The Best Stackable Washer Dryers, Reviewed

Find the best stackable washer dryer to thoroughly clean and dry clothing and linens, all while conserving space.

Best Overall

The Best Stackable Washer Dryer Option: Electrolux SmartBoost Stackable Washer & Dryer

Electrolux SmartBoost Stackable Washer u0026amp; Dryer

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Stackable Washer Dryer Option: Samsung Stackable Front-Load Washer & Dryer

Samsung Stackable Front-Load Washer u0026amp; Dryer

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Best Electric

The Best Stackable Washer Dryer Option: LG Electronics WKEX200HRA Laundry Center

LG Electronics WKEX200HRA Laundry Center

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A stackable washer-and-dryer combination has two machines that take up the same amount of floor space as a single unit. With stackable washer-and-dryer combos, you can choose between a top-load and a front-load washer. A laundry-center tower typically offers a top-load washer, while a stacking washer-and-dryer set features a front-load model.

Selecting the right washing machine and dryer can be a challenge when you’re looking for stackable models. Read on to identify important criteria to consider in the best stackable washer dryer options, and then review the top-rated models on the market today.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Electrolux SmartBoost Stackable Washer & Dryer
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Samsung Stackable Front-Load Washer & Dryer
  3. BEST ELECTRIC: LG Electronics WKEX200HRA Laundry Center
  4. BEST GAS: GE 3.9-Cu.-Ft. Washer and 5.9-Cu.-Ft. Gas Dryer
  5. BEST QUIET: GE GFW550SSNWW Washer and GFD55ESSNWW Dryer
  6. BEST HIGH-CAPACITY: GE 5.0-Cu.-Ft. Washer and 7.8-Cu.-Ft. Dryer
  7. BEST COMPACT: Whirlpool WET4024HW Laundry Center
The Best Stackable Washer and Dryer Options

How We Chose the Best Stackable Washer Dryers 

We researched the most sought-after stackable washer-and-dryer combos in their respective categories and discovered that consumers favor electric options for their ease of installation, thoughtful features, and compact designs. Though these models are preferred, the gas-powered models also offer gentler clothing cycles using steam or air functions and come in compact sizes.

The amount of internal space offered is vital when choosing laundry machines, which is why our picks have ample room, ranging from 1.6 to 9 cubic feet of laundry space. Speaking of space, most of these washer-and-dryer duos are made with small constructions to fit in your current laundry room or a closet. Plus, most of the above picks are Energy Star certified to reduce your energy consumption.

As for functionality, each of these washer-and-dryer combos offers unique features, including preset settings, customizable cleaning cycles, steam-cleaning and drying, LED control panels or remote controls, smart-home functionality, and interior drum lights for visibility. For added convenience, our chosen models vary between top- and front-load washers and dryers and include self-cleaning functions for those who do not know how to clean a washer or dryer.

Our Top Picks

The following top picks represent some of the best stackable washer-and-dryer units on the market today, taking into consideration the abovementioned features, overall quality and efficiency, and price. Continue reading to discover a selection of models in a variety of categories to suit just about any laundry room.

Best Overall

Electrolux SmartBoost Stackable Washer u0026 Dryer

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Electrolux has long been recognized as one of the top washer and dryer brands with an extensive range of machines that combine leading-edge technologies with competitive prices. The SmartBoost stackable combo features a 4.5-cubic-foot washer and an 8.0-cubic-foot electric dryer that provides more space than most rivals. Add Energy Star certification plus renowned reliability and it’s easy to see why this is our pick for best stackable washer and dryer available today.

SmartBoost technology premixes water and detergent so it gets to work faster than a standard washer and provides more effective stain removal. The Optic Whites cycle reduces the need to use bleach, and Pure Rinse reduces residues that can irritate sensitive skin. There’s also a 15-minute fast wash for when things are needed in a hurry. The dryer features Perfect Steam, Balanced Dry, and LuxCare, which combine to prevent temperature spikes and ensure clothes are always dried under optimal conditions.

Occasional faults are inevitable with any high-volume consumer product. However, problems with the Electrolux stackable washer and dryer are extremely rare, and owner feedback is almost universally positive.

Product Specs 

  • Power source: Electric
  • Washer capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 8.0 cubic feet


  • Competitively priced multifunction stackable combo with larger-than-average dryer
  • Unique SmartBoost premixes water and detergent for more effective stain removal
  • LuxCare and Balanced Dry technologies provide advanced care for all fabrics


  • We didn’t find many; owner feedback is almost universally positive and fault reports are rare

Get the Electrolux stackable washer dryer at Lowe’s, The Home Depot (washer and dryer), or Best Buy.

