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This New App Is Designed to Predict Which Reno Projects Will Improve Your Home’s Value
Are you hoping to make some home improvements soon, but don't know what projects will actually increase your home’s v...
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12 Hidden Gems You Didn’t Know You Could Find at Lowe’s
DIY jewelry and decor, whip up frozen treats, and upgrade your home gym with these fun finds.
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The Best Shower Radio to Jump-Start Your Day
A shower radio adds entertainment to your morning routine, whether that comes in the form of must-hear music or your ...
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The Best Home Thermostat for Efficient Heating and Cooling
Thermostats have come a long way from those early models with manual temperature dials that may or may not accurately...
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The Best WiFi Speakers to Complete Your Media Room Setup
WiFi technology uses radio frequencies to send signals from one device to another. Unlike a walkie talkie or cellphon...
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The Best Floor Standing Speakers for Your Media Room
Whether you’re looking to add a speaker or two to a family room for improved sound or you’re planning a media room or...
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18 Home Office Items for Optimal Ergonomics and Productivity
Here’s what you need to work more efficiently from home without wreaking havoc on your health and sanity.
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The Best Sleep Headphones for Restful Sleep Any Time of Day
Many people find that listening to music, mediations, podcasts, or other soothing sounds can help them drift off to s...
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The Best Answering Machines for Your Landline Phone
Answering machines were much more prevalent before the advent of smartphones and voicemail technology, yet they still...
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The Best Attic Antennas for Cord-Cutters
Whether you plan on cutting the cord completely or just want access to local channels, a TV antenna is an affordable ...
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The Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower for Yard Care
Whether you’re making the switch from gas-powered to green or buying your first lawn mower,  battery-powered lawn mow...
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The Best Smart Blinds for Your Connected Home’s Windows
Slowly but surely, more and more of our home operations are becoming automatic—and, with each advancement, life becom...
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The Best Cordless Phones for Your Landline
Compared with cordless phones from the 1990s, today’s cordless phones allow for more mobility and have better signal ...
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The Best Universal Remotes for Your Entertainment Center
As the number of entertainment gadgets in our homes grows, so does the number of remotes. A coffee table full of remo...
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The Best WiFi Extenders for Stronger Connection at Home
If your router isn’t providing the coverage you need, a WiFi extender may be the solution. A WiFi extender, also call...
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3-D TVs and 10 Other Home Tech Fads That Didn’t Last Long
Did you own any of these once-trendy gadgets?
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5 New Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone at Home
When smartphones first hit the market, it seemed as though we had reached the peak of technological advancement. Yet ...
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