2024 Guide: What Affects the Cost of Professional Cigarette Smoke Removal House?

Residual cigarette smoke is unpleasant and even downright toxic. Professional cigarette smoke removal from a house costs between $200 and $1,000, depending on the size of the home and the removal method.
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  • The typical cost to professionally remove cigarette smoke odor from a home is between $200 and $1,000.
  • The most significant cost factors for this project include the size of the house, the severity and accessibility of the smoke damage, and the treatment type used.
  • Lingering smoke smells, discolored walls, and allergens are all signs that a home needs professional cigarette smoke removal.
  • While there are some DIY cleaning methods for this project, set-in cigarette smoke smells may need to be removed with professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions.
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Smelling cigarette smoke upon entering a home is not only unpleasant, it can have adverse effects on the health of those who live inside. According to Darren Hudema, the director of training and technical services at PuroClean, “Cigarette smoke is not just a nuisance; it poses serious health risks, even long after the last cigarette has been extinguished. Homes harboring cigarette smoke residue can become a silent breeding ground for health hazards, impacting both occupants and the structure itself.” Whether the residents just moved into the former house of a smoker or plan on cutting ties with smoking and are ready to eliminate the damage, professional cigarette smoke removal house services will completely remove any smoke smells or residue from the home.

According to HomeAdvisor and Angi, professional cigarette smoke removal costs range from $200 to $1,000. The size of the house, the extent of the smoke damage, and the removal methods used all contribute to the actual cost.

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Key Cost Factors

The visible residues and smells associated with past cigarette smoking will permanently remain in a home until they are intentionally removed. Professional cigarette smoke removal from a house costs vary depending on how much of the home has been affected by the smoke and the methods used for removal. “The chosen restoration company’s expertise, equipment, and service offerings will influence pricing,” Hudema adds. “Finally, geographic location and local market rates can also impact the overall cost of cigarette and cannabis smoke removal services for homeowners.”

House Size

Cigarette smoke removal services cost depends a lot on the size of the home. The larger a home, the more hours it will take to clean and treat the affected surfaces and systems. There also may be additional costs associated with accessing basements and second floors. If a smoker isolated their smoking to one room or a certain part of the home; smoke removal services would be required only in that area, reducing the overall cost. Homeowners will want to let the professional smoke removers know which areas require treatment or ask for their opinion based on their experience in removing smoke smell from homes.

Smoke Severity and Accessibility

Some homes are more severely affected by smoke damage than others. According to Hudema, “The extent of smoke contamination and the size of the affected area play significant roles, as…more heavily contaminated areas may require more extensive cleaning and treatment measures. Additionally, the severity of odor penetration into porous materials, such as carpets or upholstery, can affect the complexity and cost of the removal process.” It will take longer for a cigarette smoke odor removal service to clean a home with heavy smoke damage that extends throughout the entire house, which will increase both labor and material costs.

If parts of the home that need cleaning are difficult to access, this will result in a higher project cost due to the additional labor required to reach them. For example, if an affected room has vaulted ceilings, professionals may need to use scaffolding or ladders to treat them.

Treatment Type

There are several different methods that can be used to remove smoke smells from a house depending on the location and extent of the damage. Homes with persistent odors may require duct cleaning to remove traces of smoke and prevent it from circulating. Furniture and textile deodorizing and hard-surface cleaning can extract odors that are set into materials around the home. Ozone treatment and thermal fogging are chemical treatments that odor removal services use to treat severely impacted homes.

Additional Costs and Considerations

If the extent of the smoke damage is more severe, there are a few additional cigarette smoke removal house cost factors that might also come into play. These include additional projects such as carpet cleaning or replacement and hardwood floor refinishing, which may add to the cost of professional cigarette smoke removal if the damage is extensive and can’t be fixed with traditional smoke removal methods.

Sealing and Painting

After the professional smoke removers have removed as much cigarette smoke from walls and ceilings as possible, the next step is to paint over or seal the surfaces. The cost to paint the interior of a home ranges from $966 to $3,046, depending on the total square footage. The best paint or sealant for covering smoke stains or smells is solvent based and stain blocking. This type of product prevents smoke particles from seeping through the paint layers. A standard household paint will not work, as the smoke residue will begin to seep through in just a few weeks.

