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How To: Make Homemade Glass Cleaner
We’ve all seen the bottles of glass cleaner vying for our dollars on supermarket shelves. But there’s an economical a...
How To: Drill a Hole in Glass
A lot of crafty DIYers hit the glass ceiling when it comes to the material of the same name. You’d love to create a l...
How To: Cut Glass
If the very thought of cutting glass makes you cringe, perhaps it’s because you remember a painful occasion when glas...
3 Fixes for Scratched Glass
Whether in the form of a windowpane, shower wall, or tabletop, glass serves as a durable and glamorous surface almost...
How To: Clean Plexiglass
Commonly used to construct everyday items from shower enclosures to tabletops, plexiglass (also known as acrylic) off...
How To: Remove Paint from Glass
You set out a drop cloth and meticulously lined the wall trim with painter’s tape, but you still ended up with a litt...
Weekend Projects: 5 Stunning Stained Glass DIYs
Far from the old-fashioned colored glass familiar to church windows or your great-grandmother's living room, today's ...
3 Easy Ways You Can Add Privacy to Glass
More than a mere decorative finish, frosted glass also offers a practical benefit: Without blocking the passage of li...
How To: Paint Glass
Smooth and reflective, glass makes a lovely canvas for paint. If, however, you've never before tried to paint glass, ...
Bob Vila Radio: Glass Block
Glass block has been used as a building material for more than a century, but it experienced a big surge of popularit...
Quick Tips: Glass Block Walls
Glass block walls are a great design feature that let extra sunlight into any room in your home while still providing...
Impact-Resistant Windows and PGT Factory Tour
Bob visits PGT Industries to learn what it takes to make impact-resistant windows.
Laying Porcelain Oxidized-Look Tiles
Bob and Anthony Lopez install porcelain tiles for a decorative look.
Safety Railing Installation
An ironworker secures the rooftop deck's safety railing to its footings. Then, Bob meets with the window installer who is putting frosted thermal glass walls on t...
Privacy Glass Installation
Bob looks on as the window installer puts in the glass walls for the head house (the structure surrounding the stares that lead up from the penthouse).
Restoration of the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Karen Brooks Hopkins, president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), gives Bob a peek at the restoration of the main building.
Replacing the Barn Door
Workers replace the old barn doors with an oversized Ponderosa Pine door (from KML Industries in Canada).
Glass Block Floor Panel System
Mary Lou Pace (from Circle Redmont) joins Bob to watch the installation of the monolithic glass block floor panel system custom-manufactured for this project.
Installing a Mirror and Glasswork
Bob observes Bill Brody (from Classic Glass) installing a large mirror, a glass shelf, and a glass partition wall.
Installing Glass Blocks
Bob helps replace a traditional sliding glass window with glass blocks.
Making Stained Glass Windows
Bob learns the process of creating stained glass windows. Designs begin on paper before they are traced onto glass using a light table. A variety of glass types a...
Greenhouse Glass Installation
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install sloped glazing on a greenhouse with the help of Mark Santos.
Installing the Greenhouse Windows
Contractor Bob Ryley shows off the greenhouse's motorized windows. At the touch of a button, or via a thermostat, the windows open and close. Bob helps Ryley asse...
Lyndhurst Mansion Tour
Bob tours Lyndhurst mansion, a testament to high living during the Victoria era in New York's Hudson River Valley. The 40-odd rooms include a Gothic dining room w...
Bricking In a Window
General contractor Ron Gan talks through the process of bricking in a window in the new kitchen. Ron also addresses the installation of a smaller bathroom window.
Touring Chicago Architecture
Bob joins architectural historian Susan Benjamin for a tour of some of Chicago's landmark buildings.
Winterizing Wooden Furniture More_clips
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