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How Much Does Dryer Vent Installation Cost?
Highlights Most dryer vent installations cost between $80 and $1,000 for labor and materials. The length of vent, t...
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The Best Whole-House Fans of 2023
Central air, window air conditioners, and split AC units aren’t the only ways to keep a home comfortable during hotte...
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The Best Dryer Vents
Replacing an old dryer vent may not be high on your list of home repairs, but it’s an issue you shouldn’t ignore. A f...
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The Best Roof Vents for the Home or Shed
Mold and mildew growing and shingles peeling away from the roof: These issues are caused by a poorly ventilated attic...
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The Best Attic Fans of 2023
Many consider attic insulation safe and effective, but direct sun on a roof can radiate heat into the attic space, wh...
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The Best Bathroom Fans of 2023
There’s the potential for structural and surface-level damage if a bathroom isn’t properly ventilated. Excess humidit...
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The Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Ventilation
Your bathroom is the wettest room in your home. Steamy showers, flushing toilets, running sinks, and occasional drips...
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Solved! What Size Bathroom Fan Best Supports Your Space
Q: We recently bought a beautiful old house, but the former owners never installed a vent fan in the bathroom. After ...
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How To: Install a Bathroom Fan
Bathroom fans don’t have to sound like a jet engine to remove enough moist air to keep your bathroom mold- and odor-f...
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Attic Ventilation 101: What Homeowners Need to Know
At first, the idea of ventilating an attic seems a little counterintuitive: You insulate your home to reduce temperat...
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Bob Vila Radio: The Reason for Rafter Vents
Seasonal extremes in temperature put your attic insulation to the test. To get the best performance out of your insul...
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Let Your Attic and Crawl Space Help Improve Home Comfort Year Round
Looking to cut energy costs and improve home comfort? Focus on your heating and cooling systems. While it is imperati...
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How To: Choose a Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Indoor air quality can be problematic at any time of year, but it is especially a concern during the winter months wh...
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Evaluating the HVAC and Plumbing System
Bob meets with HVAC and plumbing contractor Frank Iadarola to review the HVAC and plumbing systems and discuss how to begin the remodeling process.
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Reviewing the Boiler Pipes and Bathroom In-Floor Radiant Heat
Bob and plumbing and heating contractor Frank Iadarola review the air handler and bathroom in-floor radiant heat.
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Reviewing the High-Efficiency HVAC System
Bob reviews the heating and air conditioning equipment that will bring the Shingle Style house into its second century.
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Revising the Landscaping Plan
Bob talks with landscape architect Rick Lamb about revisions to the plan. Bob points out the redesigned parking area and the plan for magically melting the snow.
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Restoring Old Double-Hung Windows using Spring-Loaded Balances
Bob meets with architect Gregory Rochlin and expert carpenter Danny Ruffini to restore old double-hung windows and replace lead sash weights with new spring-loade...
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Placing Windows on a Home's Facade
A double window is installed in the kitchen, which will let in a lot of sunlight and give a view of the back yard.
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Gas Fireplace Installation
The crew from The Ironhouse hooks up with Dan DeMagistris of Heat-N-Glo to install the fireplace.
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Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight
A representative from Owens Corning tells Bob about the architectural shingles that have been selected to replace the old roofing material. And Velux VSE skylight...
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Blower Door Test
Janet MacIlvaine and George James (from the Department of Energy) show Bob how they conduct a blower door test.
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Installing a Gas Fireplace and Refinishing the Hardwood Floor
Joe Murphy installs a direct vent gas-driven fireplace, and Howard Brickman refinishes the hardwood floor.
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Stripping Paint From an Antique Cabinet
Bob works with the homeowners, who are stripping old paint off an antique cabinet. On top of the chemicals used to loosen the paint, they discuss the several safe...
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Plumbing and Electrical Work in the Home Addition
Bob joins Jack O'Leary to review the rough-in plumbing and electrical work, and, together, they install a roof vent.
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Applying Asphalt Roofing Shingles
Roofing contractor Kevin Benjer demonstrates the correct way to apply asphalt roofing shingles and a ridge vent.
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Creating Ducts
Bob goes over the ducting process with carpentry contractor Bob Ryley at the Cape Cod project house.
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