Pipe Dreams: 10 Inspiring DIY Projects with PVC

While you may have no idea what polyvinyl chloride is, chances are you have some in your home, in the form of PVC pipes. PVC is an inexpensive, hard yet flexible, fire- and water-resistant plastic used for many plumbing projects. It’s also an excellent material for DIY crafters. Made from a combination of plastic and vinyl, PVC pipe is resistant to strong movement (like earthquakes) as well as bacteria, and it's widely available at both big-box and local hardware stores. It comes in different diameters and can be used in its standard white or black shades or painted. Given its awesome properties, if you’re planning a weekend project or small home improvement, consider adapting it to incorporate PVC pipe. Need some inspiration? Here are 10 smart PVC creations to get you on the right track.

Interior Design

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