The Best GE Refrigerators of 2023

With a brand reputation built on reliability, the best GE refrigerators ahead are a top choice for bustling home kitchens.

Best Overall

The Best GE Refrigerator Option: GE Energy Star 27.7-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator

GE Energy Star 27.7-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best GE Refrigerators Option: GE 17.5-Cu.-Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

GE 17.5-Cu.-Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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Best Bottom-Freezer

The Best GE Refrigerators Option: GE 21.0-Cu.-Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

GE 21.0-Cu.-Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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With a long history in appliance design and manufacturing, GE has been constructing household appliances for more than a century. The first widely successful GE refrigerator was nicknamed the “Monitor-Top” refrigerator after its resemblance to the USS Monitor’s gun turret. Introduced in 1927, it was one of the first-ever affordable residential refrigerators on the market.

GE has continued innovating and manufacturing appliances for the typical American household since then, with many more refrigerators available today, from trusty top-freezer fridges to WiFi-enabled smart fridges. Read on for some of the best GE refrigerator models for food storage at home.

  1. BEST OVERALL: GE Energy Star 27.7-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: GE 17.5-Cu.-Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator
  3. BEST BOTTOM-FREEZER: GE 21.0-Cu.-Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
  4. BEST SIDE-BY-SIDE: GE 25.3-Cu.-Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator
  5. BEST LUXURY: GE Profile 27.9-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator
The Best GE Refrigerators Option

How We Chose the Best GE Refrigerators

With so many options available, choosing the best refrigerator can feel completely overwhelming, even within a brand’s offerings. Many consumers choose GE refrigerators because of the brand’s reputation for dependable appliances, so we kept this top of mind when narrowing down the best GE refrigerators. Through product research and looking at consumer reviews, we chose highly rated GE refrigerators that perform reliably, keeping a stable temperature in the fridge and freezer.

While dependability was a great starting criteria, the best GE refrigerators offered much more. We looked for features like user-friendly interior designs with adjustable shelves, spacious layouts, and practical bins. Features like water and ice dispensers, sliding deli drawers, and Energy Star certification were an added bonus. We also included a smart premium fridge on this list for those who want the most out of their GE refrigerator.

Our Top Picks

Selecting a new refrigerator can be difficult with so many choices available. To help in the search, we’ve gathered some of the best GE refrigerators based on performance, price, and style below. Ahead learn why these models were selected for each category.

Best Overall

GE Energy Star 27.7-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator

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French-door refrigerators are a popular choice for their modern look and user-friendly layout. The GE Energy Star 27.7-cubic-foot French-door refrigerator has these benefits and much more. This fridge features a sleek fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish (available in three colors) and a convenient exterior water and ice dispenser. This dispenser features an advanced RPWFE water filter and offers the options for either cubed or crushed ice.

A 27.7-cubic-foot capacity and stable temperature regulation offer great food-storage options, both in the fridge and in the freezer. To keep things neat and organized, this fridge features adjustable spill-proof shelves, two humidity-controlled crispers, and a full-width deli drawer. The two-level freezer baskets help organize frozen foods.

This Energy Star-certified fridge also includes several features common in GE French-door fridges, including LED lighting, gallon door storage, a door alarm, and Turbo Cool and Turbo Freezer settings. Overall, excellent temperature regulation, user-friendly storage options, and a handsome exterior earns this refrigerator high ratings.

Product Specs

  • Type: French door
  • Dimensions: 70.5 inches high by 35.75 inches wide by 36.25 inches deep (with handle)
  • Storage capacity: 27.7 cubic feet


  • Great storage options with gallon door storage and spill-proof shelves
  • Excellent temperature regulation with Turbo Cool and Turbo Freezer settings
  • Modern design and sleek fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency


  • Replacement water filters are a bit pricey

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Best Bang for the Buck

GE 17.5-Cu.-Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

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A top-freezer refrigerator is often a budget-friendly choice that gets the job done, like the GE 17.5-cubic-foot top-freezer refrigerator that is a dependable choice for shoppers on a budget. This fridge is simple but appealing, with natural-looking interior lighting, easy-to-clean spill-proof glass shelves, clear crisper drawers, and a side-to-side sliding deli drawer. A height-adjustable glass freezer shelf also gives this affordable fridge a more premium feel.

With a 17.5-cubic-foot capacity, it’s on the smaller side, but it’s a great choice for couples, apartment dwellers, or as an affordable second fridge. This fridge comes in a glossy white finish. The white and black glossy finishes have a bit of an old-school look that some may find outdated. Stainless steel finishes are available for a slightly higher price.

