08:51AM | 09/03/05
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Hi! We're thinking of using Superior Wall for my basement's foundation. Does anyone have any success or nightmare stories on this product. I am wondering if the manufacturer corrected the cracking problem that some people reported.




08:59AM | 04/10/06
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I dont know about Superior walls corporate...I have had to deal with the PA and outher NJ dealer...whew...

I will let you know how well they respond to problems because their dealer is a typical contrator type. The first time we dealt with him, he kept saying "(expletives deleted)sue me, sue me, I'm not fixing anything (that was for incorrect wall heights at the stair entrance)". Now the walls under 4 of the basement windows bulge in 1.5 inches between the concrete studs... We'll see if they do anything about it. I think we will be getting an attorney soon

Bill- New Jersey


04:51PM | 05/20/06
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At our Home (2500Sq ft 2 story, we put in superior walls in Southern NJ. The walls bulge in 1.5 inches between the verticale studs below each basement window. Some other wall sections bulge in as well. I am sure a 1 1/2 inch bulge over 24 inches is bad with concrete but it doesnt leak yet. Superior walls wont come out to look at the problems. They are terrible to deal with


04:54PM | 05/20/06
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The first 5-6 calls, they denied responsibility for our bulging superior walls. Now they just dont answer the phone. We called another Superior walls supplier and they raved about warranty but when I asked what to do if there is a problem and you need to go over the local suppliers head, they hung up...


10:00AM | 08/26/06
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I would like to know if anyone has found out what causes the slight bulging in some sections of Superior Walls and whether it is merely cosmetic or if it represents a structural flaw/problem. If it is a structural flaw that can lead to problems, what is the fix/resolution?


06:04PM | 08/31/06
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Our present is two (2) years old. We used the Superior Wall foundation system and have experiance no problems with it. No Buldges or Cracks.

I think some of the reason's we have experaince no problems are due to 1) Backfilling of the foundation was started and completed once the basement floor and first floor deck were installed. 2) The exterior walls were waterproofed with the Tuff-n-Dry System(System we used has the one (1) insulation/drainboard installed) 3) The footer tiles are wrapped in filter fabric to prevent soil infiltation as well as one foot of 3/4 inch aggregate placed on top of the footer tiles and against the drain, then cover with a filter fabric material to promote postive drainage and reduce hydrostatic pressure against the walls.4) Finally the entire superior walls system rests on top of 12 to 14 inches of compacted No. 3/8 inch and 3/4 inch washed aggregate for postive drainage and reduced hydrostatic pressure under the basement floor and at the base of the foundation walls. The extra expense of waterproofing the walls, wrapping the footer tiles in the filter material and additional compacted aggregate for the footer system has been well worth it.

I would and have recommonded Superior Walls to anyone building a new home.


01:47PM | 09/07/06
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Our install was very similiar afa waterproofing, foundation, use of agregate, fabric and power compression prior to install of the walls. We put the 10 foot basement walls in before the floor tho.... Superior Walls informed me that bulging walls are very common with Superior Walls and that they don't necessarily mean there is a problem. They also are adament that warranty problems are the responsibility of your local rep or cement maker and if they go out of business or refuse to help, you are screwed... There is NO NATIONWIDE WARRANTY. When our local Superior Walls rep cut the lintel above the windows it caused a series of other troubles. I am so glad someone had a good install. Enjoy it


10:16AM | 11/13/06
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calm down and stop looking for problems that aren't there. i have seen bulging from when the form (styrofoam) flexed during production. concrete doesn't stretch. think about it. if you still want to believe you have a major problem, then cut the foam away from the bulge and check for cracks. if there are no cracks, then the bulge is there from production and nothing to worry about.

i am a master builder with no vested interest in superior walls.


10:39AM | 11/13/06
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Would Mcdonalds comne out if one restaurant sold you a bad meal?

if your *site conditions* caused your walls to bulge and not break or leak then the superior system must be very good. there are a lot of factors that can act on a foundation. any lateral movement would be due to site conditions beyond what is considerered to act on a foundation unless your builder alerts the foundation company to extenuating circumstances.

superior walls are engineered to resist typical forces that act on a foundation. the engineering shows that the system will withstand the forces actiong on it better thatn a block foundation. if you have problems now, they would be worse if you used block. of course this is valid as long as the system was installed properly and there were no improper alterations made.

many building type companies do not respond to frantic claims that are obviously unfounded because anything you say can be yused against you in a court of law. the unfortuante fact is if y ou get any case into court, some amount will get paid no mattrer what.

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