Workshop Planning Checklist

Seven things to consider as you plan out your workshop.


Photo: Flickr

In laying out your workshop, have you considered the following?  Taking these factors into account will help make building your workshop a smooth process.

Existing Utilities. What about the fixed equipment or appliances that encroach upon the perimeter space, such as the furnace, hot-water heater, washer/dryer?

The Workbench. How big is it?

The Table Saw. Is there enough space on all sides for presenting workpieces both for ripping and crosscutting?

Band Saw. You can put its back against the wall, but don’t forget to leave operator space at its front and space on either side for workpieces.

Drill Press. Like the band saw, the drill press can be set out of the way, against the wall. But
you’ll need work space in front for you and for the stock being drilled or shaped.

Jointer, Shaper, and Sander Stations. Each of these needs to have space to approach from and to go to. And operator areas, too.

Assembly Tables. Don’t skimp here. This work can be painstaking; it requires good light and care. Give yourself some elbow room.