The Best Desk Fan for Your Home Office

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The Best Desk Fan Options


Having a desk fan in your office is a great way to increase the air circulation in a limited space, ensuring that you aren’t just breathing the same stagnant air as you toil away. The computer and any electronic accessories in your office produce heat while operating, which can send the temperature soaring and make you feel like you are sitting in a dry sauna. A desk fan, which may be small in size, is powerful enough to circulate a sufficient amount of cold air to combat stuffiness and higher temperatures in your home office.

When you are looking for the best desk fan for your individual setup, you will want to consider a few important features, including size, weight, portability, power source, and directional abilities. For instance, if you have a relatively small desk or you don’t have much room to spare among your other desktop features, then you need to be sure that the desk fan you get is small enough to fit or if it can be clipped to the side to save you some much-needed space.

If a desk fan has a cord, your desk will need to be organized so you can plug the fan into a power outlet. However, more portable designs can operate with a battery alone or they feature a USB compatible rechargeable battery, so you only need to connect it to a computer, power bank, or other USB adapters to get your fan moving again. Also, keep in mind where and how the desk fan turns. Some models only face a single direction, forcing you to move and adjust the entire unit, but most will have some directional ability like a rotatable base or oscillating modes.

Our Top Picks

Remember that a desk fan is only useful if you have space and power source available to run the fan without impeding your work, so look for fans with an acceptable size, weight, set up requirements, and portability. In addition, the products below were chosen for quality, price, and customer satisfaction to help you find the best desk fan for your home office.

Best Overall


For those looking to add a desk fan to their home office, but don’t want to worry about cords, the EasyAcc Rechargeable Portable Desk Fan charges in just four hours with the included USB cable and a powered USB port or adapter. The battery lets the fan operate for 10 hours on the lowest setting or for four hours on the highest setting before it needs to be recharged. The compact design will fit comfortably in most workstations, weighing only half a pound and measuring 8 inches by 5.6 inches by 1.7 inches.

The simple, picture-frame design of this desk fan sits on a weighted base, rotating 160 degrees for optimal wind angle adjustment. The base also allows you to hang the fan from a wall if it takes up too much space on your desk. With this fan, you won’t have to worry about having a ‘too low’ and ‘too high’ speed setting, because the fan’s speed is fully adjustable with a single power knob you can turn clockwise for more speed and counterclockwise for less speed.

Runner Up

The Best Desk Fan Option: O2Cool Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Battery Fan

The O2Cool Treva Portable Desktop Air Circulation Fan weighs only 2.3 pounds and measures 4 inches by 13 inches by 12 inches, giving you the space you need on your desk while keeping you cool and refreshed with a powerful 10-inch blade. The desk fan comes with two different speed settings (low and high) that you control with a slide switch located on the fan’s side. These two settings allow you to select the airflow that you want so that you aren’t blasted with powerful air first thing in the morning or greeted with subpar airflow when you need to cool down.

While the fan does not have an adjustable head or multi-directional capabilities, it is slim enough for the entire body to be easily turned in any direction you choose. This desk fan can be powered with six D-cell batteries for portable, cordless operation, though it should be mentioned that the batteries are not included. However, because the fan has dual power source options, a 4.9-foot AC adapter cable does come with the fan, giving you the ability to simply plug it in if the batteries run out, or if your home office set-up is better equipped for a corded desk fan.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Desk Fan Option: Vornado VFAN Mini Classic Personal Vintage Fan

The vintage look of this desk fan will instantly recall the fan designs of your youth with a few major differences that make it worth the premium price for the classic appearance and modern efficiency. The Vornado Mini Classic Personal Vintage Desk Fan uses its signature air circulation system to direct air to the most efficient parts of the propeller blades. The air is then pushed through to the dual injector cones, causing it to spiral when exiting the fan. The spiral pattern of the airflow gives the fan a further reach than other fans without increasing the size or power output.

