The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits of 2023

Reduce potential fire hazards in the home and keep your dryer running well with regular use of a quality vent cleaning kit.

By Stacey L Nash | Published Mar 28, 2022 9:06 AM

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The Best Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit


Dryer vent cleaning kits contain brushes, necks, or vacuum attachments that snake their way into the tight spaces of the dryer vent to remove lint. All it takes is too much heat or a single spark to turn trapped, dry lint into a tinderbox. The U.S. Fire Administration reports 2,900 clothes dryer fires each year. A well-maintained dryer vent is one way to prevent these kinds of accidents. Dryer cleaning kits contain tools that can reach into the vent and suck, pull, or lift out collected lint.

The best dryer cleaning kits have tools with the flexibility and strength to repeatedly enter the vent and remove debris. You’ll need to decide on a form, whether brushes, vacuum attachments, or some other method that will work best for your dryer setup. A quality kit will also have the strength and durability to last through several cleanings, if not several years. The best dryer vent cleaning kit will reach deep, flex, and bend so no lint is left behind.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Gardus LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Holikme 2 Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit
  3. LONGEST REACH: Bluesea 40 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit
  4. BEST FLEXIBILITY: Vanitek Dryer Vent Cleaner Lint Brush
  5. BEST FOR POWER TOOLS: Azdele 36 FT Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush
  6. BEST VACUUM ADAPTER: Mountain Trades Dryer Vent Cleaner Vacuum Attachment
  7. VACUUM ADAPTER RUNNER-UP: Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit
  8. MOST VERSATILE TOOLS: Morinoli 48 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit
  9. FOR VENTS/CONDENSER COILS: VACEXT Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit & Condenser Coil Brush
  10. ALSO CONSIDER: Mr. Clean Appliance Vent Brush
The Best Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

Dryer vent cleaners come in a wide range of designs, from different brush heads to lengths and adapters. The dryer design and how you’d prefer to clean the vent will help you narrow down the features that will work best for your dryer and setup.

Number of Attachments

Kits with more attachments provide extra options for dryer duct cleaning and potentially can be used for cleaning jobs that go beyond the dryer. For those who really only want a single tool to do a quick clean of the vent, a kit with a single flexible brush will work.

However, for those who want to reach deeper into the dryer or have a vent with areas of different widths that need cleaning, a kit with several brushes and lengthening attachments will work better. Traditional attachments include:

  • Lint trap brush: These brushes have wider uniform bristles that may consist of closely concentrated rows or several rows with more distance between them. These bristles attract lint so that it sticks to the bristles for easier removal.
  • Auger brush: This type of dryer vent cleaner has bristles in a spiraling pattern. When the brush is twisted, the bristles dig into the lint like an auger to loosen and remove debris.
  • Extension pieces: Some kits include extension pieces that can reach over 45 feet. The top and door vents may only need 18 to 24 inches, but to clean a duct hose, you might need several feet.
  • Vacuum attachment: These dryer duct cleaning tools connect to a vacuum handle or hose to use suction to remove lint. They can be hard plastic vacuum attachments or flexible hoses.
  • Drill attachment: Some brushes can connect to a power drill. The drill then rotates the brush to sweep lint out of the dryer.
  • Adapters: Vacuum hoses and handles come in many sizes. Adapters help the lint cleaner fit several size vacuums. However, check the dimensions and/or models the adapter fits to make sure it will suit your vacuum.

Kits may include one or two of these attachments in several different sizes. Others will only have one type of attachment. If you want a kit that will clean more than a dryer vent, a kit with several attachments increases versatility.


Dryer vents take unpredictable twists and turns. A flexible brush, wand, or extension piece can bend around corners and into nooks and unseen crannies. The brush or wand needs to be able to flex while maintaining enough resistance to remove the lint.

Wires and flexible plastic work well. Some brushes have a wood handle with a flexible wire that does the serious bending. Also, watch out for wire thickness: Thin wire may bend and break, while thicker wire or two-strand wire will maintain strength and shape.

Brush Length

Brush length varies by design. These designs come with several extension pieces that reach anywhere from 18 inches to more than 40 feet. Some brushes have longer heads that can be covered with bristles for 8 to 30 inches of their total length.

