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7 Ways to Live with Carpet When You Can’t Rip It Out
If you don't have the budget to rip out and replace your old carpet, or if you're limited by your rental agreement, consider one of these creative ways to breathe...
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The Best Carpet Cleaners for Busy Households
If you vacuum regularly, you naturally assume you’re getting your carpets clean. But carpeting can hold a whopping fo...
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5 Things to Know When Removing Carpet from Stairs
There’s a lot to love about carpet when it’s new. It’s thick and fluffy, feels great on your feet, and adds warmth an...
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The Best Carpet Stain Removers
A dark carpet stain can ruin an otherwise beautiful living space—or at the very least be an eyesore. Frustratingly, t...
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Buyer's Guide: HEPA Vacuums
As part of a comprehensive plan to reduce dust, pet dander, and other indoor allergens, consider using a vacuum equip...
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20 Area Rugs You Can Actually Afford
Find an area rug that suits your style—and your budget.
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The 13 Best Carpet Colors for the Home
Revamp your floors with new carpet colors that are both timeless and on trend.
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10 Best Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Spend Less Time Cleaning
Yes, it's absolutely possible to control your mess without letting it control your life. Find out how you can streamline your chores and create more time for your...
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How To: Clean an Area Rug
For many of us, area rugs are a significant investment in decor. They warm up and add color to our rooms. They provid...
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12 Reasons Hardwood Floors Might Not Be Right for Your Home
Hardwood floors have become so popular in recent years that they are now almost ubiquitous in new homes. But they're not necessarily the best choice for everyone....
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Solved! How Often You Should Actually Be Vacuuming
Q: I only vacuum my floors when I notice them looking dingy. How often should you vacuum?A: Interior designers and hy...
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5 Things to Know Before Ripping Up Carpet Yourself
Carpeting brings wall-to-wall softness and warmth to a room, both visually and physically. But over time, its attract...
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Solved! How to Select the Best Carpet for Stairs
Q: I just moved into a two-story home, and the floors need some TLC. The stairs are carpeted, but the pile is worn do...
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5 Ways to Remove Rust Stains
You might recall from Chemistry 101 that only iron or iron alloys like steel can form rust when exposed to oxygen and...
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Solved! Dealing with a Carpeted Bathroom
Q: We recently moved into a home with wall-to-wall carpeting in the bathroom. We’d like to replace it, but that reall...
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8 Dirty Secrets Your Carpet May Be Keeping from You
The joys of carpeting are many: It’s undeniably the softest, most comfortable type of flooring, it muffles sound, and it helps insulate rooms from temperature swi...
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How To: Remove Carpet Glue
Ripping up old carpeting is no small task, but removing the glue used to secure it to the subfloor is a major job all...
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How To: Dye Carpet
Carpet is a costly investment that should last at least 10 years, but discoloration—thanks to spills, pet mishaps, an...
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How To: Get Mold Out of Carpet
Untreated dampness on carpet—whether caused by a persistent leak, overzealously watered plants, or a not-quite-houset...
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How To: Shampoo Carpeting
Our carpets suffer the collateral damage of our busy, active lives. The daily foot traffic and those inevitable spill...
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How To: Clean a Shag Rug
Shag rugs are enjoying a resurgence, thanks to their groovy textured looks and comfy feel underfoot. The potential bu...
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How To: Remove Blood from Carpet
Blood happens. Not often, hopefully, but when a kid skins a knee and lays wailing on the living room rug, or the dog ...
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How To: Stretch Carpet
Even the nicest wall-to-wall carpeting can start to buckle, ripple, or wrinkle over time when it loosens and lifts fr...
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3 Fixes for Oil Stains
Cooking oil appears in many forms—olive, vegetable, canola, etc. —and is a necessary ingredient for almost anything y...
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How To: Clean a Wool Rug
Wool rugs in a home appeal to several senses: Their vibrant colors and patterns improve the look of any space, while ...
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How To: Remove Candle Wax from Any Surface
No matter their placement—on the mantel, beside the bathtub, or on the dining table—lit candles instantly create an a...
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How To: Make Your Own Carpet Cleaner
The more you entertain, the more likely it is that you'll have to deal with stains. A spilled glass of wine, a smudge...
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Quick Tip: The Best Way to Remove Gum from Carpet
Even if you’re not a gum chewer, you can still fall victim to the sticky substance if a wad on the concrete sneaks it...
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3 Easy Fixes for Carpet Dents
In preparation for an evening of fun, food, and merriment with family and friends, you’ve planned and cooked and clea...
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7 Secrets to Keep Your Carpet Looking New
Carpets get dirty—it's a fact of life. But if you just let the problems pile up, those snags, spills, and everyday accidents can make your carpets look old and di...
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3 Fixes for Red Wine Stains
Inevitably, there’s at least one unwelcome guest at every holiday party: the red wine stain. Sure enough, just as eve...
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How To: Install Carpeting on Stairs
Showcase the beauty of wood stairs without sacrificing the comfort of carpet with this clever compromise: a carpet ru...
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How To: Remove Paint from Carpeting
It’s the stuff of nightmares for any do-it-yourselfer who takes on a weekend painting project. Even though you carefu...
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Quick Tip: Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet
It's not what you feared. Spilling coffee on the carpet doesn't have to mean living with an eyesore until you replace...
