The Best Cabinet Hardware for Drawers and Doors

Swapping out cabinet hardware is a simple project that can net significant aesthetic gains in the kitchen. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Cabinet Hardware Options


Cabinet hardware is like the icing on a cake: These finishing touches on your cabinets and drawers can invigorate the entire kitchen, so don’t skimp on them. Swapping out your knobs and drawer pulls is one of the simplest but most effective ways to change the look and feel of a kitchen without dropping big bucks. The options available online are abundant, and there are many styles to choose from for all budgets.

The best cabinet hardware is functional, comfortable to use, and should complement your kitchen’s style rather than distract from it. Yes, you can be creative and have some fun as you are making your hardware selections, but do so wisely and be mindful of the look you’re going for in the kitchen. For example, polished chrome pulls on rustic reclaimed oak cabinetry might look a little odd, whereas hand-forged, cast-iron pulls would be just right.

Our Top Picks

When shopping for cabinet hardware for the kitchen, think about how many times you’ll be grabbing or pulling this hardware; you need to make sure you like it. Traditionally, knobs go on cabinet doors and pulls go on drawer fronts, but there are no hard and fast rules. Feel free to experiment.

When shopping for new cabinet hardware online, order a sample of the hardware you have your eye on so you can test it before investing in an entire set. Also, keep in mind that the mounting posts on drawer pulls come in various spacings, often described as “hole centers.” To determine the correct spacing, remove an existing pull from your cabinet and carefully measure the distance from the center of one hole to the center of the second hole.

The following knobs and pulls are tops in their class, and one could very well end up being the best cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

Best Overall

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Franklin Brass Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Knob

The classic good looks of these Franklin Brass cabinet knobs will give your cabinets a fresh, updated look. The slightly flared, square knobs are 1.15 inches wide and extend 1.02 inches from the cabinet door’s face when installed. They come in various finishes, such as satin nickel and matte black, to match standard appliance and faucet tones.

The knobs are made from durable, die-cast zinc and feature a subtle step-edge at the base that adds just a hint of visual texture. Whether your kitchen’s style is traditional, country, casual or something more modern, these knobs will make for a handsome update. One order includes 10 knobs, plus the screws required to install them.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Ilyapa Flat Black 1-1 4-Inch Round Drawer Handles

You don’t have to spend a lot to update the kitchen with these 1.25-inch round knobs from Ilyapa. When installed, they extend just 1 inch from the front of the cabinet. There are a number of style and color variations available for this knob. They are available with a smooth surface or a ringed pattern; shaped as beveled squares or discs; and in flat, satin, oil-rubbed, and additional finishes.

Another benefit of these Ilyapa knobs is that they come with breakaway mounting screws, allowing the user to install the knobs on cabinet doors up to 1.5 inches thick. These affordable metal knobs are shipped individually wrapped to reduce the risk of scratching during shipment. They’re available in packs of 5, 10, and 25, depending on the style chosen.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Dynasty Hardware Cabinet Hardware, Antique Copper

To incorporate a copper aesthetic into the kitchen, consider these understated knobs from Dynasty Hardware. Made from zinc alloy for durability with an antique copper finish, the round knobs measure 1.375 inches in diameter and extend 1 inch from the cabinet door’s face. Though simple, the stepped base and classic ringed design on the surface add visual appeal.

The knobs are sold individually or in sets of 10 or 25 to suit individual needs. They come with the screws required for installation and will fit cabinet doors up to 1.125 inches thick.

Best Pull Handles

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Goldenwarm Black Square Bar Cabinet Pull Drawer

Add bold flair to a modern kitchen with Goldenwarm’s square bar cabinet pulls, which are made from high-quality, anticorrosive stainless steel. These sleek, black bar pulls are just the thing to complement contemporary kitchen decor, and their clean geometric shape is appropriate for flat-surface cabinet doors and drawer fronts alike.

What’s nice about these pulls from Goldenwarm is that they’re available in a range of hole-center measurements, from 3-inch centers up to 18-inch centers, so there’s bound to be a set that’s sized for your needs. The larger bars can even double as kitchen towel bars.

Best Knob Handles

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Cosmas Traditional Round Cabinet Hardware Knobs

The muted satin nickel finish on these round cabinet knobs by Cosmas is a fine match to modern kitchens’ stainless steel appliances and fixtures. The knobs are 1.25 inches in diameter and extend 1.125 inches from the cabinet front. They feature a gentle convex surface and small step base, making for a simple, elegant finish for your cabinets. Each knob comes in a plastic bag to reduce scratching during shipment, and one order includes 25 satin nickel knobs.

These Cosmas knobs are versatile and will look just as sharp in a bathroom as they would in a kitchen. They come packaged with the screws required for installation.

Best Modern

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Cosmas Polished Chrome Cabinet Hardware Euro Style

Add a bit of brilliance to your cabinets with these trendy, Euro-styled, polished chrome cabinet pulls from Cosmas. These glistening bars catch and reflect the light, giving the kitchen a chic, upscale look.

Each pull measures a substantial 5.375 inches long but fits a standard 3-inch hole center. The pulls extend 1.375 inches from the cabinet’s face and are suitable for installation on both drawers and doors. Each piece of hardware comes individually wrapped to protect its finish, and the screws needed for installation are included. One order consists of 10 pulls.

Best Contemporary

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Franklin Brass Pierce Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Pull

The curved bar on the Franklin Brass Pierce drawer pulls will add contemporary appeal to your kitchen. What’s more, the curved design gives your fingers extra room to properly grip the pulls. They are made from strong zinc alloy and are available in various finishes to complement common appliances and faucets. Get them in the satin nickel finish to beautifully complement kitchens with stainless steel appliances.

The pulls are 5.375 inches in length from end to end, installed on 4-inch hole centers, and extend 1.1 inches from the cabinet face. Sold in sets of 10 and individually wrapped for protection, these pulls come with all the hardware you need to install them.

Best Farmhouse

The Best Cabinet Hardware Option: Cosmas Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware Bin Cup

You can almost hear the rooster crow. These oil-rubbed bronze bin cup drawer pulls by Cosmas hearken back to our forefathers’ turn-of-the-20th-century country kitchens. This time-honored style’s rustic appeal adds farmhouse allure and bucolic charm to traditional and historic-style kitchens. The deep richness of the oil-rubbed bronze finish is reminiscent of the softly aged look of yesteryear’s real bronze pulls.

The cup-style pulls, designed for installation on drawer fronts with the open side facing downward, measure 3.5 inches from side to side and extend 1 inch out from the cabinet face. They come individually wrapped in a pack of 10 and install on 3-inch hole centers.