04:07PM | 01/20/03
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Anyone have any experience/knowledge about Congoleum DuraStone? I'd like to install it in our kitchen and formal dining room, but want to know if there has been any negative experience with this product before I take the plunge. =)


07:44AM | 02/21/03
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We had Durastone professionally installed throughout our first floor. Now the tiles appear to be shrinking leaving gaps between the tiles. We had our installer out to inspect the installation and he brought along a representative for Congoleum who told us the spaces between the tiles are within "acceptable limits". I was told that if you could stick a credit card between the tiles, then you have a problem. I think this is excessive. Not real happy with the product right now.


08:00AM | 02/21/03
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Well, we'd already had the Durastone installed by the time I saw your reply and, I must say, I'm pretty pleased so far. Yes, if you look closely, the seams can be seen, but I guess I expected that from this product. In fact, it's much less obvious than I anticipated.

The one problem we're having is a temporary one. A couple of the pieces aren't glued down properly, so they move vertically when pressure is applied to them...not a big deal, but want the job done right and don't want to catch anything on a corner of one of the pieces, so they're fixing it asap.

Looks great, IMHO, and worth the extra cost over high-quality linoleum squares.

willies all thumbs

10:12AM | 02/21/03
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some gapping can be expected. especally if it was installed during warm weather, now the floor is cool. i have this with azrock commercial 1/8" vct


02:31PM | 02/21/03
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i have seen,but never sold this product, i understand it's made of some kind of rosin mixed with stone dust, the big selling point is it's not cold like ceramic tile, the reason i don't carry it is, it has no trim pieces, plus why pay $6/7 for a fake tile,for the guy with the gaps was the tile in your house 2/3 days before the install? so it could acclimate? if you like the tile and you dont mind the price,then go for it.
I would think it will require an underlayment also ask how they plan to attach to your other floors,(some kind of wood trim?) good luck


04:23AM | 02/22/03
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You're right in that it's some sort of rosin mixed with a limestone dust. If you've seen it advertised for $6-7 plus cost for installation and underlayment, you're getting ripped off, though. I had mine installed for $4.50/tile (16X16) and that included installation and underlayment. Probably didn't hurt that my entire 2500sf home was getting new carpeting and Durastone throughout.

I had it installed in a house we were not living in while renovations occurred, so it actually expanded a bit once we moved in and turned up the heat, but all that happened was the small seams we thought we saw before are even less obvious and the tiles that seemed loose, laid down nicely and haven't been a problem again (yet).


06:42AM | 02/22/03
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Everyone that I have talked to that does not have an issue with the seams has had Durastone installed in the fall or winter. Four houses in our area with installations on 95 degree days have the same issue. I think this might be a clue. It says in the installation instructions that temperature at the time of install is critical. I think it might be more critical than they think.


07:43AM | 09/01/09
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We had DuraStone installed almost 3 years ago. We had two tiles which had some adhesive issues and were replaced withion 6 months of the installation. About two years after the installation we noticed some chipping. Before the end of the three year warranty period we contacted the supplier who sent out an inspector. We found about twenty tiles which were chipped. Most were about 1/16th of an inch wide and 1/4 of an inch long. The photo included is the largest one. The inspector reported that the cause of the chips was due to the users. Mohawk tested a spare piece and concluded that the tile met specifications. The district representative never came out to look at the floor. We are very disappointed with Mohawk's response and lack of ownership of the problem. In this age of quality improvement we would have thought Mohawk would at least have their rep personnally inspect the floor and meet the couple who could abuse the floor so quickly!


07:50AM | 09/01/09
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The prior photo are the typical chips,one in the upper left, one in the center and one in the middle right of the photo. Attached to this post are three larger chips on a single tile near the refrigerator. We also know of another couple with similar problems.

Luckily our supplier is helping us with a floor replacement.

I would not recommend Congoleum DuraStone.


12:19PM | 01/21/13
We enjoyed the floor for the first year or so after installation, but the top layer does cut, and peel if accidental drops are experienced. Some seems are more visable than others and it seems to be weather/humidity related. Adhesive seeping was also a problem early on but has quit. The main complaint is that the areas exposed to direct sunlight have faded and will require replacement. Overall, I would not recommend the product to anyone for their floors except for a small DIY project maybe. Our floor was professionally installed but the flooring place is now out of business........ hmmmmmm......
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