The Best Dishwashing Gloves for After-Dinner Cleanup

The best dishwashing gloves allow you to protect your hands while scrubbing the dishes after mealtime or anytime.

By Jenn Ryan | Updated Jan 4, 2021 2:27 PM

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The Best Dishwashing Gloves Options


Dishwashing gloves are a lifesaver when it comes to after-dinner cleanup, especially when you want to protect your hands from irritation due to too much exposure to water and powerful dish soaps. Having a sturdy yet comfortable pair of dishwashing gloves can help you better grip and wash the dishes while keeping grease, food, and spices away from your hands. Dishwashing gloves also allow you to use hotter water to better clean your dishes. And, with your hands protected, you won’t be afraid to tackle and properly clean even the grimiest cookware.

This guide features a selection of latex-free dishwashing gloves as well as long-sleeve options, so you can get some serious scrubbing done without making your hands and forearms look like you just spent hours immersed in soapy water cleaning dirty dishes. Below are some of the best dishwashing gloves to keep your hands neat and dry while getting the dishes sparkling clean.

Our Top Picks

The top picks offer a wide variety of dishwashing gloves with different features that make them functional, comfortable, and efficient. From gloves with excellent grippers to ones that contain touch-screen-friendly fingertips, these are some of the best dishwashing gloves to go with your drying rack and kitchen cleaning station.

Best Overall

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: LANON Wahoo PVC Household Cleaning Gloves

These dishwashing gloves from LANON Protection are latex-free, waterproof, and even allow you to use your smartphone with their touch-screen-friendly fingertips, so you can check your phone without taking off your gloves. The gloves are available in small, medium, and large, and you can fold up the ends into cuffs for extra drip protection.

If you are fashion-conscious about your kitchen wear, a downside to these gloves is that you aren’t able to choose the color—they come in a standard light purple called Mauve Mist. However, you do have the option to choose a single pair of gloves or a three-pair pack. They’re also lined with absorbent cotton, which makes them easy to put on and take off but keeps your hands dry and warm while washing dishes.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Casabella Premium Waterblock Cleaning Gloves

While these gloves from Casabella aren’t latex-free, they are lined with cotton. These affordable gloves are durable enough for daily use and feature an embossed texture to make gripping dishes easier. While they’re sturdy, they aren’t stiff or tight and are contoured for a comfortable fit. The longer fit makes them ideal for reaching into soapy water for dishes, but you can also fold over the ends to make cuffs or to shorten their length.

These gloves are also designed to be simple to put on and take off. They are available as a single pair, and while you can’t choose the color (pink is the only option), you can choose the appropriate size for your hands.

Best Long Sleeve

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves

If you need extra-long dishwashing gloves, these long-sleeve, natural rubber cleaning gloves from YSLON are available in a three-pair pack, so you always have a set on hand. While they will protect your hands from the water itself, they aren’t insulated with a cotton lining, so your hands will still feel the effects of very hot or very cold temperatures when washing dishes.

The gloves offer a textured surface for gripping and a ribbed cuff, which helps the gloves both stay on your forearms and prevents water from running down your arms as you do dishes. You also have the option to cuff the end of the gloves for extra protection.

Best Latex-Free

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves

These latex-free gloves from Elgood are made of PVC and lined for comfort and protection against hot water temperatures. They also boast a granule design in the palms and fingers to help facilitate better gripping and are BPA-free and phthalate-free. Comfortable, durable, and flexible, these gloves are easy to put on and take off and are an alternative if you can’t wear latex due to an allergy or sensitive skin.

You have the option to cuff the ends of the gloves or leave them uncuffed, although cuffs can help prevent water from dripping down your arms when you’re washing a lot of dishes. Although you can’t choose your color, as they are only available in blue and purple, the pack of two gloves offers variety. It also gives you an extra pair for another sink in your home.

Best Multipack

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: Vgo 10-Pairs Reusable Household Gloves

If you need multiple pairs or just want to stock up, this 10-pair pack of dishwashing gloves from Vgo is a convenient bulk purchase. Thick yet flexible and made of natural rubber, the gloves feature an embossed palm that helps you better grip dishes, and they protect your hands from water temperatures ranging from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

While you can’t choose the color (yellow comes standard), you can choose the size, from small to extra large. They also feature longer sleeves to protect your forearms when washing dishes and a rolled cuff for keeping out water. The downside to these dishwashing gloves is that the rubber odor can be a bit strong at first, but it typically goes away after a few uses.

Best for Scrubbing

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: ThxToms Dishwashing Gloves

If you’re looking for dishwashing gloves that have scrubbing abilities, these gloves from ThxToms are an excellent option. The palms and fingers of each glove contain silicone bristles, which turn your hands and fingers into scrubbers, making it easy to reach tight spaces as you wash dishes. They’re also heat resistant, so you can boil the gloves to sterilize them without damage.

The gloves are also double-sided; if you want to avoid using the silicone bristles, you can simply turn them the other way. You can also choose the color—they’re available in gray, red, pink, teal, and yellow. However, two potential downsides to these dishwashing gloves are that they tend to be oversize and can make some dishes, such as ceramics, more slippery when wet.

Best for Cold Water

The Best Dishwashing Gloves Option: KINGFINGER Rubber Latex Waterproof Dishwashing Gloves

If you frequently use cold water to wash dishes, these thick-lined, waterproof gloves from Kingfisher will help keep your hands warm. Available in a two-pair pack of pink and blue gloves, they’re made with latex-free vinyl and are easy to put on and take off. The gloves also feature a long, waterproof cuff that extends the glove nearly to the elbow on most people and can be folded to prevent water drips as well. They provide an anti-slip texture to help you properly grip and wash dishes.

Along with shielding your hands from cold water, the flock lining also helps protect from hot water, keeping hands clean, dry, and comfortable while washing dishes. One downside to these dishwashing gloves is that you aren’t able to choose the featured print on the cuff of each glove.