Vacuum attachments and hoses may be anywhere from 18 inches to about 3 feet long. They’re not as long as some of the models that come with extension rods because suction power decreases the longer the hose gets. Drill attachment tools tend to be about the same length as vacuum attachments. At this length, they stay easy to handle and won’t overtax the drill’s motor. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, with the drill attachments reaching well over 3 feet. Caution: The chances of the rod breaking while inside the dryer vent increase the longer the rod gets.

Brush Head

Lint remover brushes have a round head with several rows of uniform-length bristles. These brushes work well for loosening and pushing lint out of a vent. Some have bristles designed to attract lint for easier removal, too. Lint brushes are also used on attachments that connect to a drill because they work well to attract and break up lint deep inside a vent.

Auger brushes have bristles arranged in a spiral so that as the brush twists, the bristles bore into the lint. They tend to be longer with shorter bristles than lint brushes. These bristles are usually found on brushes shorter than about 30 inches. They’re useful for top and door dryer vents that don’t need the extra length.

Vacuum and Drill Compatibility

Compatibility can be a big issue when trying to fit an attachment to a vacuum or drill. Some kits have attachments that are only compatible with one kind of drill bit or vacuum tube size. Others come with adapters that fit several tube sizes, or they may come with several adapters to accommodate a wider range of vacuum makes and models.

If you want a vacuum attachment, measure the diameter of your vacuum tube. Manufacturers list the size of the vacuum tube to which the attachment will fit. Use the same care when looking for a kit that will fit your drill; make sure you already have the drill bit needed to connect the brush. If not, be prepared to invest in a new bit to fit the brush kit if the kit doesn’t include a bit.

Our Top Picks

The brands and kits in our lineup stand out for their quality and cleaning ability. We included kits of different lengths, sizes, and a wide variety of attachments to meet the needs of different dryers and home designs.

Best Overall

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Gardus LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System

The Gardus LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System comes with a little of everything, including four flexible extension rods. The rods are each 3 feet long, extending the maximum reach to 12 feet. Two brushes, an auger brush and a 2.5-inch lint brush, do heavy-duty lint removal. The auger brush self-feeds through the dryer vent as it’s twisted to pull its way through thick lint and debris. One caveat: The rods in this kit have been known to get stuck once they’ve been flexed within a tube.

An included vacuum adapter allows users to clean with the brushes while suctioning with a vacuum or shop vac. The adapter allows you to suction or blow out the tube while using the brushes to loosen lint. This kit also includes a dryer adapter. With this adapter, you can use the dryer’s blowing power to blow out lint while using the rotary brush. Finally, there’s a blockage removal tool (not intended for the dryer) with two serrated-edged prongs to break up thick, heavy clogs in gutters.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 12 feet
  • Number of pieces: 10
  • Brush type(s): Lint and auger


  • Versatile uses
  • Wide selection of adapters and attachments
  • Durable and flexible


  • Rods can get stuck once flexed

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Holikme 2 Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

This basic Holikme kit has two auger brushes, each with a 4.75-inch wood handle and a 29-inch wire brush, and bristles that take up 13 inches of that wire. The wire has a good mix of flexibility with the strength to really attack lint. Each wire ends with a plastic cap to protect the finish of the dryer. The brushes are narrow, helping them to fit in the narrow door and top vents. You can use them to clean the dryer’s back vent, but you’ll need to dig around to pull everything out. The downside with this kit is that it doesn’t work as well to clean out the duct hose.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 29 inches
  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Brush type(s): Auger


  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Good reach in a single brush
  • Great for cleaning the top and door vents


  • Not as efficient cleaning the duct hose

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Longest Reach

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Bluesea 40 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

The Bluesea 40 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit comes with 29 pieces, most of them extension rods to take the final length to 40 feet. While most dryer vents aren’t 40 feet long, having that much length available can come in handy for other cleaning chores. The rods attach to a drill to help loosen packed lint.

This kit also contains an auger and lint brush for basic lint removal. However, vacuum and dryer adapters let users blow lint out while loosening debris with the brushes. The kit includes a clog tool potentially useful for cleaning jobs beyond the dryer. With the 40-foot length, this kit can clean gutters and other tight spaces where extra reach is needed.