Best Bang for the Buck

Samsung Stackable Front-Load Washer u0026 Dryer

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Many people will be attracted to the Samsung stackable washer-and-dryer combo for the comparatively low cost, though there are few compromises in performance and nothing in terms of capacities. The washer is 4.5 cubic feet and the dryer is 7.5 cubic feet.

The washer has 10 presets plus an additional six wash options and five temperature settings to fine-tune cycles. The Swirl+ drum maximizes water removal and shortens drying time without snagging clothes. Self Clean+ reduces bacteria by 99 percent and alerts users that it needs to run every 40 cycles to keep the machine clean and fresh. There is also VRT Plus vibration-reduction technology that makes the machine quiet. A few customers feel that this doesn’t work as well as the manufacturer claims, though installation could be at fault.

The dryer also features 10 presets plus nine additional options and five temperatures. These work with Sensor Dry technology to reduce energy use and prevent damage to clothing. There is a lint filter indicator and an internal drum light as well.

Product Specs 

  • Power source: Electric
  • Washer capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 7.5 cubic feet


  • Fully featured machines with competitive capacities and a very affordable price tag
  • Washer has vibration reduction, high-efficiency spin cycle, and self-clean setting to eliminate bacteria
  • Sensor Dry technology optimizes cycle to save energy and prevent heat damage


  • A few owners feel that the vibration-reduction technology is ineffective and that shaking can be excessive

Get the Samsung front-load stackable washer dryer at Lowe’s, The Home Depot (washer and dryer), or Best Buy.

Best Electric

LG Electronics WKEX200HRA Laundry Center

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The LG Electronics laundry center is a single unit featuring a front-loading 4.5-cubic-foot washer beneath a 7.4-cubic-foot electric dryer. Its stacked design offers a compact solution for laundry closets and other tight spaces. The control panel is conveniently located between the washer and dryer to allow easy access for choosing a cycle and starting the unit.

This Energy Star–certified stackable washer and dryer also features ThinQ smart technology that allows users to start and stop wash or dry cycles remotely or monitor the progress of a load of laundry. This laundry center is also compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to allow for voice-control options.

Both units have tempered-glass doors for durability and a stylish appearance. Other key features of this laundry center include the NeveRust stainless steel tubs, wrinkle-control setting, TubClean self-cleaning cycle, and TrueBalance anti-vibration system to reduce vibrations and noise. And the FlowSense duct-clogging and lint-filter indicators alert users when the ducts and filter need to be cleaned.

Product Specs

  • Power source: Electric
  • Washer capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 7.4 cubic feet


  • Compact design saves floor space with center controls for added convenience and reduced overall height
  • Energy Star certified with ThinQ app for smart-home integration and remote monitoring
  • Available in black, green, red, or white to suit virtually any decor


  • The doors cannot be reversed, which may prove awkward for some

Get the LG Electronics Laundry Center stackable washer dryer at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Best Buy.

Best Gas

GE 3.9-Cu.-Ft. Washer and 5.9-Cu.-Ft. Gas Dryer

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GE’s stackable gas laundry center is an Energy Star–certified choice. It boasts a compact design with a 3.9-cubic-foot washer and a 5.9-cubic-foot gas dryer. Both the washer and dryer feature quality snag- and rust-free stainless steel drums and Wi-Fi capability; you can check on the status of a load of laundry with your smartphone (after purchasing an additional part from GE).

Choose from 11 wash cycles and customize the temperature setting for each cycle with the top-load washer. The washer also uses precise fill technology to add the optimal amount of water based on the size of each load. The settings—more dry and less dry—are available on the dryer for further customization.

Product Specs 

  • Power source: Gas
  • Washer capacity: 3.9 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 5.9 cubic feet


  • Model has the convenience of an all-in-one machine with the economy of a gas dryer
  • Both washer and dryer have long-lasting snag- and rust-free stainless steel drums
  • Control panel is packed with valuable fabric care options yet remains easy to use


  • Smaller capacities than many rivals, though the machine itself is not particularly compact

Get the GE gas stackable washer dryer at Lowe’s,The Home Depot, or Best Buy.

Best Quiet

GE GFW550SSNWW Washer and GFD55ESSNWW Dryer

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GE’s 4.8-cubic-foot front-load washer is designed for quiet operation. Patented Dynamic Balancing technology ensures that each load stays balanced and stable, reducing vibrations for a quieter cycle. The odor-blocking vent system has built-in Microban technology that keeps the interior clean and free of bacteria. Other key features include a reversible door, a 20-minute quick-wash cycle, and a 32-inch closet depth.

