Here’s Exactly Who Installs Dryer Vents

Whether you’re moving the dryer to a new spot in the house or installing one for the first time, the right pro can have a dryer vent functioning in just a few hours. Here’s who installs dryer vents.
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A dirty dryer vent with pieces of lint coming out of it.

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What You Need to Know

  • The type of professional who installs dryer vents depends on where the vent in being installed.
  • In most cases, a general contractor can tackle this project.
  • Other potential pros to hire include an HVAC technician, roofer, or plumber.
  • A homeowner may be able to install a dryer vent themselves if a hole is already present; otherwise, this is a job best left to a pro.
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Q: As part of a recent home renovation project, I decided to move my washer and dryer to another part of the house. The only problem is, there is no dryer vent in the location I had in mind, so I’ll need to have a new one put in place. Who installs dryer vents?

A: Dryer vents are completely essential to a dryer’s function—the best dryer vents capture all the heat and moisture the unit creates, then redirect it outdoors. This prevents the home from getting too steamy while the dryer is running, which by extension keeps mold and mildew at bay. If you move into a home that does not have a dryer vent installed yet, or you’re relocating the dryer, an opening will need to be created in the wall or roof where the air can escape through the vent’s ductwork. If a vent already exists, all that is needed is dryer vent hose installation. Luckily, there are a few different professionals who can perform these tasks. Here’s who installs dryer vents depending on the situation.

In most cases, a general contractor is the best person to install a dryer vent. 

Most often, a general contractor is the one to call for dryer vent installation. If there is no existing ductwork in the area where the dryer vent is being installed, the contractor will need to cut through both the interior and exterior of the wall where the vent will be located to direct air outside. If the room with the dryer is in the middle of the home or does not have an exterior wall, the contractor may need to cut through more than one wall or go through the floor. They can then feed the dryer vent duct through the hole and secure it in place.

This project typically takes between 2 and 4 hours to complete. Contractors can also help homeowners decide how to make the best use of the space, whether that includes figuring out the best dryer vent hose for a tight space or installing dryer vent elbow or a venting box for the dryer.

HVAC technicians can also install dryer vents. 

An HVAC professional may be the first person who comes to mind when a homeowner considers who installs dryer vents, and many HVAC companies do indeed offer this service. However, most technicians are primarily experienced with maintenance such as vent cleaning, replacement, and repairs. Dryer vent installation is a little different, as it can involve cutting holes in walls, floors, or even roofs, so homeowners need to be confident that the professional they choose can make these changes without doing damage to the home. Homeowners will want to ask the HVAC technician if they perform dryer vent installation regularly before scheduling their services.

A worker kneels on a tile floor while installing a dryer vent in a home.

Roofers can install dryer vents if you want to route the vent through the roof.

If the dryer will be located on the top floor of the home, the vent will probably need to be routed through the roof as opposed to an exterior wall. This is a more complex project that should be carried out by an experienced roofer. The roofer will need to drill a hole through the ceiling and the roof that opens up to the outside, run the dryer vent pipe through this new opening, then seal the hole in the roof with flashing and an outdoor dryer vent cover to prevent leaks. The additional roofing work, as well as any safety equipment like scaffolding, will increase the installation cost, which may be as high as $1,000.

Some plumbers may be able to install dryer vents.

Since plumbers are often called in to install washers and dryers in a home, some plumbers will also install dryer vents. If a homeowner is having water lines routed for a washer, it may make sense to find a professional who can perform both of these services at once. Homeowners will want to confirm with the plumber that they have experience with this particular project before hiring their services.

Dryer vent installation requires a pro touch
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Hiring a professional is a better bet for installing a dryer vent than trying to DIY the project.

While some homeowners might consider dryer vent installation to be a simple project they can do themselves, it’s usually a good idea to leave this job to a qualified professional. If the home has already been fitted with a dryer vent, a DIYer could take on dryer vent replacement without too much trouble. But creating a new hole in a wall or the roof is risky business. A mistake as small as using the wrong dryer vent size could make the home vulnerable to pests, water damage, and even fires. Rather than leaving it up to chance, homeowners will want to consider having an experienced contractor, HVAC technician, roofer, or plumber take care of dryer vent installation.

A worker shines a flashlight down a dryer vent while standing behind a clothes dryer.

Installing a dryer vent could cost as little as $80 or as much as $1,000.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the price for a dryer vent installation can fall within a wide range. A straightforward installation where the dryer will back up to an exterior wall usually falls around $80. Homeowners can expect to add about $50 to $150 to this price if the exterior wall is made of a dense material like stone or brick that is more difficult to cut through. Jobs where the ductwork needs to be routed through the floor, roof, or multiple walls will cost between $500 and $1,000, with roof vent installation being the most expensive.

Regularly cleaning a dryer vent can help you avoid an unnecessary replacement.

Once the dryer vent is installed, homeowners will want to use the best dryer vent cleaning kits or regularly schedule professional cleanings. Most experts recommend having the dryer vent cleaned once or twice a year. Not only will this keep the dryer at peak performance, but it is also an important safety measure since dryer vent hoses that are clogged with lint and other debris are a significant fire hazard. Vent cleaning is also a great opportunity to check for punctures in the dryer vent ducts and repair or replace them if necessary.