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How the Historic Hemingway Home Beats the Florida Heat and Humidity
Fans of Ernest Hemingway remember him not only for his classic books, but also for his larger-than-life persona and h...
How Preservationists Are Cooling 7 Historic Landmarks
The summer months can turn charming older homes into hot, sweaty, uncomfortable places. Installing central air would bring relief, but remodeling to accommodate d...
This Company Turns Centuries-Old Barns into Contemporary Homes
As agriculture has morphed into big business and populations have shifted from the countryside to urban centers, timb...
House Tour: A French Castle Rises from Its Ruins
In 2013, Karina and Craig Waters undertook the project of a lifetime: restoring a centuries-old, long-neglected chateau in the south of France.
The Resurrection of a Gloriously Derelict Castle in France
Five years ago, Karina and Craig Waters—a tax accountant and a urologist, respectively, in Perth, Australia—began loo...
An Army of Artisans Descends on a California Craftsman
In La Verne, California, a small, sunny city roughly 30 miles east of Los Angeles, renovation expert Ray Adamyk recen...
Barn Again: Breathing New Life into 11 Old Barns
Converting an old barn into a home makes great use of the original structure's open space and guarantees a new house dripping with vintage country charm. Often, b...
Quick Tip: Ornamental Plaster Reproductions
The lost art of Victorian plaster detailing is making a comeback in a new form. Modern manufacturers are finding ways...
Combining the Old with the New
Restoration, Preservation. Renovation. Rehabilitation. Remodeling. They don't all mean the same thing. But let's cons...
Cut Nails: Hammering Home Authenticity
Cut nails bring a bygone air to wood floors, doors, cabinetry, or fencing. With their heads showing on or above the s...
Manhattan Remodel and Cape Cod Affordable
Profiling New York City and Cape Cod, Bob Vila’s Home Again will show two very different housing projects in the seco...
Adding Custom Moldings
Molding profiles tend to represent eras in building design. As architectural details, they often serve to pinpoint a ...
Historic Home Buying 101
Perhaps you have been searching for several months or even years, and now you have found the perfect home. Your dream...
A Farm Grows in Brooklyn: Visiting the Weeksville Heritage Center
Weeksville’s OriginsBefore the city grid was imposed, a Dutch and Indian trade route called Hunterfly Road meandered ...
Remodeling an Old House: What Should You Keep?
How do you, as a homeowner, translate these various approaches into action? I recommend you begin by establishing wha...
Trending Now: Pineapple Design Motifs
From table lamps to finials, the centuries-old pineapple design motif is enjoying renewed popularity.
Free Pattern Books for Home Restorers
Interpreting historically accurate home design can be confusing, but a new series of free pattern books should help h...
Trending Now: Acanthus Leaf Designs
While its heritage is centuries old, the graceful acanthus leaf remains a fashionable design motif for all time.
Visiting the Newly Renovated Theodore Roosevelt Memorial
After a three-year overhaul, the American Museum of Natural History welcomes the public to its newly restored Theodor...
The Greek Key: 10 Trendy Uses for This Classic Design Motif
If you didn’t know the Greek key motif before, you’re now sure to recognize this geometric pattern in a wealth of home design applications.
Bob Vila Radio: Old Woodwork
If you’re working on a remodeling project that calls for removing old woodwork, here are some tricks from the pros to...
Finca Vigia: Exploring the Hemingway House in Cuba
Hemingway & Gelhorn, which previewed on HBO last night, offers an extraordinary look at the literary careers, pas...
Home from Havana: Finca Vigía & Caritas
My February trip to Havana with the Finca Vigía technical team was a short, three-day visit focused on paper conserva...
Revitalizing the Hemingway Home in Cuba
In 1939, after selling the film rights to his novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway purchased Finca Vigía, ...
Repro Style: Bringing the Past into the Present
For many, living in a historic home—perhaps like the Lightfoot House (pictured above) in Colonial Williamsburg, VA—wo...
Titcomb Cabin Rises from the Ashes
Thanks to the determination of six enterprising coeds at Dartmouth College, a landmark cabin razed by fire was rebuil...
On the Waterfront: Decommissioned Lighthouse Auctions
With the advances in marine navigation systems—radio, satellite, and radar—the need for lighthouses to guide mariners...
When Remodeling Uncovers Hidden Treasures
Ask any seasoned renovator or restoration contractor and they will have at least one good demolition story to tell—no...
Master Bathroom Tub, Tile, and Low-Flow Toilet Installation
In the master bath, Bob reviews the appropriate design choices made by homeowner and contractor Nick Beasley for this period home. A new low-flush toilet is insta...
Finishing Touch: Installing a Vintage Tub in a Child's Bathroom
The unusually shaped room with original beadboard that sits under the roof’s eaves will be adapted from its prior use as a home office to be a child’s bathroom wi...
Tour of the Finished Nursery and Master Bathroom
A peaceful nursery and childproofed home await the baby, and an elegant new master bath and powder room greet family and guests.
Installing a Chair Rail and Restoring a Corner Cupboard
In the dining room, carpenter Bob Ryley installs a chair rail and works with carpenter Danny Ruffini on the glass doors that will be added to the corner cupboard—...
Painting with Historically Accurate Colors
Architectural conservator Brian Powell helps Bob do some detective work to discover the original exterior paint color scheme. They then look at historically appro...