Product Specs

  • Type: Top freezer
  • Dimensions: 67.4 inches high by 28 inches wide by 32.5 inches deep (with handle)
  • Storage capacity: 17.5 cubic feet


  • Attractive glass fridge shelving is also easy to clean
  • Height-adjustable glass freezer shelf makes storing food more convenient
  • Sliding deli drawer offers quick and easy access to meats and cheeses


  • This model has a fairly small capacity at 17.5 cubic feet
  • Not Energy Star certified like some of the other models on this list, so it may use more energy

Get the 17.5-cubic-foot GE refrigerator at The Home Depot, Best Buy, or Appliances Connection.

Best Bottom-Freezer

GE 21.0-Cu.-Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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Bottom-freezer fridges keep fresh food front and center in a more compact footprint and often for a lower price than French-door fridges. The GE 21.0-cubic-foot bottom-freezer refrigerator may be the best bottom-freezer refrigerator for those looking for a basic but affordable and pleasant-to-use bottom-freezer fridge.

Like the other best GE fridges on this list, this model has adjustable spill-resistant glass shelves, humidity-control crispers, and appealing LED lighting. A side-to-side sliding snack drawer provides a place to store snacks, cheese, and deli items, and it can move to accommodate tall items on the lower shelves. In terms of extras, this fridge features two-level freezer baskets, a built-in interior ice maker, and GE’s Turbo Cool feature.

This Energy Star–certified fridge offers 21 cubic feet of interior space. It comes in a high-gloss white finish (black is also available), but more modern-looking stainless steel options are available for a higher price.

Product Specs

  • Type: Bottom freezer
  • Dimensions: 69.9 inches high by 29.75 inches wide by 36.6 inches deep (with handle)
  • Storage capacity: 21 cubic feet


  • Convenient interior layout with sliding snack drawer and 2-level freezer baskets
  • Impressive capacity even for its smaller 21-cubic-foot footprint
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency


  • Some users found this fridge a bit noisy compared to others

Get the 21.0-cubic-foot GE refrigerator at The Home Depot, Best Buy, or Appliances Connection.


GE 25.3-Cu.-Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

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The GE 25.3-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator packs serious freezer space into a dependable side-by-side fridge design. This fridge has a total capacity of 25.3 cubic feet, with 9.25 cubic feet dedicated to freezer space.

One downside of side-by-side fridges is the narrow shelf space. This fridge tries to solve that problem with smart shelving. Edge-to-edge and easy-to-clean glass shelves, clear door shelves, and two interior storage drawers with clear shelves make it easy to organize and see items in the fridge. Besides the shelves, the freezer features a slide-out freezer basket and a small bonus freezer shelf on top of the ice maker to take advantage of all the space.

An exterior water and ice dispenser provide cold water and cubed or crushed ice, all filtered through an advanced water-filtration system. This fridge is complete with a modern design and stainless steel finish.

Product Specs

  • Type: Side by side
  • Dimensions: 69.6 inches high by 36 inches wide by 34.75 inches deep (with handle)
  • Storage capacity: 25.3 cubic feet


  • Boasts a large 9.25-cubic-foot freezer section for more storage
  • Clear shelves, bins, and drawers make it easier to see food
  • Exterior water and ice dispenser is filtered for better-tasting water and ice


  • Half-width shelves can make it challenging to store some items

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Best Luxury

GE Profile 27.9-Cu.-Ft. French-Door Refrigerator

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With a modern design, door-in-door storage, and smart capabilities, the GE Profile 27.9-cubic-foot French-door refrigerator is one of GE’s premium offerings. Two physical standout features of this French-door fridge is its external water and ice dispenser and double-drawer freezer section. On top of the advanced water filtration, the dispenser has a hands-free auto-fill feature that detects how much water to pour into a glass or bottle. The double-drawer freezer enables even better organization than two-shelved bottom freezers.

This Energy Star–certified fridge has a 27.9-cubic-foot storage capacity. It features door-in-door storage for added convenience. Another above-and-beyond interior feature is the adjustable temperature drawer, which has four temperature settings to optimize food storage. Lastly, this fridge is one of GE’s smart options with built-in Wi-Fi, which means it can connect to GE’s SmartHQ app for control and monitoring right from a smartphone.

Product Specs

  • Type: French door
  • Dimensions: 70 inches high by 35.6 inches wide by 36.75 inches deep
  • Storage capacity: 27.9 cubic feet


  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows easy smart connectivity
  • Auto-fill water-dispenser feature detects how much volume to dispense into a cup
  • Double-drawer freezer helps keep items organized
  • Adjustable temperature drawer offers flexibility with storing different kinds of items


  • More expensive than other top GE refrigerators

Get the 27.9-cubic-foot GE refrigerator at The Home Depot, Best Buy, or Wayfair.