Be careful if using the rods with a drill; the connectors can easily get stripped without a good fit. Also, when at maximum length, the rods can get stuck.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 40 feet
  • Number of pieces: 29
  • Brush type(s): Auger and lint


  • Long 40-foot reach
  • Effective for short-range cleaning
  • Works with drill or vacuum


  • Can easily get stuck
  • Rod ends can get stripped

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Best Flexibility

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Vanitek Dryer Vent Clean Lint Brush

This Vanitek brush is all bristle except for its 5-inch handle. All that bristle power grabs lint and debris from the top and door lint traps very well. The entire brush can bend and flex to better fit the odd angles found in the average dryer. While this brush can be used on its own, the thin brush head is actually meant to loosen lint, which can then be vacuumed out.

Keep in mind that this kit doesn’t include a vacuum hose or adapter, so users must make do with whatever vacuum attachments are present. While the plastic handle is comfortable, it has been known to break under too much force.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 26 inches
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Brush type(s): Lint


  • Long 26-inch brush
  • Thin design leaves room for a vacuum
  • Excellent brush flexibility for tight curves and turns


  • Poor-quality plastic handle

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Best For Power Tools

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Azdele 36 FT Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush

The 36-foot dryer vent cleaning brush by Azdele Store comes with two drill connectors that give the rods extra security when they’re spinning away. It comes with a lint brush and two auger brushes, one of which is tapered. In total, the kit reaches 36 feet, but the flexible extension rods come in 2-foot lengths for versatile length options. This kit includes electrical tape, which secures the rods at the connection points—the dedicated drill connectors and added tape result in stronger brush/rod connections. However, the rods sometimes arrive with missing threads, so check them upon arrival.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 36 feet
  • Number of pieces: 7
  • Brush type(s): Lint, auger, tapered auger


  • 2 drill connector pieces
  • 3 brush options
  • Excellent length that adjusts in 2-foot increments


  • Rods sometimes arrive without threads

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Best Vacuum Adapter

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Mountain Trades Dryer Vent Cleaner Vacuum Attachment

The Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Vacuum Attachment by Mountain Trades Store comes with a three-piece adapter set. The attachments have both millimeter and inch measurements to help determine the vacuum models they fit.

Once the adapter is in place, users can attach the kit’s extension crevice tool to reach into the vent or duct. The kit also includes a stand-alone brush to loosen lint and get at the tight spaces in the top and door lint traps.

While this kit offers extensive vacuum compatibility options, the manufacturer expressly states that it doesn’t fit Dyson vacuums, and a few other makes and models are also noncompatible. There was also no brush or tube length available.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: N/A
  • Number of pieces: 6
  • Brush type(s): Auger


  • 3 vacuum adapter options
  • Extension hose offers deep reach without back strain
  • Includes brush to break up lint for vacuum removal


  • Adapters don’t fit every vacuum make and model

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Vacuum Adapter Runner-Up

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

This Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit comes with a vacuum attachment that extends up to 36 inches. Though fairly standard in design, an additional metal wand that attaches to the end of the vacuum hose makes this a kit worth considering. The wand screws onto the end of the hose and is held in one hand, while the vacuum hose is held in the other, directed via the plastic handle. This combination provides flexibility and control with good suction. While this model also offers two suction control levels, the hose has a small opening, which can easily get clogged.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 36 inches
  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Brush type(s): N/A


  • Flexible 33-inch hose
  • Wire attaches directly to hose end
  • Control with wire and handle
  • 2 suction control settings


  • Small hose opening easily clogs

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Most Versatile Tools

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Morinoli 48 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

The Morinoli 48-foot dryer vent cleaning kit boasts a lot of functionality in a single kit, providing users with plenty of cleaning options. It comes with three brushes, a clog removal tool, dryer and vacuum adapters, an extension wand for the vacuum, and extension rods that take the full length to 48 feet.

