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7 Ways to Avoid Winter's Worst Home Disaster
The big freeze has many homeowners scrambling for insulation and space heaters. But some of the most important areas to examine in the home are the plumbing pipes...
Bob Vila Radio: Why Is the Smoke Alarm Chirping?
Why do you do when there's a smoke alarm chirping in your home, seemingly without provocation? How can you keep that ...
How To: Get Rid of ANYTHING
A new year is a great time to get rid all the junk that is cluttering your home. But some things are easier to dispose of than others. Many charitable organizatio...
Beep, Beep, Beep: Silence Your Malfunctioning Smoke Detector
If there have been nationwide polls conducted to determine what drives homeowners the most crazy, I would bet that be...
Don't Try This at Home: The 7 Most Dangerous DIYs
Owning a home can be very expensive, which is why many savvy homeowners learn to do minor maintenance and repair work themselves, rather than hire a professional....
Bob Vila Radio: Reciprocating Saw Safety
Reciprocating saws—the ones with a motor and a thin, straight blade that juts back and forth—are one of the most usef...
Bob Vila Radio: Circular Saw Safety
Although circular saws are one of the most useful tools you can have in your toolbox, they can also be one of the mos...
Bob Vila Radio: Prevent Scalding Injuries
Scalding injuries are one of the top reasons people show up at emergency rooms with burns. Listen to BOB VILA ON PREV...
11 Home Hazards to Know and Avoid
If you ask most people where they feel the safest, chances are the answer will be in their own home. But home safety depends on a variety of factors, and potentia...
Staying Safe: 5 Home Must-Haves for Storm Emergencies
The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true when it comes to storm emergencies...
Bob Vila Radio: Fire Escape Ladders
Here’s a dismal statistic: According to the Home Safety Council, just 6 percent of U. S. homes have a fire escape lad...
Bob Vila Radio: Long Life Smoke Alarms
It’s not news that every home needs multiple smoke detectors—one for every sleeping area and one for every floor of y...
Bob Vila Radio: Fire Extinguisher Inspection
You know you should test your smoke alarm twice a year, but what about your fire extinguisher? If yours is at the bac...
Bob Vila Radio: Using Fire Extinguishers
You probably wouldn’t think of living in a home without smoke detectors—they are proven lifesavers. But what about fi...
Quick Tip: Safety Glasses
Contemporary safety glasses are much improved. They offer comfort and clear vision as well as protection from flying ...
Quick Tip: Circular Saw Safety
Here's some important safety tips to remember when you're using a circular saw. Remove jewelry and loose clothing fir...
Staying Put: 10+ Improvements to Get Your House Ready for Your Next Age
We’re getting older. Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65—part of a huge shift in America, as 79 million Boomers sta...
Quick Tip: Fire Extinguishers
Whether you live in a palace or a studio apartment, you gotta have a fire extinguisher. While they come types A, B, o...
Quick Tip: Home Lightning Protection Systems
Installing a lightning protection system is not a do-it-yourself project, but it's very important in protecting your ...
Quick Tip: Home Fire Sprinkler Systems
These days, more new homes are being built with sprinkler systems. Here's how they work.  Sprinkler pipes are hooked ...
Bob Vila Radio: Exterior Handrails
Unless your home is at exactly ground level, you probably have a step or two up to your door. High ranches and coloni...
8 Home Hazards—and How to Mitigate Them
More things trouble homeowners than what goes “bump in the night.” Here are eight dangerous problems you'll want to avoid—or swiftly remedy.
The Power Outage Survival Guide
When you're struck by a blackout, brownout, or sudden power surge, follow these tips to safeguard your home's electronics and appliances—and your family—until the...
Band Saw Safety
This is a powerful cutting tool and must be used with proper respect and care. The Saw Table. Keep it clear of debris...
Workshop Safety
Workshop safety consists of more than just wearing proper protective gear. Here are a few other guidelines:Know Thy T...
Fireproof Your Workshop
It hardly needs to be said, but you should of course do everything you can to reduce the risk of fire in you workshop...
How To: Saw Safely
Every time you use a power saw, you put your very own flesh and blood at risk. I've worked with more contractors than...
Childproofing the Kitchen
Many child-safety experts believe that children should be kept out of the kitchen and that no amount of childproofing...
Timers and Sensors for Home Security
Light is one of the key elements to a safe home. Entryways must be lighted to welcome visitors and reassure homeowner...
Electricity in the Modern Home
A home's electrical system is prone to wear and tear. Regular testing and evaluation of receptacles, switches, and br...
Selecting a Child Safety Gate
When a family brings a child into the world, they begin to look at the home through a different set of lenses. Grand ...
Residential Sprinkler Systems
Eighty percent of fire deaths occur in residences, with over 3,000 people dying per year in U. S. house fires. Despit...
