The Best Door Handles and Knobs for Interiors

Choosing the best door handles isn’t just a matter of what looks good—view recommendations based on quality, ergonomics, ease of installation, and longevity. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Door Handles Option


The array of options for interior door handles is mind boggling. A quick search will yield thousands of styles and finishes. Choosing the best door handles for your home means narrowing down your options based on design and function, special features, ease of installation, and budget.

When choosing a design, look to the other door handles or knobs in your home and the overall aesthetic. Would a matching item work best, or are you into an eclectic style that calls for something different? Functionality also matters: Is a locking handle necessary? What about a lever versus a smooth or textured knob? If the door handle is used multiple times a day, every day, it could be more advantageous to go for a higher-end model for the sake of usage and wear instead of going with a budget pick.

There are doorknobs available at almost every price point, from low-cost to expensive. If you’re looking to outfit an entire home with similar knobs on each interior door, look at sets that are within a reasonable budget. When choosing one door handle as a stunning statement piece, expect a higher price tag.

Ease of installation is another factor to consider. Most handles are do-it-yourself when it comes to installation, requiring only a few basic tools to complete the job. Some handles, however, might require drilling new holes into the door or installing backing plates and other hardware, making the job more complicated. When choosing the best door handles for your home, consider the cost of hiring a professional, if necessary, and add that to the overall price of the door handle itself.

Our Top Picks

We kept all these considerations in mind when looking at the hardware for our list. After some in-depth research, this guide showcases some of the best door handles available.

Best Overall

The Best Door Handles Option: Probrico Bed/Bath Door Levers Wave Style (10 Pack)

Made of stainless steel with a satin nickel finish, this 10-pack of lever, wave-style handles by Probrico is ideal for interior doors. A latch bolt easily locks the door, and an emergency release tool can unlock the door from the outside, eliminating the need for a key. The adjustable universal latch fits doors between 1 1/4  and 1 3/4  inches, making it suitable for most interior doors.

Designed to fit both left- and right-handed doors, these handles are easy to install with simple tools, as they come with all the necessary pieces included. It’s good to note the latch plate cannot be removed from the latch, so expect to install this as seen in the photographs with no modifications.

Though this particular set features a wave handle, which is great for ergonomics, it’s also available in a variety of other levers and knob styles.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Door Handles Option: Copper Creek BK2030SS Ball Privacy Door Knob

This privacy doorknob from Copper Creek provides just what one would expect from a simple doorknob at a price that’s easy on the pocketbook. Choose from antique or polished brass, antique nickel, polished or satin stainless steel, or Tuscan bronze finishes.

This is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Grade 3 knob, designed to withstand over 200,000 uses. The privacy locking function is meant for interior doors only; in the event of an emergency or accidental locking, release the lock easily with a screwdriver or coin.

The auto-screw alignment feature makes this handle easy to install with basic tools, while solid brass cylinders and nickel-plated bolts help ensure less wear and tear on the knob over years of use.

Best Decorative

The Best Door Handles Option: Knobonly 3-Pack Genuine Crystal Privacy Doorknobs

With the impressive look of genuine crystal in a diamond shape, this three-pack of privacy doorknobs from Knobonly features a satin nickel finish on the rosette. Designed for a door thickness between 1 3/8 and 1 3/4 inches, the heavy-duty construction helps ensure longevity, while the included hardware makes it easy to install with a simple screwdriver.

Fully reversible, these doorknobs can work for either left- or right-hand doors. If you’re interested in coordinating a specific look throughout the home, you can find matching cabinet knobs and door pulls through Knobonly, as well as larger sets of crystal privacy doorknobs to outfit the entire house.

Best Modern

The Best Door Handles Option: Kwikset 91550-023 Lisbon Door Handle Lever

This door handle’s sleek polished chrome finish, slim lever, and square plate are suitable for modern home decor styles. The zinc-constructed handle is available in five finishes and is easy to install into an existing door hole with just a few screws.

Fully reversible for left- or right-handed doors, this handle is also American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and approved for use by those with disabilities. It’s also an ANSI Grade 2, making it a stronger option than most interior door levers.

A simple locking mechanism requires only the push of a finger to activate and includes a pin release to make getting into a locked door fast and simple.

Best Vintage

The Best Door Handles Option: Schlage F10 GEO 716 BRK Georgian Passage Knob

In elegant matte black, aged bronze, or satin nickel finishes, this door handle from Schlange works well on standard door depths. The round, Georgian-style knob is enhanced by a stylistic plate that adds an elegant antique element to home decor.

This Schlage door knob is intended for use on interior doors that don’t require a lock, such as closets or pantries. It does come with a latch and strike plate, however, so the door will stay firmly closed.

The doorknob is a bit shorter than others on the market, so it is likely not a good ergonomic option for those who need a larger or easier-to-turn knob. Using an angled Phillips head screwdriver might be a good idea for do-it-yourself installation.

Easiest to Assemble

The Best Door Handles Option: Probrico (6 Pack) Classic Closet Dummy Door Knob

These classic closet knobs are non-turning handles designed to be pulled to open the door, rather than turned to open a latching mechanism. Given this, the installation of these doorknobs is very easy, with only two screws required to attach them to an interior door between 1 3/8 and 1 3/4 inches thick.

The exterior finish is brushed nickel, and no door prep is required. Simply follow the instructions for installation. Using a screwdriver, gradually tighten up the screws on each side to help ensure a solid and proper fit against the door. It might be helpful to use a 90-degree angled screwdriver to get the job done.