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7 Features That Define the New American Home
Indoor plumbing. Electric lights. We take these things for granted today, but there was a time when such basic conveniences were novel and sought after. Of course...
8 Clever Ways to Use Post-It Notes
Sure, they come in bright colors and are handy for jotting down reminders, but there's more to the Post-it than meets the eye. Learn how you can use this standard...
10 Space-Smart Ways to Squeeze In a Home Office
Home offices are a little luxury—one you can afford even in a small space. The key to squeezing a home office into your small space is considering every option: D...
Under $50: 10 Must-Haves for an Organized Desk
For a workspace to work well, it needs to be orderly. Cords, pencils, and paperwork can easily run amok if they’re not corralled. Preserve your sanity. These home...
15 Easy Designs for a DIY Desk
Long gone are the days when desks were reserved for the classroom or the office. Even if you don't work from home, chances are you have a computer there—and need ...
Home Office Ideas to Steal from 9 Creative Companies
Want to work like the creatives do? Sneak a peek inside the offices of the teams behind your favorite apps, retailers, and services and get inspired to refresh yo...
DIY Pallet Desk
What do you get when you mix a designer with a stack of pallets? A pallet desk, apparently. Rob Loukotka, artist/desi...
11 Ways to Keep Your REAL Desktop Organized
We seem to do it all at our desks, from working and paying bills to shopping online and poking around Facebook. So, naturally, keeping desks clear of clutter can ...
11 "Novel" Ways to Design a Home Library
No matter the size and style of your home, incorporating a reading room will give your book lovers a space to curl up and while away a cold winter afternoon.
11 Desk Lamps to Lighten Any Task
Just because a desk lamp needs to be functional doesn’t mean it can’t look good, too. Here are 11 of our favorite "taskmasters."
Planning Guide: Home Office
With more and more people telecommuting to work each day, the home office is no longer a luxury—for many, a productiv...
Design a Green Home Office
As a freelance writer and book author, Linda Mason Hunter spends many hours holed up in her home office. It has all t...
Home Office Wiring Connections
The days of basic phone and electric service are quickly disappearing. Working at home increasingly requires high-spe...
Home Office Power and Equipment Protection
Lightning HazardsSeveral things affect the power that supplies our home offices. First, there’s the obvious: lightnin...
Creating Your Home Office Plan
Evaluate Your Home Office NeedsThe first step in creating a home office plan that works is to evaluate what you plan ...
Childproofing the Home Office
Statistics show that almost 75 percent of Americans have some sort of home office. And as these dedicated work areas ...
5 Things to Do with... Used Books
Does your apartment look more like the stock room at Barnes and Noble? Well, you're not alone: At one point or anothe...
Make Your Own iPad Stand: 10 Cheap and Clever Ideas
Getting the most out of your tablet sometimes means going hands-free, but you don't need to spend another dime!
10 Ingenious Alternatives to a Traditional Home Office
For a home office, you don't always need extra square footage, only creative thinking and a little ingenuity!
10 Tips for Creating a Home Office That Works for You
More and more people are telecommuting, as the benefits of remote work are being seen by companies and employees alike. If your home is where your office is, you ...
6 DIY Standing Desk Projects to Keep You Healthy While You Work
It turns out that sitting is bad for you. Like really, really awful. It's no surprise that a sedentary lifestyle isn'...
Bob Vila Radio: Home Office Storage
If you’re part of the rapidly growing home-based workforce or you’d just like a designated place to pay the bills, he...
Buy or Build: 15 Desks We Love
With each passing year, more and more people work from home at least part of the time. Technology makes telecommuting easier than ever— so the home office is more ...
10 Smart Cord Management Solutions Under $50
The first step to organizing your electronics is recognizing that they need to be organized. Since most of us use our gadgets daily, you might not even think abou...
Bob Vila Radio: Cord Storage
Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing)...
Reviewing Attic Conversion Plans
Bob meets structural engineer Steve Siegel on the attic floor of the Medford, MA home to discuss the owner's desire for an office with cathedral ceilings.
Review of the Home Office Electronics
Bob goes to the third-floor home office to find out about the phone system, the Web-based cam, the wireless networking system, and the Iris scanner, which allows ...
Tour of the Restored Living Quarters
Bob tours the finished restoration of the historic sections of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Tour of Historic Virginia Governor's Office
Bob tours the old governor's office in the Richmond, VA executive mansion.
Tour of the Completed Loft Conversion, Part 2
Collaborating architect Lisa Shire accompanies Bob, as he continues his tour of the completed loft conversion.
Touring a Japanese Garden
Bob tours the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens to get some ideas for the Zen garden the homeowners will be installing in the side y...
Mantelpiece Work
Bob joins restoration contractor Richard Marks in the library of the Federal-Style home to review the restoration of the mantel.
Cutting the Crud on Your Kitchen Cabinets More_clips
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