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What to Consider When Choosing a GE Refrigerator

GE has a range of dependable and attractive refrigerators in its product lineup. Narrowing down the selection of the best refrigerators for your home will depend on your budget and household needs. There are several criteria points that can help you make a decision on the best refrigerator to buy, which are explained ahead. Some points to consider include the fridge size, door style, interior design, finish, energy efficiency, and additional features.


When measuring for a new refrigerator, it’s important to measure accurately to make sure the fridge fits in your space, with enough room behind for ventilation and plenty of space for the door to swing open fully in the front.

When narrowing down the right size, one aspect to consider is fridge depth. GE refrigerators come in standard and counter-depth sizes. Standard-depth fridges range from around 32 to 36 inches deep, while counter-depth fridges are a bit shallower, at around 25 to 30 inches deep (handles included). Most countertops are about 25.5 inches deep, and most cabinets are about 24 inches deep. This means standard-depth fridges jut out more than a standard countertop, while counter-depth fridges sit more in line with surrounding counters for a more built-in look. Many of GE’s counter-depth fridges are around 30 to 32 inches deep (including the handle).

Another size aspect to consider is the capacity, which is the interior cubic feet of the fridge. Fridge capacity often ranges from around 10 to 30 cubic feet for full size fridges. On average, an adult uses 4 to 6 cubic feet of fridge space. For those who host frequent gatherings, a bit of extra space is needed for parties and holidays. This means a typical family of four often needs about a 20-cubic-foot or larger refrigerator.

Door Style

Refrigerators are generally classified into a few broad fridge types based on their door style. The most common door styles include French-door, side-by-side, top-freezer, and bottom-freezer doors.

  • French-door: French-door refrigerators have two doors. Often there is an upper fridge section with two half-width doors and a bottom bucket-style freezer section. This trendy fridge style is a popular pick for its aesthetic appearance and convenient layout. The double doors make it easy to see what’s in the fridge, and they require less space to swing open. The bucket-style freezer is spacious but can be difficult to keep organized due to its lack of shelving.
  • Side-by-side: As their name suggests, side-by-side refrigerators have a fridge and freezer section positioned side by side. Each side has a full-length door, which means you don’t need to bend down to access either section (other than to reach the lower shelves). These fridges also tend to have more freezer space. However, since they’re split almost down the middle, each section is rather narrow, so it can be hard to store wide items in the fridge or freezer.
  • Top-freezer: Top-freezer refrigerators have a freezer compartment that sits on top of the main fridge with a single door. This traditional fridge style may have a less stylish reputation, but they tend to be more affordable and compact. These fridges are often simpler and may lack in premium features, but a good top-freezer is dependable and easy to use. One downside is that you need to bend to use much of the fresh-food fridge section, although the freezer is more easily accessible than other types.
  • Bottom-freezer: Bottom-freezers have the exact opposite layout from top freezers, with a bottom-freezer section and a main single-door fridge compartment on top. This design keeps fresh food within easy reach, but you’ll need to bend down to access the freezer. A bottom-freezer refrigerator is a half-bucket-style freezer.

Interior Design

The fridge’s interior design is arguably more important than the exterior design to many practical cooks; it is where the food is stored, after all. Besides looking nice, a good fridge interior will have a user-friendly layout and high-quality easy-to-clean shelving that won’t break with heavy use. The best GE fridges meet both of these criteria, and some have a few extra features to boot.

Adjustable shelving is often a welcome feature, allowing you to change the shelving layout to suit different needs demanded by everyday life and party prep. Freezers can also feature adjustable shelving, or when it comes to bottom freezers, two-level shelving, to improve organization.

Some GE refrigerators also have premium organization features like door-in-door and two-drawer French-door designs. Door-in-door refrigerators have a two-part door. An openable front panel gives access to the in-door shelves from the front of the fridge, without needing to open the entire door. To access the main section of the fridge, open the door as normal.

A common complaint of bottom-freezer and French-door freezers is the bucket-style freezer, which can quickly become disorganized as items become buried in the deep-freezer drawer. To make organization easier, some GE fridges have two smaller bottom freezer drawers instead of one large one.

Color and Finish

As one of the largest appliances in many homes, the fridge is usually noticeable upon entering the kitchen, so many want one that is attractive. GE refrigerators tend to have basic designs; the brand’s fridges aren’t innovative in terms of style, but the simplistic silhouettes blend with most typical interior-design aesthetics.

