window cleaning services. The table below shows some common add-on services and their average costs.

Add-OnsAverage Cost 
Carpets$75 to $300
Changing sheets$10 to $18
Drapes$120 to $300
Gutters$200 to $400
Laundry$10 to $20 per load
Organizing cabinets$50 to $60
Oven$15 to $40
Refrigerator$10 to $50
Rug$170 to $530
Tile/grout$250 to $700
Windows (indoor)$1.60 to $3.20 per window
Windows (outdoor)$6.40 to $12.80 per window
Wood polishing$30 to $75

Special Requests

Cleaning after a major remodel may be overwhelming, but searching “construction cleaning company near me” could bring up a list of certified professionals who know how to dispose of construction items and thoroughly clean up potential hazardous materials. It’s advised that mold removal be completed by licensed professionals who can properly eradicate the mold or patch rotten drywall if necessary rather than simply painting over the growth.

Types of House Cleaning Services

Customers will have varying needs when it comes to cleaning services. Some may want to leave all of their household chores to a professional, while others simply require an occasional deep clean when they can’t get to it themselves. There are many cleaning service options to choose from, each with its own benefits.

Cleaning TypeCost
Standard$75 to $175
Deep$200 to $400
Move-outUp to $500

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning costs $75 to $175 and will likely include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, and overall tidying of common living spaces, and it usually occurs often. It’s common for customers to schedule this kind of cleaning for every week, every other week, or once a month.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning costs more because of time and effort-intensive tasks such as cleaning baseboards, lamps, furniture, carpets, walls, and heavy grime from bathrooms or kitchens. This is considered a “top-to-bottom” or “floor-to-ceiling” clean that addresses almost every part of the home. A deep clean is likely to be booked on a less frequent schedule and typically costs $200 to $400.

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Move-Out Cleaning

A move-in or move-out cleaning can address window runners, baseboards, cupboards, ovens, bathroom grime, dirty carpets—parts of the home that are often overlooked. The cost of move-out cleaning can be as much as $500. Customers will want to keep in mind that this service is not likely to include removing unwanted items from the home. Customers can leave this to companies who specialize in taking out piles of trash or junk. The average cost is between $50 to $361, depending on the amount of junk being hauled from the house or yard.

Do I need a house cleaning service?

While many have the ability, time, and resources to clean their homes themselves, others will ultimately opt for a professional cleaning service. Customers who travel frequently or who otherwise lack the time to clean their homes thoroughly may find the average house cleaning cost well worth it for the service. Professional home cleaning services are also a great choice for individuals who are recovering from injuries or have reduced mobility.

Lack of Time 

Carving out time to do both the big and small cleaning tasks around the house can cause homeowners and renters unnecessary stress and a loss of enjoyable time spent with family and friends. Opting to use a professional cleaning service can help them gain back some time that can be spent making memories.

Injury Recovery or Reduced Mobility

Persons with differing abilities or those recovering from an injury can benefit from employing an individual or service to complete cleaning tasks around the home. A maid service can handle the everyday cleaning tasks on a weekly basis, and professional services can be called in for the big jobs like cleaning gutters or removing junk.

Cost Efficiency 

There is a compelling argument for the cost benefit of hiring a house cleaning service: Considering that a homeowner’s time could be worth $100 per hour, the time spent cleaning all Saturday afternoon could cost double what a cleaning company would charge. On the flip side, if their time is valued below $20 per hour, it may not make sense to hire a regular cleaning service but instead stick to hiring professionals for jobs that require licensed assistance.

Home Selling

Selling a home means that strangers will be coming in and out to view the property. To create a compelling argument for buying as well as a good impression, it’s wise for sellers to pay increased attention to the cleanliness of the space. Dirty, smelly homes can turn away potential buyers. Before moving out, sellers will want to keep in mind that it’s also considered good practice to leave a home clean for the new owners. Not only does it show care for the property, but it’s safer to let other people move into an environment that’s free of germs, debris, and other health hazards. Moving can be an exhausting job, but it’s possible for homeowners to alleviate some stress by employing a cleaning service that does a full move-out cleaning.

Special Jobs for Licensed Professionals

Some jobs are best suited to professional cleaning services. In some cases, licensed cleaning professionals are necessary for cleaning up after a disaster such as a burst pipe that flooded a basement or for cleaning out all the ductwork in an HVAC system. Some customers may simply feel more comfortable leaving tasks to someone who specializes in them, like hiring one of the best couch cleaning services to refresh a designer sofa.