The 7.8-cubic-foot matching smart electric dryer offers a quick-dry setting that can fully dry a small load in 23 minutes or less as well as a sanitize cycle, an eco-dry energy-saving cycle, and five drying temperatures. The dryer also features a reversible door, four-way venting flexibility, LED internal lighting, and a vent sensor to identify potential problems in the dryer vent. Both machines are Energy Star certified and Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control and monitor cycles from your smartphone.

Product Specs 

  • Power source: Electric
  • Washer capacity: 4.8 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 7.8 cubic feet


  • Patented Dynamic Balancing technology stabilizes load during cycles, reducing vibration and noise
  • Both washer and dryer have rapid settings that reduce cycle times for small loads
  • Wi-Fi compatibility with app for convenient control and monitoring of various functions


  • While this set is usually reliable, there have been a few reports of leaking door gaskets

Get the GE quiet stackable washer dryer at Lowe’s (washer and dryer), The Home Depot (washer and dryer), or Best Buy (washer and dryer).

Best High-Capacity

GE 5.0-Cu.-Ft. Washer and 7.8-Cu.-Ft. Dryer

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When you use GE’s high-capacity 5.0-cubic-feet washer, you can wash the same amount of laundry in fewer loads. Its cleaning efficiency means that it doesn’t require more water, and overall it reduces energy consumption, thus saving money. It is paired with a 7.8-cubic-feet dryer, and both are Wi-Fi compatible.

The washer features UltraVent and OdorBlock, which eliminate moisture and associated smells. It also tackles bacteria and allergens for a healthier laundry environment. A special single-step cycle allows small loads to be completed without needing the dryer at all. PowerSteam helps with difficult stains, while Dynamic Balancing reduces vibration and noise.

The dryer has a long-lasting rust-resistant stainless steel drum. A range of user-friendly features deal with sanitization, static reduction, wrinkle prevention, and quick drying. The clever Washer Link means any cycle set on one machine will automatically run on its partner. Thanks to the smartphone app, drying can be started or stopped remotely, and there’s a damp alert for the optimal care of delicate fabrics.

Product Specs 

  • Power source: Electric
  • Washer capacity: 5.0 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 7.8 cubic feet


  • The high-capacity washer means fewer loads, which can save money in the long run
  • Dynamic Balancing reduces noise, while PowerSteam penetrates fibers for enhanced cleaning
  • Packed with features to eliminate odors, bacteria, and allergens such as dust mites


  • Although very reliable, these machines come at a slightly higher price than many competitors

Get the GE high-capacity stackable washer dryer at The Home Depot (washer and dryer), Lowe’s (washer and dryer), or Best Buy (washer and dryer).

Best Compact

Whirlpool WET4024HW Laundry Center

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Whirlpool’s electric stacked washer and dryer features a space-saving design for apartments or the smaller new home that is increasingly common. This set includes a 1.6-cubic-foot top-load washer with a stainless steel wash basket to prevent clothing from getting snagged. Monitor the progress of each load through the EasyView Glass Lid featuring Slow-Close technology, which also allows for smooth operation and prevents accidental slamming. A bleach dispenser automatically adds bleach to the wash cycle while diluting it for optimal results.

The dryer in this set offers a 3.4-cubic-foot capacity and features four drying cycles to accommodate the demands of different fabric types. Its AutoDry system uses sensors to keep clothing and linens from being overdried while preventing unnecessary energy usage.

Product Specs 

  • Power source: Electric
  • Washer capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
  • Dryer capacity: 3.4 cubic feet


  • Compact size designed to fit into apartments and today’s smaller urban homes
  • Stainless steel washing basket provides long-term durability and helps reduce snags
  • Budget-friendly pricing, yet still offers features for effective stain removal and laundry care


  • A number of owners have reported that it’s noisier than expected

Get the Whirlpool stackable washer dryer at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Best Buy.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Stackable Washer Dryer

As you shop for the best stackable washer and dryer, use the features outlined below to guide your search. Consider the size, capacity, power source (electric or gas), wash-cycle settings, water and energy efficiency, and any other features or smart technology offered by each of the stackable washer-and-dryer combinations you might want to purchase.


One of the first items to consider when shopping for a new stackable washer and dryer is the amount of available space in the laundry room. Begin by measuring this space and then look for units that will fit comfortably without being too tight. Keep in mind that standard-size stackable washers and dryers are generally around 76 inches tall by 27 inches wide by 32 inches deep, while compact models are about 67 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 25 inches deep.

Also, remember to think about the height of each individual in your home who will be using these stackable units, as reaching a stacked dryer can be more challenging for shorter individuals.