GE fridges are available in neutral finishes. Stainless steel is a trendy choice, popular because it looks good in most contemporary kitchens. GE has many options with fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, which helps maintain a cleaner appearance. The brand also sells several fridge models in classic white or black finishes. One of its more unique offerings is a bisque finish, a cream color for those looking for something different.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to shopping for a refrigerator, an easy and reliable mark of energy efficiency is to look for the Energy Star label. The Energy Star program is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-led program that evaluates and certifies energy-efficient appliances. When appliances meet the group’s energy standards, they receive Energy Star certification and can display the blue Energy Star label.

Stricter modern energy-efficient regulations and incentivisation by the Energy Star program has made many new refrigerators more efficient than ever. As a top manufacturer of fridges in America, GE carries plenty of energy-efficient and (even better) Energy Star-certified fridges. GE’s Energy Star-certified fridges are 20 percent or more energy efficient than standard models.

Additional Features

Water dispensers and ice makers are common features consumers look for in fridges. These convenient devices dispense cold, room-temperature, or hot filtered water or cubed or crushed ice at the press of a button. Some GE refrigerators have an advanced water-filter system (using a RPWFE water filter) that removes more contaminants than standard water filters, including lead, chlorine-resistant cysts, BPA, select pharmaceuticals, and more.

As an innovative refrigerator brand, there are several GE fridge models with smart features. These WiFi-enabled fridges (some have built-in Wi-Fi and others have the option to add a Wi-Fi Connect Module, a plug-in dongle to connect the fridge to Wi-Fi) are powered by GE’s SmartHQ with plenty of functionality through compatible smartphones. You can check fridge status, like the current temperature, and receive alerts for temperature changes, filter replacements, an empty ice maker, or if the door is left open. It also allows for some controls, like to adjust the temperature, turn the ice maker on or off, and control the Sabbath Mode as well as the Turbo Cool and Freeze modes (these are two modes that boost the cooling ability of the fridge to bring the temp back down after frequent or extended door openings).

Tips for Measuring for a GE Refrigerator

Measuring for a refrigerator sounds straightforward, but there are a few more factors to consider than when measuring for other large household items, like a desk or a couch. The job is still easy if you keep a few key tips in mind.

First, start with measuring the space where the refrigerator will be installed. Measure the height, depth, and width, and make sure to measure the space at its narrowest point to ensure the fridge will fit. It doesn’t hurt to take multiple measurements just in case of any slightly crooked cabinets or uneven floors.

Once you have the measurements, there are a few other factors to take into account. Most refrigerators will need clearance behind the fridge for air to circulate and to prevent the fridge from overheating. A minimum clearance of 2 inches from the back wall, a 1-inch clearance above, and a ⅛-inch gap on either side of the fridge is a general recommendation, but check the manufacturer’s guide for your fridge’s accurate space requirements.

Another extra aspect to take into account is the refrigerator door. Make sure there’s enough space for the fridge and freezer doors to open fully (with enough space for the person opening them as well!).
Lastly, fridges are one of the largest appliances in a home, so make sure there’s also a large enough delivery path to get the new fridge into the home.

  • Measure the height, depth, and width of the kitchen space.
  • Take the needed clearance for air circulation into account.
  • Make sure there’s enough space to swing the doors open.
  • Ensure a clear delivery path to get the new fridge to the kitchen.


A new refrigerator is a big purchase, and with so many options available, buying the best refrigerator for your needs can quickly feel overwhelming. Narrowing down a refrigerator brand is a good place to start. Consumers who choose a top GE fridge are generally prioritizing reliability and excellent everyday performance for a reasonable price.

While many GE fridges won’t have the frills and fancy features of some other brands, top-rated refrigerators do their job reliably and look nice while doing so. Still on the fence about the best fridge for your kitchen? Read on for some answers to frequently asked questions about choosing a GE refrigerator.

Q. How long do GE refrigerators last?

GE refrigerators have a similar lifespan to other high-quality fridges and will likely last an average of 10 to 15 years.

Q. How do I choose the right size GE refrigerator?

Measure the height, width, and depth of the intended fridge space. Take clearance room for air circulation and the doors to open into account to figure out the best fridge dimensions for your kitchen.

Q. What is the difference between GE Profile and regular GE refrigerators?

The GE Profile line is one of GE’s product lines. Refrigerators in this line are a step up from regular GE refrigerators. GE Profile refrigerator models often feature more modern and stylish designs, both in terms of aesthetics and smart features.

Q. What brand is best for refrigerators?

GE is one of the best refrigerator brands (and best kitchen appliance brands in general), amongst other top refrigerator brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and Maytag.

Q. Which fridges are the quietest?

A refrigerator’s noise level can vary from model to model, even among models from a specific brand like GE. Like many of the best fridge brands, GE fridges don’t include a decibel rating. It’s helpful to research consumer reviews when shopping for a quiet fridge to get an idea of how quietly the fridge performs in a home setting.

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