Use the vacuum adapter and extension wand to reach into a door vent, or use the rods to reach into a foil duct. The clog tool can work for a dryer vent, gutter, or other hard-to-reach places that get clogged. However, make sure to securely tape the rods together so they won’t come apart while in the vent.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 48 feet
  • Number of pieces: 24
  • Brush type(s): Lint, multiuse head, lint trap brush/auger


  • Wide variety of tools
  • Removes clogs beyond the dryer
  • Versatile use options


  • Extension rods can separate if not taped

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For Vents/Condenser Coils

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: VACEXT Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit & Condenser Coil Brush

The VACEXT Store cleaning kit only comes with one lint brush, but the kit as a whole works well for dryer vents and condenser coils. Top and door dryer vents get cleaned out using the 29-inch lint brush. The extension tube or brush can reach condenser coils, while a flexible tube attaches to a vacuum for use with dryer vents.

The kit comes with multiple vacuum adapters, including one made specifically for Dyson vacuum models and a universal adapter with a 32-millimeter inner diameter. However, this kit isn’t designed to fit every vacuum. Measure your vacuum’s hose, and check the Dyson model to ensure compatibility.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 29 inches
  • Number of pieces: 6
  • Brush type(s): lint


  • Flexible and solid vacuum attachments
  • 2 vacuum adapters
  • Flexible lint brush for small dryer spaces


  • Adapters don’t fit all vacuum models

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Also Consider

The Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit Option: Mr. Clean Appliance Vent Brush

The Mr. Clean Appliance Vent Brush is 28 inches long and has a two-bristle design on a single brush. The upper bristles create an auger brush to push through compacted lint with the bottom half of the brush covered in lint bristles to catch the remaining lint. It’s a simple design that works on top and door vents as well as the dryer’s back vent.

The lint bristles are soft enough to be used for dusting ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach places, too. A comfortable handle provides control and maneuverability. However, the brush wire can be too flexible at times, giving way when a slightly stiffer wire would better push through heavy clogs.

Product Specs

  • Maximum length: 28 inches
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Brush type(s): Lint and auger bristles on a single brush


  • Very affordable price
  • 2 bristle types on a single brush
  • Comfortable handle


  • Extremely flexible wire less effective on tough clogs

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Our Verdict

The Gardus LintEater dryer vent cleaning system gets top marks for the quality and versatility of its tools and attachments. It can be used well beyond the dryer, keeping condenser coils and gutters clean, too. Those on a tight budget may prefer the Mr. Clean dryer vent cleaning brush, which works well for basic dryer vent cleaning with its two types of bristles.

How We Chose the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits

Dryers come in different sizes and designs, which makes finding a vent cleaning kit tricky. We looked for kits with tools and attachments that could work for at least both top and door dryer vents.

The kit’s overall length factored in when we considered cleaning out the foil vent. Flexibility also came into play to get around challenging corners and turns that ventilation hoses can take. Kits with vacuum and dryer adapters had to offer some features that would help the adapters fit a wide range of vacuum models.

Overall quality was considered as well. A handle or brush that breaks could make your vent situation worse, so we looked for kits with a mix of durability and flexibility.


Using a dryer vent cleaning kit has a fairly shallow learning curve, but those with a few questions on how these tools work may find the answers they need below.

Q. Can I clean the dryer vent myself?

Yes, the tools that come with a vent cleaning kit make for a fairly simple DIY job. Brushes and extension pieces are lightweight and easy to handle. Be prepared with garbage bags for all the lint that gets removed.

Q. How often should a dryer vent be cleaned?

A family of two to four people should clean the dryer vent every 6 months. However, if you do more laundry than average or you have a larger family, you may need to clean the vent every 3 to 4 months.

Q. Can I use a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent?

Yes, you can use a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent. However, you’ll have to remove the dryer from the house and remove the vent hose. You can then blow out the dryer and use the blower to blow debris out of the wall vent.

Q. How can I tell if your dryer vent is clogged?

Many modern dryers have sensors that let you know when airflow is compromised. Another indicator is if the dryer doesn’t get warm enough to dry your clothes.

Q. Do I need a professional to clean my dryer vent?

No, a quality dryer vent cleaning kit, vacuum, or drill is usually enough to allow you to get the job done yourself.

Q. How do you clean a dryer vent with bends?

You clean a dryer vent with bends with flexible tools, like flexible brushes and extension pieces. Some brushes can bend a full 90 degrees to take on the most extreme bends.