The Best Window Squeegees for Achieving Streak-Free Shine

Time to get those windows squeaky clean with a squeegee that removes water and leaves a spotless shine.

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The Best Window Squeegee Options


Windows seem to attract dirt, dust, and pollen. Before you know it, the view outside looks like a hazy mess. Immaculate windows can transform living spaces, but chances are you’re not excited when it’s time to clean them. Window squeegees can make the job easier. These cleaning tools help you scrub away spots and remove water for a streak-free shine.

Squeegees come in various designs, from small handheld models for the shower to long-handled designs that reach the tops of tall windows. The best window squeegee creates a seal against the window to completely remove water or cleaning solution with each stroke. Models that scrub and squeegee offer two-in-one benefits, and are highly convenient if you’ve got a house full of windows to clean.

The number and size of your windows will also factor into the squeegee’s head size—the larger the windows, the larger the head. You might also consider using the squeegee for purposes other than window cleaning, as they can be great tools for your car windows and cleaning the shower. In these cases, designs with smaller heads offer better maneuverability in tight spaces.

Our Top Picks

This list of top picks showcases some of the best window squeegee options for tackling household chores. These top picks include models made of plastic and stainless steel as well as designs for windows in various sizes.

Best Overall

The Best Window Squeegee Option: DocaPole 5-12 Foot Extension Pole Squeegee

The DocaPole 5-12 Foot Extension Pole Squeegee can scrub, remove water, tilt, and extend. First, there’s the dual-sided head, with a chenille microfiber scrubber on one side and a squeegee blade on the other. It comes with three blades in different lengths—10, 12, or 14 inches. You can switch out the blade length based on the window size, reducing the time you spend cleaning.

This model also features a head that tilts and locks in place to give you a better scrubbing angle on windows of unusual shapes and sizes. The head rotates 180 degrees and works with other DocaPole products.The pole extends from 5 feet to 12 feet to reach tall or second story windows.

For extra-tall windows in multi-story homes, the DocaPole is also available in 24-feet and 30-feet models with a single or double pivot design. The head can be taken off the pole for hand use, offering versatility for cleaning showers or car windows.

Best Budget

The Best Window Squeegee Option: Ettore 8-Inch All Purpose Window Squeegee

The Ettore’s compact 8-inch squeegee blade may not be large, but it seals well to windows and lets you remove water with efficiency. It fits into a REA-C-H Extension Pole with a snap button design, or you can use the head by itself for smaller jobs.

This affordable squeegee features a sturdy plastic handle, aluminum channel, and a streak-free rubber blade for cleaning smaller windows, mirrors, and shower doors. Its small, lightweight design doesn’t take up much storage space on a shower caddy or in the garage.

Best Comfort Grip

The Best Window Squeegee Option: desired tools Squeegee for Shower, Window

This squeegee offers streak and squeak-free window cleaning in a small, lightweight package. The 7-inch blade maneuvers over shower walls, car windows, or house windows with ease. However, the short handle doesn’t attach to an extension pole, meaning that it’s best suited for smaller windows.

An ergonomic foam handle enhances comfort and offers non-slip performance, helping you keep your grip even if the handle gets wet. This squeegee is suitable for individuals with wrist issues or reduced mobility. It comes with two silicone replacement blades that slide into the head and lock in place.

This model is designed for easy storage too; its 10-inch by 7-inch dimensions and hanging hook work well for garage or shower storage.

Best with Long Handle

The Best Window Squeegee Option: Lomida Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner

The Professional Window Squeegee Cleaner by Lomida gives you cleaning flexibility and the benefits of a 62-inch reach. An interchangeable wiping blade and microfiber head let you either scrub or remove water (you have to remove one head before using the other). A flexible piece on the handle lets you adjust the angle using pressure without damaging the pole or squeegee.

The pole extends from 23 inches to 62 inches. You can remove or add up to three extra sections to extend or shorten it based on the job at hand. The sections attach and detach using a button splice design, so there’s no risk of the pole coming loose while in use. Lightweight aluminum gives the pole durability while making it easy to carry around and use.

Best with Sprayer

The Best Window Squeegee Option: JEHONN Window Squeegee Cleaner

The JEHONN Window Squeegee Cleaner has a built-in 200-milliliter tank for water or cleaning solution. You can spray, scrub, and squeegee without removing any heads or dipping them in a bucket. The professional-grade microfiber head has a hook and loop attachment for quick removal. After scrubbing with the microfiber head, use the rubber squeegee as a final touch for streak-free windows.

The JEHONN includes an extension handle containing a lightweight, sturdy aluminum alloy. However, you can use the sprayer with or without the attachment because both pieces have a spray trigger.

Best Stainless Steel

The Best Window Squeegee Option: Unger - 92100 Professional Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty

If you put more pressure on the squeegee than high-quality plastic can handle, a stainless steel model like the Unger-92100 is a more sturdy option. The stainless steel head comes in 8-, 12, and 16-inch sizes. The stainless steel adds durability while resisting rust, combined with a heavy-duty rubber squeegee.

An ergonomic grip on the head lets you maneuver it in the shower or on car windows. For more coverage, the head attaches to an Unger telescoping pole suitable for tall windows or multistoried homes.

Best for Small Windows

The Best Window Squeegee Option: MR. SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo

The MR. SIGA Professional Window Cleaning Combo gives you the tight seal you need to pull water away without leaving streaks. The combo also includes the cleaning power of microfiber. Before using the squeegee, you can attach the microfiber cover to help you scrub. The microfiber is made of thousands of tiny fibers that provide a large cleaning surface area with a material that won’t damage glass surfaces.

A lightweight aluminum clip holds the natural, replaceable rubber blade in place. This model attaches to a MR. SIGA’s telescoping pole (sold separately) for extra reach if you’re doing tall windows. On its own, this attachment is great for smaller, concentrated areas.

Best for Large Windows

The Best Window Squeegee Option: Unger Professional Window Cleaning Tool

The Unger Professional Window Cleaning Tool makes quick work of large windows with its 18-inch rubber head. If you don’t need quite that wide of a squeegee, it also comes in 6-, 10-, or 14-inch models. The squeegee head distributes pressure so you can remove water from a larger area, featuring internal water channels to help move water along the sleeve.

This squeegee attaches to an Unger telescoping pole (sold separately). You also get the benefits of an 18-inch microfiber sleeve to scrub those hard-to-reach windows. This longer squeegee can cut down your cleaning time with wide windows thanks to its extra coverage.