The Best Candle Lighters for Your Collection

The best candle lighters can quickly light up any space and protect tender fingertips in the process.

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The Best Candle Lighter Option


Few moments are more frustrating than reaching down to the bottom of a deep candle to light the wick, only to wind up with burned fingers and no candlelight—unless it’s the flare of charcoal igniting while tender hands are just a bit too close. Ouch!

The best candle lighters can solve this troublesome and even painful issue. You’ll want to select a product that is well-suited for your particular needs; however, the best candle lighters have certain features in common. First, the design typically incorporates safety with a long neck, sometimes one that bends for hard-to-reach wicks. This feature also speaks to ease of use since the best candle lighters require very little tinkering with reach or angle in order to be effective. Some of the best candle lighters are incredibly versatile in that they can light up any item from a small candle to even a barbecue grill. Durability matters as well—for instance, candle lighters that are powered by butane or another fuel usually last for a very long time, as do the plasma arc lighters that can last for hundreds of ignitions on one USB charge.

When it comes to cost, expect a plasma arc lighter to be more expensive than a traditional candle lighter, as it’s a dedicated lighter for more frequent use. If you simply want a bit of convenience from time to time when lighting a candle, even a cheaper disposable version will be effective.

Our Top Picks

In choosing the picks for some of the best candle lighters on the market, a variety of the above mentioned points were considered, including safety, flexibility, ease of use, versatility, cost, and more. Here are the products that rose to the top.

Best Overall

The Best Candle Lighter Options: RONXS Lighter, Upgraded Candle Lighter

This sleek, rechargeable candle lighter from RONXS features a long handle and a flexible neck that reaches into even the deepest candles and barbecue grills for easy lighting with no risk of being burned by the flame. The electric pulse provides 600 uses on a full charge, with five LED lights showing how much of a charge the lighter still holds. That charge is made easy with a convenient USB charging cable. The 4-inch neck can rotate 360 degrees for reaching into tight spaces. The specially designed handle, easy to hold with a nonslip grip, also includes a safety switch for more peace of mind.

The lighter is lightweight and well-suited for inclement weather, thanks to the splash-proof and wind-resistant design. As an added bonus, this candle lighter makes less noise than the competition, so there’s no interruption of the quiet ambience of enjoying candles during a dark and stormy night. With a full length of just under 10 inches, this versatile lighter is available in black and red.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Candle Lighter Options: 3 Pack King BKOU172 Multi Utility Lighter

Quite affordable and easy to use, this three-pack of candle lighters from KING is ideal for infrequent use, especially if you don’t want the hassle of continually recharging a lighter with a USB charger or purchasing butane refills. Check the fuel supply at a glance with the clear window in the handle. While the lighting source on this candle lighter is an adjustable flame, it is not a torch-style, so expect to hold it close to the item you’re lighting; this can be difficult for candles with short, deep wicks but easier for lighting barbecue grills or campfires.

This lighter’s safety feature requires holding down the trigger to keep the flame lit. It doesn’t allow for refills and can be easily recycled with other plastics once it’s empty. At this price, this three-pack is a solid option when you need a lighter close at hand around the house.

Best Upgrade

The Best Candle Lighter Options: Zippo Candle Lighters

This aluminum candle lighter carries the Zippo name, made famous by the handheld lighters popular for decades. It is made of high-grade aluminum and takes old-school Zippo premium butane, which allows for years of refills. The patented child-resistant safety button and soft-touch ignition system lend peace of mind to this user-friendly model. Hold the ignition button down for a steady flame. However, keep in mind that the ignition switch on this lighter can be difficult to use and maintain for individuals who have limited hand strength.

Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, both filled or unfilled, this candle lighter features a torch-style flame that extends the reach to light items from campfires and barbecue grills to fireplaces and candles; however, some users might find the flame too large and powerful for lighting candles around the house.

Best for Outdoor Use

The Best Candle Lighter Options: VEHHE Candle Lighter, Electric Rechargeable Arc

While many candle lighters are suitable for protected areas, such as inside a home or a covered area like a barbecue grill, it takes a lighter built to withstand the elements for true outdoor use time and time again. This electric, rechargeable arc lighter from VEHHE is designed with a long, flexible neck for easier lighting of campfires and outdoor stoves and boasts a powerful windproof design that will light the item without the flame going out. It’s available in five colors and includes a convenient USB charging cable.

A safety lock design keeps this candle lighter safe around children, while an overheat protection function ensures no danger from the plasma arc. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery promises a long life. Five LED lights along the barrel indicate the charge remaining in this almost 11-inch model. Though this lighter is intended for outdoor use, keep it out of direct sunlight to help ensure the safety of the lithium-ion battery.

Most Versatile Pick

The Best Candle Lighter Options: TLWTCT Butane Jet Flame Torch Lighter

Ideal for lighting fireplaces indoors and for a variety of camping needs outdoors, this torch-style lighter from TLWTCT features a significant flame fueled by butane. This refillable lighter is over 11 inches in length and provides a flexible neck to ensure safety by allowing for plenty of space between your hands and a powerful flame.

The windproof design of this candle lighter makes it easier to use in outdoor situations. A fuel knob adjustment helps ensure the appropriate level of flame for every situation, so it can adjust from a barbecue grill lighter to a fireplace lighter to a candle lighter with one twist. A hole in the handle permits hanging for easy storage. With a soft handle, safety ignition switch, and 360 degrees of flexibility, this is a candle lighter for all occasions and built to last.

Also Consider

The Best Candle Lighter Options: Bic Multi-purpose Lighter, Classic & Flex Wand

This four-pack of candle lighters carries the storied BIC name: a company in the business of making lighters for over 40 years. This set features two types of candle lighter: three with a shorter, straight neck and one with a flexible neck for hard-to-reach places. Both types of lighters are child-resistant and have passed over 50 individual quality and safety inspections, so you can be confident they will do the job and do it safely.

The lighters come loaded with fuel, so they’re ready to use right out of the package; however, they are not refillable, so plan to recycle them when the flame runs out. The durable metal wand can grow hot if the flame is held for too long, so use caution when lighting a difficult wick or barbecue grill. A retractable hook makes it convenient to store these lighters.