The capacity of a washer or a dryer is measured in cubic feet. Models with a greater capacity will accommodate larger loads of laundry. The capacity of a standard-size stackable washer is typically between 4.0 and 5.5 cubic feet, and the capacity of a standard-size stackable dryer is typically between 7.0 and 8.0 cubic feet.

While there are no portable washing machines or dryers with a stackable design, more compact models do exist. A stackable compact washing machine generally has a capacity between 2.0 and 2.5 cubic feet, while a stackable compact dryer most often has a capacity between 3.5 and 4.2 cubic feet.

As you shop for the best stackable washer and dryer, it’s essential to look for a model with the capacity to meet your laundry needs. Compact models are typically sufficient for individuals living alone or with just one or two other people, while standard-size models are generally best for households with four or more people.

Electric vs. Gas

While all stackable washers are powered by electricity, you can usually choose between a gas or electric dryer to match. If your home has a gas line, you can select either a gas or an electric dryer, as long as you also have a 240-volt power outlet. Gas models will be slightly more expensive; however, they can save money over time since they are less costly to operate. Gas dryers are also more gentle on clothing items. If you have a gas line, consider the benefits of choosing a gas dryer.

Wash Cycles

Consult the information from each manufacturer to identify the number and type of wash cycles offered by each model. Each washer is different, and some may provide more specialized cycles that could be a good fit for your laundering needs.

Most stackable washers on the market will include cycles such as normal, heavy-duty, whites, delicates, and rinse and spin. Some additional specialty cycles offered by only some models include sanitize, permanent press, bulky items/towels, colors, hand-wash, deep fill, soak, and extra rinse.

Water and Energy Efficiency

Choosing an efficient washer and dryer can reduce monthly utility bills and limit a home’s environmental footprint. Washers and dryers with Energy Star certification consume less energy than other similar models, making them a more efficient choice. Many modern machines also use less water than traditional washers, which is another eco-friendly feature.

Energy Star–certified washers use at least 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than a standard washer, and Energy Star–certified dryers use about 20 percent less energy than standard models. Similarly, Energy Star–certified washers can save about $370 in energy costs over the life of the unit, and Energy Star–certified dryers can save around $165 in energy costs over the unit’s life.

Smart Technology

Stackable washers and dryers that offer smart technology can simplify the process of completing laundry, making them an appealing choice for many individuals. These models connect to the Wi-Fi in a home and can send notifications to users when a cycle is complete. Smart washers and dryers also allow you to start and stop a wash or dry cycle using your smartphone or tablet, and they may even create laundry schedules.

Some smart washers and dryers are compatible with smart-home assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With these models, you’ll be able to start the washer or dryer using voice commands.

Additional Features

Finally, determine if there are any additional features you would like to see in a stackable washer and dryer. Some of the possible features include:

  • Steam settings: Some stackable washers and dryers offer steam settings that are effective at releasing stains and odors in a wash cycle and reducing wrinkles in both wash and dry cycles. Dryers with steam settings can also freshen up items before wear.
  • Dryer syncing: Some stackable washers and dryers can sync their functionality. The washer can share information about the wash cycle for a particular load with the dryer, and the dryer then uses this information to select the correct drying cycle for the items.
  • Self-cleaning: For those that don’t know how to clean a dryer or washing machine, many stackable washers offer a self-cleaning cycle. These cycles, paired with a washing machine cleaner, can help ensure the interior stays free of mold, mildew, and detergent buildup. This in turn can help extend the life of the machine.


A stackable washer-and-dryer combination is a large purchase, so it is understandable if you still have a few questions about where to buy the right laundry machines and how to take care of them. Use the frequently asked questions below as a resource to learn more about stackable washers and dryers.

Q. What are stackable washer and dryer dimensions?

Standard-size stackable washers and dryers are around 76 inches tall by 27 inches wide by 32 inches deep. Compact stackable washers and dryers are around 67 inches tall by 24 inches wide by 25 inches deep. However, the specific measurements may vary between brands, so be sure to check with the manufacturer’s specifications for the models being considered.

Q. Does a stackable washer dryer need to be vented?

Some stackable washers and dryers need to be vented, while others (mainly compact units) do not. Check the manufacturer’s requirements to determine if a particular model needs to be vented.

Q. Does a stackable washer and dryer have 1 plug?

Stackable washers and dryers that feature separate units have two separate plugs: one for the washer and one for the dryer. Models that are built as a single unit have just a single plug.

Q. What are the electrical requirements for a stackable washer dryer?

The electrical requirements may vary based on the stackable washer and dryer model you select. However, most standard-size units will require a 220-volt outlet, while a 110-volt outlet may be sufficient for compact units. Consult with an electrician if you are unsure if the laundry room is equipped for a stackable washer and dryer.

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