Carpet Cleaning or Replacement

Removing smoke odors from carpets can be difficult, as the sticky smoke chemicals cling to fabrics. A professional smoke removal company will first start by cleaning the carpets in an attempt to remove the smoke remains. Professional carpet cleaning costs between $122 and $235, depending on the total square footage. If carpet cleaning is ineffective at removing the smell, carpet replacement is the only option left. While carpet installation costs can be pricey at $785 to $2,805, this is the one of the best ways to eliminate smoke odors for good.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

In addition to the smell that may permeate hardwood flooring, stains and burn marks due to cigarette usage can be a problem. The cost of refinishing hardwood floors ranges from $1,098 to $2,653, depending on how many rooms need to be refinished. In most cases, hardwood floors do not have to be replaced due to cigarette smoke damage, and refinishing will be sufficient to remove the evidence of smoke.

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Types of Smoke Removal Methods

In addition to surface cleaning and duct cleaning, there are two more advanced methods for professional cleaning of a smoker’s house: thermal fogging and ozone treatment. Each treatment can be used to remove cigarette smoke smell from fabric, carpets, drywall, and other elements in the home that may be affected. Professional odor removal costs will depend on which method (or methods) are used.

Removal TypeAverage Cost
Duct cleaning$200 to $500
Furniture and textile deodorizing$200 to $1,000
Hard-surface cleaning$200 to $400
Ozone treatment$200 to $400
Thermal fogging$200 to $600

Duct Cleaning

Cigarette smoke will reach just about every corner of a home, including the air ducts. Professional duct cleaning is the best way to remove smoke residue from an HVAC system and costs between $200 and $500. If the residual smoke inside air ducts is not removed, it will continuously spread throughout a home. Air duct cleaning costs depend on the size and type of ductwork, the number of vents, and the accessibility of the system. Homeowners will want to consult an HVAC professional to complete a system inspection and provide a cost estimate. In most cases, the air ducts are first cleaned to remove all smoke residue, then sanitized to kill any remaining bacteria.

Furniture and Textile Deodorizing

The chemicals in cigarette smoke are sticky and bond easily to the particles found in fabrics and other upholstery. “Fabrics and textiles contaminated with smoke and nicotine must undergo laundering with heavy-duty detergent and potentially vinegar additives to neutralize odors,” says Hudema. “For non-washable fabrics, professional dry cleaning may be necessary. Carpets and upholstery will require deep cleaning with carpet cleaners or steam cleaners to extract embedded nicotine particles, while textiles and tapestries may require professional dry cleaners to remove odor and residues.” While furniture that has recently been moved into a smoker’s home might not be affected, pre-existing textiles like carpet, wallpaper, and curtains can hold on to the smoky odors. Smoke chemicals can be removed from furniture and textiles with deodorizing; standard furniture and textile deodorizing costs anywhere from $200 to $1,000. The process is completed through a technique called thermal fogging, which costs between $200 and $600; it extracts smoke from fabrics by heating and spraying a deodorizing agent in a fog form.

Hard-Surface Cleaning

Cleaning and scrubbing all surfaces in a home are usually the first steps taken by a smoke removal company. A hard-surface deep cleaning can cost between $200 and $400. This process aims to remove smoke and ash residue present on the surface of walls, floors, and ceilings before more penetrative measures are used, such as ozone treatment and thermal fogging. Depending on the extent of the damage, homeowners could clean hard surfaces with common household staples like vinegar and baking soda, but for extensive damage a specialized cleaning product may need to be used by a professional.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatment costs anywhere from $200 to $400. Rather than remove the smoke particles, though, ozone treatment works to chemically change the structure of the smoke molecules in order to eliminate the smell. “Ozone generators produce ozone gas, which reacts with and neutralizes odor-causing molecules in the air and on surfaces,” says Hudema. “Ozone treatment is highly effective at eliminating stubborn smoke odors but requires specialized equipment and safety precautions.” An ozone treatment process can take many hours depending on the extent of the smoke damage.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging treatment uses specialized equipment to remove smoke from fabrics and textiles. According to Hudema, “This technique involves dispersing a deodorizing fog throughout the affected area, which penetrates porous surfaces and effectively eliminates smoke odors at the molecular level.” Cigarette smoke removal companies typically charge between $200 and $600 for this service, depending on how long it takes. In thermal fogging, a deodorizing agent is vaporized into a foggy solution that, one heated and sprayed onto the smoke-damaged surface, can penetrate deeper than traditional cleaning methods and extract smoke particles. Multiple treatments may be required to completely remove the smoke smell.