Window Blind and Curtain Safety
Since 1991, more than 175 infants and young children have died from accidentally strangling in drapery and window cor...
Pool Fencing for Improved Safety
Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under five in the United States. Most deaths occur in fami...
Childproofing the Bathroom
Bathroom AccessChildproofing a room begins with some common-sense approaches. “So much of it doesn’t cost a cent,” sa...
Child Safety During Home Renovations
Safety is an important consideration in any home renovation, but when children live in a home under reconstruction, k...
Childproofing the Home Office
Statistics show that almost 75 percent of Americans have some sort of home office. And as these dedicated work areas ...
Quick Tip: Boost Child Safety at Home
Childproofing: What Do You Need?Most new parents know they need to take steps to protect their child from household d...
Bob Vila Radio: Fire Drill
You’ve got the smoke alarms and the carbon monoxide detectors, and you change their batteries regularly. But does you...
Bob Vila Radio: Gas Leak
Natural gas is a safe, clean source of home energy, but in the unlikely event of a gas leak, it’s important to know w...
10 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Home Security
If the cost of a high-tech security system is beyond your means, consider these low-cost options to keep your home safe.
Bob Vila Radio: Hearing Protection
If you’re exposed to it long enough, any noise level above eighty-five decibels—like what you’d hear on a busy city s...
Icicles: Charming or Chancy?
I remember that as I child I loved to wake up on wintry mornings to find icicles hanging off the house. I’d check eve...
Bob Vila Radio: Holiday Fire Safety
Did you know that each holiday season in the US, fires cause nearly a billion dollars in damage? Keep your family saf...
Bob Vila Radio: Candle Safety
Fires injure 2,600 people in the US and cause nearly a billion dollars in damage each holiday season. A lot of those ...
Riding Out the Storm
If you are riding out the storm in a single-family home, make sure you have a plan for the worst-case scenario. A blo...
Waiting for Hurricane Sandy
[Editor's Note: At time of posting, Hurricane Sandy is still hundreds of miles off the Atlantic coast and has yet to ...
Hurricane Sandy: Disaster Preparedness
If you are among the estimated 50 million people in the path of Hurricane Sandy, you are hopefully heeding the warnin...
Smoke Detectors for the Design Set
The long arm of design reaches new territory with the advent of designer smoke alarms. Why shouldn’t this safety prod...
9 Ways to Boost Your Fire Preparedness
October is Fire Safety Month, and we've rounded up our top tips to keep your home—and your family—safe and protected.
Bob Vila Radio: Fire Extinguishers
Whether you live in a palace or a studio apartment, at least one fire extinguisher should be standard equiment in you...
Fire Safety Month: Kidde Wireless Interconnected Alarm System
October is Fire Safety Month—so we’re taking a look at some advances in fire preparedness. Since a homeowner only has...
Bob Vila Radio: Fall Safety Check
Fall’s a good time to do a top-to-bottom safety check of your home to protect your family and save big bucks on major...
Bob Vila Radio: Child Safety Gates
Falling down the stairs is so common and so dangerous, if you’ve got a baby in your house, you ought to have safety g...
Bob Vila Radio: Lightning Protection
You’ve heard it said that you’ve got a better chance of being struck by lighting than winning the lottery, and that’s...
Bob Vila Radio: Bee & Wasp Control
Late summer’s when you see ‘em, but now’s not  actually the best time to mess with a bee or wasp nest. The queen esta...
Bob Vila Radio: Electrical Outlet Inspection
Now’s a great time to do a whole-house electrical inspection, and you can do this kind yourself. CM_BVILANOTES-7 Elec...
Quick Tip: Choosing Child Safety Gates
Important Safety Tool If you’re a parent, one of your many important jobs is making your home safe for your child. As...
Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bees
Bob Vila recently contacted me because he had a bee infestation in his attic. I've made several visits to his house s...
Checklist: A Safe and Insurable Yard
To be sure that the outside of your home is safe and insurable, review the exterior for overall safety. Aside from al...
Bob Vila Radio: Childproofing Tips
Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing)...
Bob Vila Radio: Childproofing Gadgets
Every home is different—and children are great at finding different things to get into every day. There’s a childproo...
Childproofing Checklist
One of the most important tasks for new parents is insuring the safety of their child. While the basics are generally...
Preventing Home Accidents
It’s easy to overlook the obvious, especially when you’re busy, distracted or anxious to get something done. But over...
Quick Tip: Snow Blower Safety
'Tis the season for snowblowing, and it’s no joke that hundreds of emergency room visits each winter are caused by un...
Protective Gear
There's nothing hard about wearing safety goggles or earplugs or a respirator when they are needed. The cost for such...
The Basics of Drilling Through Metal More_clips
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