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Bob Vila Radio: Picking the Perfect Wallpaper
If you’re adding wallpaper to your home, be sure to invest time in choosing the right design. After all, you're likel...
Removing Wallpaper—It’s Easier Than You Think!
No homeowner wants to be confronted with ripped-up wall coverings as a day-in, day-out reminder of a job not yet fini...
How To: Remove a Wallpaper Border
We all have those "What was I thinking?" moments, and when it comes to decorating, those mistakes often take the form...
7 Essential Wallpaper Tools Under $20
Now more than ever, homeowners are embracing wallpaper as a renovation-free method of transforming a room. Not least among its virtues is that, unlike some other ...
The Beginner's Guide to Working with Wallpaper
Gone are the days of your grandmother's chintzy wallpaper. Today, a wide range of compelling designs are available, a...
How To: Remove Wallpaper Glue
Removing wallpaper is, in a word, laborious. The process takes a great deal of energy and time. And lo and behold, ev...
7 Reasons to Reconsider Wallpaper
For years, all-white walls and simple one-coat paint jobs have dominated the domestic scene. But move over, neutrals—decorative wallpaper is making a comeback. Li...
Bob Vila Radio: Wallpaper Borders
A wallpapered room has a rich, distinctive look—but hanging wallpaper can be an intense, painstaking job.  You can ad...
Bob Vila Radio: Painting Over Wallpaper
Getting tired of the floral wallpaper in your dining room or the Stewart plaid in the den? If you’re daunted by the p...
How To: Paint Over Wallpaper
Any number of imperfections, from nail holes to degraded plaster, may lurk underneath wallpaper. Another ugly truth: ...
Bob Vila Radio: Wallpaper Prep
Hanging wallpaper can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort for the beautiful effect it can have on a room. As with so...
How To: Hang Wallpaper
Here's how to get a professional look when you hanging wallpaper.  After you line up your pattern, overlap the top an...
Quick Tip: Embossed Wallpaper
There's a revival of the 19th-century embossed wallcoverings Anaglypta and Lincrusta. Anaglypta is a heavy embossed p...
Quick Tip: Using a Wallpaper Pasting Machine
If you have to hang a lot of wallpaper, here's a time-saving way to apply paste. Try a manually operated wallpaper pa...
How To: Wallpaper a Corner
If you've ever hung your own wallpaper, you'll know that no corner is ever perfect. Here's how to solve that problem....
Bob Vila Radio: Removable Wallpaper
Wallpaper brings color, pattern, and texture to a room. A papered room can achieve a sophistication that eludes even ...
Bob Vila Radio: Vintage Wallpaper
Maybe you’re just itching to find a Space Age, geometric wallpaper pattern to complement your green Formica table. Or...
Bob Vila Radio: Wallpaper Remnants DIY
If you’ve ever wallpapered a room, you probably have some leftover pieces lying around. Don’t just throw them out! Wa...
Wallpaper Basics
Wallcovering can be used on walls and ceilings, as well as around windows, doors and baseboards. The wallcovering fam...
10 Wallpaper Options to Trick the Eye
Craving concrete walls, or the look of salvaged wood paneling? We’ve searched high and low for wallpapers that can substitute when your first choice isn’t a possi...
12 "Off the Wall" Places to Put Wallpaper
Before you discard leftover wallpaper, consider using it to decorate bookcases, lampshades, chairs, and more.
How To: Strip Wallpaper
How strong is your relationship with your spouse? Do you want to test it? Spend a weekend stripping wallpaper togethe...
Bob Vila Radio: Wallpaper Removal
There are different techniques for removing every kind of wallpaper, but the tools and preparation are much the same....
DIY Wallpapering
Sizing the Walls Sizing allows you to maneuver the paper into position on the wall without tearing. Sizing also makes...
Toiles Go Contemporary
Historic fabrics known for their scenic depictions now tell more modern tales.
Today's Toile: Artisans Retool a Classic Fabric
Though the word "toiles" conjures up visions of fabric dotted with romantic scenes of maidens, cherubs, pagodas, and ...
Wallpaper and Paint: My “Green” Nursery Challenge
The nursery was 10’ X 11’ with builder-white walls. It was time for it to reflect our baby boy’s personality. Since h...
Touring the Completed Home Interior, Entryway, and Dining Room
Bob tours the front vestibule, highlighting the beautiful stencil work done by artist Kim Sweet. He explains how small touches can bring back the feel of an 1890s...
Tour of the McLellan House in Portland, ME
Bob visits the McLellan House in Portland, ME, part of the Portland Museum of Art.
Victorian-Style Wallpaper
The wallpaper installers, Jim and Tracy Matheson, show Bob how wallpaper is measured, cut, and applied.
Wallpaper Factory Tour
Bob visits a wallpaper factory, where the design, paper-milling, and printing aspects of the wallpaper fabrication process all take place.
Selecting and Hanging Wallpaper
The interior decorating process has begun. Bob receives some tips on selecting and hanging wallpaper.