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Do I need professional cigarette smoke removal?

Homeowners commonly use fragrance, fresh coats of paint, or one of the best air purifiers for smoke to cover up the smells and signs of cigarette smoke damage before selling their house. While those methods may work temporarily, there are several signs of smoke damage that would respond better to professional cigarette smoke removal, including lingering smoke smell, discoloration of surfaces and fabrics, and any allergies that the residents of the home have.

Lingering Smoke Smell

Once a masking fragrance goes away, a smoker’s home will almost always have a lingering smoke smell. The particles in cigarette smoke seep into permeable objects like fabric, upholstery, and drywall, and they can also build up around door frames, wall trim, and light fixtures. The smoke remnants carry a lingering odor that is hard to ignore. Professional cigarette smoke removal services are necessary to completely remove this smell from a home.

Discolored Walls and Other Surfaces

Cigarette smoke carries not only a smell but also toxic chemicals like nicotine into every nook and cranny of a home. Together, these chemicals create a yellowish-brown color that sticks to and stains walls and other surfaces. Over time, these stains will further permeate drywall, wood, and flooring and become almost impossible to remove with everyday household cleaners. According to Hudema, “Cigarette smoke residue can also damage the structure of the home itself. The acidic nature of tobacco smoke can corrode surfaces, discolor walls and ceilings, and deteriorate materials over time.” A professional smoke removal company will use the right combination of chemicals and cleaners to remove the discoloration. If removal of the stains is impossible, the materials must be replaced.

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Smoke particles trapped in a home from past residents can still affect the current residents. The Mayo Clinic defines the buildup of smoke on surfaces over time as thirdhand smoke. Symptoms of allergies triggered by smoke chemicals include difficulty breathing, wheezing, headaches, watery eyes, and more. Hudema adds, “Prolonged exposure to these pollutants has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even certain types of cancer due to the carcinogens found in the chemicals of smoking products. Pregnant women and infants are particularly vulnerable, as exposure to cigarette smoke residue during pregnancy or early childhood can have long-lasting developmental and health consequences.” Additionally, if any residents in a house have pre-existing conditions like asthma, symptoms can become exacerbated in a smoker’s home. Running one of the best air purifiers in the home may mitigate thirdhand smoke somewhat, but professionally removing any smoke residue is the only way to completely eliminate this health hazard.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Removing cigarette smoke is usually a long process requiring specialized equipment and cleaning agents. While DIY smoke smell removal methods exist, they are generally only temporary solutions. The best odor eliminator products, such as candles and air fresheners, may work for mild cases, but for homes that have experienced cigarette smoke for months or even years, the most effective and long-lasting way to get rid of smoke smell is with the help of a professional odor removal service.

Professional smoke removal house cost ends up being worth it in the long run. Smokers’ house cleaning must be comprehensive to be effective. A smoke removal company will evaluate the specific needs of the home, recommend multiple removal methods, and use professional equipment to destroy the smoke particles. Once the cigarette smoke removal process is complete, homeowners can rest easy knowing their home is free from the harmful toxins produced by cigarettes. Hudema adds, “With their expertise and advanced odor removal techniques, professionals can effectively restore homes to their pre-smoke condition, allowing homeowners to breathe easy once again.”