Tag icon article
How To: Patch Carpet
Carpeting inevitably undergoes wear and tear, whether from foot traffic or the accidents of everyday life. If those f...
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Quick Tip: Clean Carpet Stains with a Clothes Iron
You know and loathe the traditional way to clean a carpet. But however laborious it may be, there's no doubt that blo...
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Quick Tip: Clean a Rug with Snow
[bobsays_inset]Before hauling your rug outside on a cold day after a snowstorm, first vacuum its front and back. Alte...
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The 9 Rules for Rugs That Everyone Should Know
There are many questions to grapple with before settling on any particular rug: How big should it be? Is it durable enough? What do I need to know to clean it? Fo...
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How To: Get Rid of Every Carpet Stain
When holiday guests gather in your home to enjoy festive food and drink, there are bound to be a few accidental slops and splatters that could make your carpets a...
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Bob Vila Radio: Top Tips for Cutting Carpet
Installing wall-to-wall carpeting? It can be tricky to cut the floor covering so that it accurately fits the room. To...
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Bob Vila Radio: Linoleum Rugs
Linoleum rugs are a little-remembered footnote to floorcovering history. These days, unless you uncover one when you’...
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How To: Remove Wax from Carpet
Candles enhance the atmosphere of any space. The gentle glow from their lit wicks fosters a feeling of calm and relax...
Tag icon article
Weekend Projects: 5 Ways to Make Your Own Rug
When laid over floors or mounted on walls, area rugs imbue living spaces with warmth, style, and comfort. If you're s...
Tag icon article
How To: Choose the Right Rug
Nothing can draw the elements of a room together quite like a rug. It can make a cold room cozy and inviting, define ...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Ripping Up Carpet
Pulling up old wall-to-wall carpeting can be a tough, dirty job. Start by getting all the furniture out of the room a...
Tag icon article
How To: Install Carpeting
Love it or hate it, there are at least a few good reasons that homeowners choose carpeting today. For one, it absorbs...
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Quick Tip: Carpet Recycling
 Did you know that if it's made of nylon 6, your old carpet can be recycled? Over 200 million pounds of old carpet is...
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What Would Bob Do? Removing Wall-to-Wall Carpeting
I am moving to a new house where the living room and dining area have wall-to-wall carpeting. I asked the previous ow...
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Versatile Carpet Tiles Combine Convenience and Fashion
Looking for an environmentally friendly floor covering that is fashionable, easy to install, and suitable for any roo...
Tag icon article
How To: Choose Carpeting
Whether you’re remodeling the whole house or freshening up only a few rooms, new floor coverings can revive spaces th...
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Bob Vila Radio: Carpet Wrinkles
Wrinkles in wall-to-wall carpet don't just look bad, they can be a tripping hazard. They'll also wear out first, so t...
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Bob Vila Radio: Recycling Carpet
Did you know that wall-to-wall carpet from just one standard 12 x 15 ft room takes 8 gallons of oil and 900,000 BTUs ...
Tag icon article
When considering putting carpets on your floors, there are some things you should know:How they're made.  Carpets are...
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Touring the Completed Home Interior, Entryway, and Dining Room
Bob tours the front vestibule, highlighting the beautiful stencil work done by artist Kim Sweet. He explains how small touches can bring back the feel of an 1890s...
Tag icon video
Installing Carpet on the Third Floor and Bathroom Tile
Bob looks at the new carpet being installed on the third floor and at a bathroom tile installation.
Tag icon video
Carpeting the Basement and Organizing the Home
Carpet tiles are installed in the basement, and experts discuss storage and organizing solutions for the basement and master bedroom.
Tag icon video
Installing Wall-to-Wall Carpet, Building an Energy Star Certified Home, and Saving Electricity and Protecting Electronics in the Home
Bob meets Scott Howard of Dean's Carpet, John Livermore from the Energy Star Homes program, and Damon Markowski from Leviton to show some of the features built in...
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Selecting Carpet With Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland tells Bob about her Shades of America carpet collection. With a more focused color selection and more descriptive color names, Shades of America mak...
Tag icon video
Interlocking Beech Flooring, Anti-Static Carpeting, and the Media Room
Bob looks at the beech flooring in the key hall, before moving to the media room to discuss the carpeting with Gary Johnston (from DuPont) and the electronic comp...
Tag icon video
Installing Carpet in the Bedroom
Carpenter Bob Ryley goes over a bedroom carpet installation.
Tag icon video
Installing the Carpets
Bob meets with Heather Sheehan and Scot Lintz (from Allied Signal) to discuss the production and use of recycled carpet.
Tag icon video
Hand-Stitching Carpets
Bob learns about hand-stitching carpets, as he watches Peter Mead use a traditional technique.
Tag icon video
Tour of the Mansion's Exterior and Landscaping
Bob tours the exterior with general contractor Sam Daniel. Then, he joins architect John Paul Hanbury and interior designer Barbara Page, and, together, they roll...
Tag icon video
Choosing a Living Room Carpet
Bob looks around for a well-priced living room carpet.
Tag icon video
Touring the Interior
Bob tours the newly furnished and appointed Plymouth project house with the interior designer. Throughout, there is a mix of formal and informal pieces, which all...
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