09:48PM | 09/17/13
Sounds like you have the wrong typed of flapper installed. If you have a 1.6 gal toilet, make sure you have a flapper rated for 1.6 gal. I had the same problem and it turned out i had a 3.5 gal rated flapper installed in my 1.6 gal toilet. Replaced it and that solved the problem. Hope this helps.


12:33PM | 09/30/13
I had this problem and I solved it by repositioning the refill tube directly above the flapper. As the toilet gets down to where it would normally flush again, the water flow from the refill tube knocks the flapper back down and the second flush does not occur. Not a technical solution, I know, but it makes my wife happy.


04:08PM | 09/30/13
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The water level inside the tank is probably to high and this would cause a double flush as the flapper is being help up by the excessive volume in the tank


If the water entering the Douglas valve over flow tube is excessive pressure this will also keep the flapper up longer then needed


07:27PM | 09/30/13
Water level in tank is too high. Most likely cause if everything else is right.


07:31PM | 09/30/13
Also I've see the fill valve plug up with rust a certain way where it partially blocked the water coming from the bottom of it thus increasing what comes out of the refill tube. You shouldn't need to throttle down the shutoff valve as another poster stated. But sometimes this might be a temporary quick fix.


06:31PM | 11/10/13
Your problem is typical with a low flow toilet that either doesn't have the needed flush chain float or the existing flush chain float is impregnated with water.

The double flush is caused by the initial surge of water through the jet (hole at bottom of toilet) in low flow toilets using up the water in the toilet faster than the water can recover from the water tank. When the water in the toilet is used up, the siphon takes in air (gurgling sound),kills the siphon and the toilet starts filling up again as there is still water in the tank. The second flush occurs due to all the water not being gone from the tank.

You can simply lower the tank shutoff float real low to fix it ....but you risk the possibility of more stoppages than usual as you will not get the maximum toilet jet velocity available. To have your toilet work at maximum efficiency get a chain with a float or replace the existing float and set the tank water to highest water level (gives you max jet velocity) in the tank. What the float does (it is adjustable)is it will shut the tank shutoff stopper with some water still in the tank eliminating the second flush and using very little water.


09:02PM | 11/11/13
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I have 2 questions for you,
1- What brand of toilet are you working on ?
2- Do you live in a single family home or a multi story building ?

Duane Cotton, expert Moderator
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