While cigarette smoke removal is necessary for the health of those who live in a house, homeowners who plan on selling their house should strongly consider hiring a professional if the smoke smell is severe. A home that smells strongly of cigarette smoke will be off-putting to many buyers and may even result in the homeowner having to accept a lower offer on their home than they would have liked.

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How to Save Money

While most of the tasks associated with cigarette smoke removal services must be completed by trained professionals, there are a few things homeowners can do to save money on smoke odor removal service cost.

  • Shop around. Request quotes from at least three professional smoke removal companies to compare costs and services.
  • Improve accessibility. Temporarily relocate furniture to help the smoke removal company reach all areas affected by the cigarette smoke in the home.
  • Pre-clean the home. Perform a surface-level cleaning of the house before the smoke removal company arrives so the technicians can focus on smoke-related cleaning only.

Questions to Ask a Pro

As homeowners begin to search for “cigarette smoke removal services near me” and discuss services with smoke removal companies, they’ll want to consider asking these qualifying questions.

  • Are you licensed and insured for this type of work?
  • Do your technicians have the proper training and certifications for this work?
  • What cigarette smoke removal method do you recommend? Will you use multiple methods?
  • How long will the smoke removal process take? Will the process require repeat treatments?
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
  • Does any of the flooring or drywall need to be replaced?
  • What is your past experience and success with similar projects?
  • Will the smoke smell ever come back once it’s been professionally removed?


There is a lot to know and learn about getting rid of cigarette smoke smells in the house. In order for homeowners to make the best decisions for the health of their home, they’ll want to get their most pressing questions answered.

Q. Can cigarette smoke smell be removed from a house?

Cigarette smoke smell can be removed from a house using certain cleaning and repair methods. Homeowners can start by airing out the space and cleaning the surfaces with a baking soda or vinegar wash. If the smoke damage is more excessive from long-term cigarette use, the best option is to hire a professional cigarette smoke removal house company. The company will use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to completely remove the smoke odor.

Q. How do I deep clean a smoker’s house?

To deep clean a smoker’s house, start by cleaning the walls and ceilings with a baking soda, dish soap, and water mixture. After two rounds of cleaning, seal the walls with a solvent-based, stain-blocking primer that will lock in the smoke particles. Next, replace all of the fixtures throughout the home that have been affected by the smoke, including but not limited to lighting, switches, outlets, doorknobs, and appliances. Finally, get the air ducts professionally cleaned and sanitized. If this process seems like a lot, consider hiring a cleaning service for smokers’ houses to complete all of these tasks instead.

Q. How long does it take for smoke to clear out of a house?

Smoke from one cigarette can clear out in 2 to 3 hours, but persistent smoke smells from repetitive cigarette use can take weeks to months to clear out.

Q. How do professionals remove smoke odor?

Professionals remove smoke odor with a combination of methods. First, they thoroughly clean every hard surface in a home. Then, they seal any remaining smoke particles into walls and ceilings by applying a heavy-duty sealant. Smoke damage cleaning companies may also use deodorizing agents to extract smoke particles from fabrics and textiles.

Q. Does cigarette smoke stay in walls?

Cigarette smoke does stay in walls. The toxic particles in cigarette smoke will stick to walls and ceilings. In most cases, the residue can be removed only with professional cleaning services that use specialized equipment and robust cleaning agents.

Q. Can you paint over cigarette smoke?

While painting over walls affected by smoke may work temporarily, it is not a permanent solution. Instead, the walls will need to be thoroughly cleaned before they are painted to prevent the odor from returning.

Q. Can you tell if a house has been smoked in?

Homes that have been smoked in often have a lingering cigarette smell, sometimes referred to as thirdhand smoke, that has to be professionally removed. Walls and other materials in the home may also take on a brown or yellowish tint due to being coated in tobacco residue. It’s important to note that exposure to thirdhand smoke can be toxic to both people and pets.

Q. What absorbs the smell of smoke in a house?

There are a few nontoxic ingredients to use to get rid of smoke smells in a house. Sprinkling baking soda on carpets and furniture before vacuuming can help. Placing bowls of activated charcoal around the home and simmering vinegar on the stove are other methods for getting rid of odors in the house.

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