Touring the Shingle Style Naumkeag Historic House
Bob takes us to Stockbridge, MA, to tour Naumkeag, a wonderful example of the grand Shingle Style by architect Stanford White.
Replicating Old Window Moldings and Replacing House Trim and Boards
Experts review the replication of old house moldings and the use of Western Red Cedar for house trim and boards.
Architects' Design for Warehouse Rehab
Bob meets with architectural restoration specialist Jack Beyer who reviews some of the challenges posed by developing a landmark building. It's revealed that this...
Restoration of the Brooklyn Academy of Music
Karen Brooks Hopkins, president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), gives Bob a peek at the restoration of the main building.
Brick Façade Restoration
Bob gets an update on the status of the brick façade restoration. Replacement bricks have been aged and roughed up with a grinder, lending them an antique appeara...
Finishing the Façade & Touring the Completed Apartments
Bob gets a final status update on the restoration of the façade, as the ground-floor commercial storefront undergoes construction and the bluestone steps are laid...
Elm Court's Guest Suites
Bob tours the guest suites at the Elm Court mansion.
New York Brownstone Development & Design
Bob introduces an 1890s Brownstone on New York City's Upper West Side.
Discussing Architectural Plans for the Victorian Restoration
Bob walks with the owner and architect through different rooms on the first floor of the Victorian. Looking over the floor plans, they discuss the changes that w...
Skylight and Gable Window Installation
Bob goes up to the attic of the Victorian project house, where an ODL tubular skylight is being installed. Also, Bob looks back at the installation of windows on ...
Governor's Mansion Tour
Bob and Roxane Gilmore, the erstwhile first lady of Virginia, tour the governor's mansion, and meet preservationist Fred Ecker, who is removing a mantel for resto...
Oak and Herringbone Floor Repair
Bob meets with preservationist Fred Ecker to go over the process of making repairs to the floors.
Restoring the Guest Cottage
Bob checks progress in the basement and attic of the governor's mansion, then visits the guest cottage to see how the restoration is progressing.
Window Sash Restoration
Carpenter Bob Ryley works alongside preservationist Fred Ecker to restore an old window sash.
Progress Report on the Restoration
Architect John Paul Hanbury brings Bob up to date on the progress that's been made on the restoration of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Progress Report on the North Addition
Carpenter Bob Ryley and general contractor Sam Daniel issue a progress report on the construction of the north addition to the Viriginia governor's mansion.
Baseboard Replicas
In the Virginia governor's mansion, Bob and Bob Ryley look at baseboard replicas and inspect how the space behind the baseboard is used.
Hanging Double Doors
Carpenters Bob Ryley and Mike Smith hang double doors at the entrance to the private family living quarters of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Touring the Remodeled Kitchen
Executive Chef Mark Herndon shows Bob around the newly remodeled basement kitchen of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Restoring the Mantel
Carpenter Bob Ryley and Greg Cowan (from Tidewater Restoration) discuss the process of restoring the antique mantelpiece.
Installing the Restored Mantelpiece
Bob returns to the Virginia governor's mansion to see the restored mantelpiece reinstalled in the ballroom.
Tour of the Restored Interior
Bob tours the interior restoration of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Tour of the Restored Living Quarters
Bob tours the finished restoration of the historic sections of the Virginia governor's mansion.
Tour of Boston's Leather District
Bob takes a walking tour of some of Boston's best-preserved antique commercial buildings in the Leather District with architectural historian Brian Pfeiffer.
Overview of the Elmwood Neighborhood Project
Bob offers some history of Providence, RI, particularly of the city's Elmwood neighborhood.
A Retrospective of Restoration Projects in the Elmwood Neighborhood
Bob recaps the entire Elmwood project. It was a community effort involving an array of houses, though great pains were made to adhere to the historic look of the ...
Project Plans and Tour of the Sears Kit House
Bob meets Gavin and Michelle Langley, owners of a vintage Sears kit house, who plan to preserve both the historic and sentimental values of the house. Bob review ...
Wood Floor Repair
Bob and homeowner Gavin repair and refinish a 75-year-old oak floor. Because the new patch floor panels have a different thickness from the original, a belt sande...
Initial Tour
Restoration contractor Richard Marks shows Bob around the elegant, though quite run-down, Federal-style project house.
Federal-Style Home Layout
Bob visits a Federal-style home undergoing reconstruction, and having an addition put on, in Charleston, SC. Restoration contractor Richard Marks guides Bob throu...
Plaster Cornice Reconstruction
Bob surveys the plaster cornice in the project home. Water damage has ruined a large section and much of the remaining plaster needs repair. Bob and restoration c...
Prepping the Home's Exterior
Alongside restoration specialist Richard Marks at the Federal-style home in Charleston, Bob watches painter David Snyder scrape and sand old wood siding.
Mantelpiece Work
Bob joins restoration contractor Richard Marks in the library of the Federal-Style home to review the restoration of the mantel.
Final Tour of the Federal-Style Home
Bob takes a grand tour of the elegantly restored Federal-style project house, focusing on the portico and back façade.
Colonial Kitchen Tour in Nantucket
In search of design ideas, Bob tours a charming Colonial kitchen in a house on Nantucket Island.
Touring the John Quincy Adams House
For inspiration, Bob tours the John Quincy Adams House in Quincy, MA.
Winterizing Wooden Furniture More_clips
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