What Is the Going Rate for House Cleaning

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Personal cleaning habits vary, as can an individual’s tolerance for messes. Many people find joy in keeping their personal space clean and tidy, and others choose chores around the house as their exercise of choice. Parents may enjoy the opportunity to teach their children responsibility for keeping certain areas of the home clean. In these cases, DIY cleaning costs are kept to a minimum, including only cleaning supplies and time. Cleaning is largely considered as a task doable by many homeowners and renters, but there are few reasons individuals may not want to take on house cleaning duties themselves.

Outside the home, certain jobs may be beyond the capabilities of most customers, and it’s important to understand when to hire a professional. Power washing the siding or stucco of a house may seem like an easy task to do with the purchase or rental of a power washer from a local home improvement store. But when done improperly, home exteriors can be damaged with the force of the spray at the wrong angle. Ductwork cleaning or mold removal are two more jobs that are best left to licensed, certified professionals who are equipped and trained to complete the job thoroughly and safely. Additionally, while a resident might think they can avoid crawl space cleaning costs by tackling this project themselves, a specialized cleaner can tackle common crawl space problems like water or rodent damage.

Allowing a professional maid service to handle the cleaning of the dirtiest areas in the house may be a great option for people who aren’t aware of cleaning best practices or who want to avoid spending the time to carefully clean a home. Whatever needs arise in a home, apartment, or business, one of the best cleaning services is not far away and will be happy to help remedy the challenge.

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How to Save Money

For homeowners who have decided on hiring a cleaning company but are still considering how to make it more affordable, there are ways to keep costs at a minimum, such as the following.

  • Opt for a self-employed individual. A local contractor often works for a lower hourly rate than a professional from a cleaning company, which has to cover overhead, insurance, and taxes.
  • Get multiple quotes. Asking several companies to do a walk-through of their price lists is a great way to ensure a good value for the money. It’s also a good idea to get other quotes from professionals who specialize in certain tasks, such as the best carpet cleaning companies or best pool cleaning services.
  • Book regular cleanings. Cleaning services typically offer a discounted rate for regularly scheduled appointments, even if they are on a monthly basis.
  • Clean up after yourself. Cleaning a home that’s already well cared for is a much easier task to complete. Taking a few minutes to run through each room and tidy up the floor and surfaces can reduce the extra time the cleaner will need to tidy before actually cleaning.
  • Provide your own supplies. It’s likely you already have a preferred mop or cleaning product. Providing what is already in your home and restocking as needed can prevent cleaning supplies costs from being added to your bill.
  • Choose services wisely. Rather than getting the entire house cleaned, it’s recommended that homeowners judiciously choose the cleaning tasks that need to be done based on needs and circumstances. For example, the cost of upholstery cleaning would be wasted on a like-new couch.
  • Inquire about discounts. Some companies may offer discounts for members of the military, first responders, single moms, and others. Similarly, discounts may be offered if you opt for an auto-pay program or for seasonal cleanings.

Questions to Ask a Pro

When choosing a house cleaning service, it’s a good idea to ask questions about the services rendered and the costs associated with those services. This can make it easier to evaluate the usefulness of a house cleaning service. The following are some useful questions to ask about house cleaning costs.

  • Are you insured against workplace accidents or damage to the home or items inside the home?
  • Do you guarantee or warranty your services?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you complete background checks on employees?
  • Do you employ independent contractors or your own employees?
  • Will the same crew be used at each cleaning?
  • How are substitute cleaners arranged in case of illness or time off?
  • What are the cancellation fees?
  • Who supplies the cleaning products?
  • Can pets be present, or should they be outside the home during cleaning?
  • Can a contract be written specifically for this home?


Deciding to use a professional cleaning service can be a big decision. Factoring all the pros and cons and the costs and benefits are helpful for making the choice to employ a professional.

Q. What is included in a basic house cleaning?

A basic house cleaning is the most common choice for people who hire housekeeping professionals, maids, or cleaning companies. This service typically includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, tidying, cleaning kitchen surfaces and faucets, sanitizing bathrooms, and tidying bedrooms.

Q. How do I calculate house cleaning costs?

House cleaning services are calculated based on time or square footage. The smaller the area, the lower the cost, but pets and other factors can automatically increase any cleaning cost. On average, a two-bedroom apartment can cost between $100 and $180.

Q. Does a house cleaner bring their own supplies?

Some house cleaners will bring their own products and supplies, but others may require them to be provided by the homeowner. It’s a good idea to clarify what will be expected before the first visit. Some clients prefer that certain products are used and may need to either pay extra or provide the products themselves.

Q. Should I tip my housekeeper?

While there is some debate on whether or not to tip a house cleaner, many homeowners find it appropriate to include a 10 percent to 15 percent tip if they are happy with the service. If the cleaner works for a company, it’s worth contacting the office to find out if tipping is standard.

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