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Here’s Exactly Who to Call for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged dryer vents are a major fire hazard. If it’s been over a year since this chore has been completed, it’s a good idea to find out who cleans dryer vents as soon as possible.
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Inspection of an Underground Dryer Vent by a Professional, Exemplifying Who Cleans Dryer Vents in Complex Situations

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Q: The past few times I’ve put a load of clothes through a drying cycle, I’ve noticed a burning smell. My clothes also aren’t getting as dry as they used to. Do I need to have my dryer vent cleaned? If so, who cleans dryer vents? 

A: A burning smell and clothes that don’t get fully dry are two signs that it’s time to have the dryer vent cleaned out. When it comes to who cleans dryer vents, it’s best to call professional dryer vent cleaners. While it’s possible to do a simple DIY cleaning between appointments, regular professional maintenance is still recommended for a more thorough cleaning. One of the best dryer vent cleaning services, such as Stanley Steemer, can tackle this project in no time and at a reasonable cost. Homeowners can find out more about how a dryer vent cleaning service can help, how to clean a dryer vent, how often dryer vents need to be cleaned, and what benefits are gained from regular maintenance.

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Maybe it's time to call a pro. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from dryer vent cleaning services near you.

For the most thorough cleaning, it’s a good idea to hire a dryer vent cleaning service.  

In general, the best place to look for a thorough dryer vent cleaning is a dryer vent cleaning service. These professionals will have heavy-duty tools that can clear out dryer vents quickly and thoroughly. Some cleaning services use compressed air tools to blow out lint and debris from the dryer vent, which helps dislodge and push out trapped particles that might not be reachable by brushes alone. They might use various access tools to reach and clean the vent from the exterior and interior, ensuring that the entire length of the vent is properly cleaned. They may even use lint traps and collection devices to catch and collect lint and debris removed from the vent, preventing it from spreading or entering the surrounding area during the cleaning process.

Professional Who Cleans Dryer Vents Replacing a Flexible Dryer Vent Tube from the Wall Vent

If needed, homeowners may be able to give their dryer vents a cursory clean between professional services. 

While professional dryer vent cleaning is always recommended, homeowners whose vents clog frequently may wish to do some additional maintenance in between appointments. With just a few dryer vent cleaning tools and a little bit of elbow grease, it’s possible for homeowners to give their vents a quick vacuum. All that is needed is a screwdriver, a vacuum with a hose attachment, or one of the best dryer vent cleaning kits to get the job done. Once the tools have been gathered, homeowners can learn how to clean a dryer vent by:

  • Turning off the dryer: This will serve as a safety precaution against shocks or electrocution.
  • Moving it away from the wall: After doing so, it will be possible to access the dryer vent opening.
  • Detaching the vent: This can be done by using a screwdriver to unscrew the clamps that secure the vent to the wall.
  • Vacuuming the vent: Homeowners can use a shop vac or the hose attachment on a household vacuum cleaner to reach deeper into the vent. Some homeowners also use a leaf blower for this task.
  • Reconnecting the dryer vent hose: The clamps that were previously unscrewed will need to be screwed back into the wall.
  • Turning on the dryer: It’s a good idea to inspect the vent area with the dryer running to ensure that everything has been put back into place correctly.
  • Cleaning the surrounding area: The cleaning process likely created a mess around the dryer area, so vacuuming up any leftover debris will prevent it from reclogging the vent.

Cleaning dryer vents in between professional services will further reduce the risk of fire and may even cut down on the cost of dryer vent cleaning when the time comes to hire a pro.

However, if there are any challenges or if the vent appears overly clogged, it might be best to contact a professional right away for assistance. A professional dryer vent cleaner will be able to achieve a more thorough clean than is possible with DIY methods. Additionally, DIY dryer vent cleaning carries a risk of damaging the vent system since homeowners do not have the same tools and equipment as a vent cleaning professional. For those who are uncomfortable performing this task themselves, a professional dryer vent cleaning service can efficiently and safely clean the vent.

The Process of Cleaning a Dryer Vent Slot, Showcasing How Professionals Who Clean Dryer Vents Work

However, professionals will be best equipped to deal with challenges such as hard-to-reach dryer vents and stubborn clogs. 

While an everyday vacuum with a hose attachment may be sufficient for quickly cleaning dryer vent pipes, some dryer vents may be complex in design or situated in challenging locations that are difficult for a homeowner to access. Professional cleaners have the tools and techniques to navigate through these intricacies and reach areas that might be inaccessible or hard to clean using standard DIY methods. Because these are often professionals who install dryer vents as well as maintain them, they understand these systems inside and out. They’ll also often use advanced inspection tools such as video cameras to detect blockages, damages, or potential issues within the vent system, which allows them to accurately diagnose the problem and apply the appropriate solutions.

Beyond cleaning, a dryer vent and dryer cleaning service can offer advice on preventive maintenance to avoid future issues with the dryer vent. These pros will even be able to tell when it’s time to repair the current dryer vent or replace it with one of the best dryer vents. This guidance can help homeowners maintain the vent system’s efficiency and safety in the long term.

Need a helping hand?
Maybe it's time to call a pro. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from dryer vent cleaning services near you.

It’s recommended that dryer vents be cleaned at least once per year to reduce the risk of fires and keep the dryer operating at maximum efficiency. 

Because lint is highly flammable, lint accumulation in dryer vents is a significant fire hazard. When it accumulates in the vent over time, it can be ignited by the heat of the dryer. Regular cleaning minimizes the risk of lint buildup, reducing the chances of a dryer-related fire. Whether a home has an outdoor or indoor dryer vent, an annual cleaning also helps keep the dryer in good working order so that its efficiency doesn’t wane over time. A clogged dryer vent can also impact indoor air quality. When the vent is blocked, it may cause moisture and contaminants to linger in the laundry area. Annual cleaning will ensure that fumes and dust particles are vented out of the home.

Professional Inspecting a Dryer Vent Tube, Demonstrating Who Cleans Dryer Vents Effectively


Dryer vent cleaning not only ensures the safety of the drying system but also helps keep the dryer efficient and effective. For those who have not considered cleaning their dryer vents in some time, or perhaps ever, there may be a few lingering questions.

Q. Can dryer vents be cleaned in the rain?

If it’s an emergency, then yes, a dryer vent can be cleaned in the rain. However, this task is best done in dry weather conditions for safety reasons since it involves dealing with electrical components. If it’s necessary to clean the dryer vent from outside in the rain, it’s a good idea to make sure that the vent is protected from the rain.

Q. How long can you go without cleaning a dryer vent?

As a general rule, it’s best to inspect and clean a dryer vent at least once per year. However, a dryer vent may need more frequent cleaning, especially in households that do more loads of laundry than the average household, experience longer drying times, notice clothes coming out hotter than usual, smell a burning odor, or see a noticeable accumulation of lint around the dryer vent cover.

Q. How long does it take to clean a dryer vent?

Hiring a professional to clean out the dryer vent is a task that will take about an hour to complete. For those who decide to DIY this project, it may take a little longer, especially if it’s a homeowner’s first time cleaning the vent themselves. It’s a good idea to block off about an hour and a half for DIY dryer vent cleaning.