The 3.5-pound desk fan is powered with a 6-foot power cord and measures just 5.7 inches by 7.1 inches by 8.3 inches, giving you more than enough space to get your work done while staying cool. With two speed settings, you control whether you need more or less airflow, while the adjustable head allows you to change the direction of the airflow with a simple vertical tilt. However, horizontal changes need to be made by moving the entire body of the fan.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Desk Fan Option: HOLMES Heritage 4-inch Mini USB Desk Fan

The Holmes Heritage Mini USB Desk Fan comes to you at a low price and looks great in an office setting, with a timeless, antique look that adds a touch of class to your desk. You can easily clean the fan blades by removing the brushed copper screen. It only has one speed setting that you control with a simple on/off slide switch located on the fan’s side. However, this makes using the fan a lot easier than those with more options because you always know what airflow you will get from the 4-inch blades.

The fan can be vertically adjusted with an easy-to-use tilt setting so you get directional airflow where you need it, though horizontal adjustments will need to be done with the base of the fan. At just 0.9 pounds and measuring 4.1 inches by 4.2 inches by 6.1 inches, this compact, lightweight fan is ideal for your desk. It plugs directly into a USB port, allowing it to get power from your computer, charger bank, or a wall outlet if you have a USB adapter plug.

Best Cordless

The Best Desk Fan Option: OPOLAR D-Cell Battery Operated Desk Fan

This portable desk fan comes with an anti-slip handle to carry it with you when you go to the office or while working at your home office. It uses D-cell batteries, with a runtime between 14 to 214 hours depending on the speed setting, and a USB cord, so you never run out of power. The three-speed settings give you advanced control over the fan’s airflow, making it easier to keep cool without worrying about blowing any important notes or papers off your desk.

The OPOLAR D-Cell Battery Operated Desk Fan weighs only 0.73 pounds and measures 7.1 inches by 9.6 inches by 2.9 inches, putting it around the same size as a small picture frame. The fan sits in a stationary hard plastic frame but it can rotate up to 180-degrees for optimal control over the direction of the air. This fan also has a unique timer feature that isn’t common with desk fans. It lets you set the fan to one, three, or five hours of operation, giving you the convenience to set it and forget it, instead of having to remember whether the fan is off when you leave your workspace.

Best Oscillating

The Best Desk Fan Option: Woozoo Compact Oscillating Circulating Fan

Finding an oscillating desk fan isn’t easy because the gears’ size often increases the size of the fan until it is no longer suitable for your desk. Still, the Woozoo Compact Oscillating Desk Fan measures less than one cubed foot at just 8.7 inches by 8 inches by 11.9 inches, making it ideal for your office space. The fan can oscillate left and right like an ordinary standing fan or room fan, and it can also tilt into six different vertical settings for customized control over the direction of the airflow.

With three different airspeeds, you can decide whether you want the near-silent low operation that’s perfect for staying cool during Skype or Zoom meetings, or the medium or high settings that increase the noise, but rapidly decrease your heat. The fan weighs only 4.4 pounds and has a built-in handle for simple, safe transportation. It also uses a 5.2-foot long power cord to keep your fan constantly supplied with power and running as long as you need it.

Best Clip-On

The Best Desk Fan Option: Genesis 6-Inch Clip Convertible Table-Top & Clip Fan

If you need to save some space on your desk or just like the clip-on design concept, the Genesis Clip Convertible Desk Fan is perfect for your home office. The strong, durable clip is easy to put on a lip or edge. However, the structure must be between 1.06 and 1.65 inches thick. Otherwise, the clip does not fit properly, and the fan could slide off, or the clip could be damaged.

If you measure your desk’s edge and this fan won’t fit, don’t give up yet. At only two pounds and measuring 5 inches by 6 inches by 10 inches, this fan comes with an alternate base that can sit comfortably on your desk without taking up too much space. The fan can be set between two different speeds for high or low output and has an adjustable head to customize the direction of the airflow. With a reasonable price and clean design, this desk fan will fit perfectly with almost any office decor.