The Best Automatic Plant Waterers for Your Container Garden

Don’t be a slave to your container garden—an automatic plant waterer will supply water as needed to keep your plants growing vigorously.

By Glenda Taylor | Updated May 16, 2023 11:37 AM

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The Best Automatic Plant Waterer Options


Because their growing medium can dry out quickly, container plants require frequent watering to remain healthy, especially if the container sits outdoors during hot, dry weather. In small containers—or containers in which many plants compete for available moisture—failing to water at least once or twice per day can weaken plants and lower the chances of producing vegetables or flowers.

Plant waterers distribute water slowly to a plant’s roots. One common method involves attaching a bottle of water to a spike and inserting the spike into the soil near a plant’s roots where it dispenses a slow trickle of water to keep the soil damp but not soggy. Absorbent string “wicks” can suck up water from a bowl or reservoir placed near the plant and slowly transfer the water from the bowl to the soil. With a third method, you fill a bucket fitted with tiny tubes and hang it higher than the plants, so gravity carries water from the bucket to plants in a slow, steady drip.

You don’t have to give up going on vacation just to keep your plants watered. Your container plants can get a steady supply of water even when you’re not there to water them thanks to one of these automatic plant waterers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

The Best Automatic Plant Waterer Option: Blumat Automatic Plant Watering System

Soak the Blumat Classic Automatic Plant Watering Stakes with water, insert them near the plant’s roots, and then put the other ends of the attached silicone tubing into a reservoir such as a bottle or bowl of water. As the coned spikes dry, they draws more water from the bowl through the tubing, dispersing the moisture at the roots of the plant. Depending on how much water the reservoir holds, the Blumat system can keep your plants watered for weeks. Choose from packs of three, six, 12, 48, or 50 cone spikes and water a couple of plants or an extra-large container garden. The stakes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor container gardens.

Runner Up

Best Automatic Plant Waterer: Blazin

With the Remiawy Automatic Plant Watering Stakes, you can keep even a large container watered. The kit comes with four terracotta watering stakes, each of which will support a bottle full of water. Depending on the humidity, temperature, and type of growing medium in the container, a 1-liter bottle will dispense water for up to 10 days. For longer watering, use a larger bottle. Each durable terracotta spike is 7.78 inches long and features a 1.6-inch bottle opening at the top, large enough to accommodate wine bottles or 2-liter soda bottles. For the best results, make sure the spikes are perfectly vertical and that they don’t lean to one side. Refill bottles as necessary.

Also Consider

The Best Automatic Plant Waterer Option: WonderKathy Glass Automatic Plant Watering Globes

If you have plants in a small container to keep tabs on, fill up the WonderKathy Glass Automatic Plant Watering Globes with water, and these adorable glass turtles will dispense just enough moisture to keep the growing mix damp and roots strong. Slow and steady wins the race and keeps your container plants healthy. Each turtle spike is just 8 inches long and holds enough water to keep a small container damp for up to two weeks. The globes also come in a 2-pack of glass frogs, or a 2-pack that contains one frog and one turtle. Use these cute glass watering critters for both outdoor and indoor container plants.