DIY Wallpapering

These simple tricks will help make your next wallpapering job go smoothly.



Sizing the Walls
Sizing allows you to maneuver the paper into position on the wall without tearing. Sizing also makes later removal of the paper easier. Sizing is a watery consistency and should be applied with a paint roller and pan. The wall is ready to apply paper when the sizing is dry.

Priming Dark Walls
It is a good idea to prime dark walls if you are using paper with a light background as it will help hide seam misalignments. Use a basic white latex primer or perhaps a primer/sizing mixture.


Planning Your Layout
Start and finish your job in an inconspicuous place. Areas over doors, windows or on wall space that is somewhat hidden are good places to begin. By following this approach you will better hide any misalignment in your strips. Another good idea is to establish vertical guidelines. Hold the roll of paper up where you want to begin and make a mark one half-inch less than the width of the paper. Then use a level or chalk line to create a vertical reference point.

Applying the Paper

  • Begin by lining up the edge of the paper about a half inch inside your reference line. By doing this you are able to hide the line from showing through a seam.
  • Place the roll on the floor and unroll enough to reach the ceiling. Adjust the paper at the ceiling so your pattern matches and mark the paper with a pencil.
  • Measure down from your ceiling mark and mark the distance that the wall is high plus an additional two inches.
  • Make a small cut or mark on the bottom of the paper and fold the paper across.
  • Trim the paper using the fold as a guide.
  • Test your strip for correct fit
  • Measure the second strip by laying the first strip on the ground and using it as a template.
  • Be sure to match your pattern while also leaving some extra at the top and bottom for trimming.
  • Now hang your first piece, cut the third piece, hang the second piece, etc. Avoid cutting a large number of strips at one time unless you are certain your pattern is lining up properly.