The Best Electric Screwdrivers, Tested

Save time and avoid hand fatigue on your next DIY project by investing in an electric screwdriver.

Best Overall

The Bosch GO Professional Cordless Electric Screwdriver and its accessories on a white background.

Bosch GO Professional Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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The Milwaukee M12 ¼-Inch Hex Electric Screwdriver Kit and its accessories on a white background.

Milwaukee M12 ¼-Inch Hex Electric Screwdriver Kit

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Black+Decker 4V Max LightDriver Cordless Screwdriver on a white background.

Black+Decker 4V Max LightDriver Cordless Screwdriver

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For DIY projects that call for a lot of manual screwdriving in places too tight for a trusty drill, an electric screwdriver may just be the power tool for the job. Electric screwdrivers work similarly to drills but are more compact, allowing users to get into tighter locations, like under the basement stairs or behind the furnace.

The best electric screwdrivers have powerful torque and ergonomic shapes that fit easily into the hand for a firm grip and precise control. Their motorized torque prevents the wrist strain and hand fatigue that come with using a manual screwdriver, making them an ideal option for many projects.

We wanted to make sure we were suggesting only the best electric screwdrivers to add to a tool box, so we tested the following models in a variety of applications. Read on to learn more about what we found.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Bosch GO Professional Cordless Electric Screwdriver
  2. RUNNER-UP: Milwaukee M12 ¼-Inch Hex Electric Screwdriver Kit
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Black+Decker 4V Max LightDriver Cordless Screwdriver
  4. UPGRADE PICK: DeWalt 8V Max Gyroscopic Electric Screwdriver Kit
  5. BEST IN-LINE: DeWalt 8V Max Gyroscopic In-Line Electric Screwdriver
  6. BEST KIT: Makita 3.6V Electric Screwdriver With Li-Ion Battery
  7. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: Bosch PS21-2A 12V Max Two-Speed Pocket Driver Kit
  8. BEST LIGHT-DUTY: Worx 4V Max Li-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver
A person testing the best screwdriver option on a piece of wood with several other electric screwdrivers on a table in the background.
Photo: Tom Scalisi for Bob Vila

Before You Buy an Electric Screwdriver

Before buying an electric screwdriver, be sure that it’s really the tool for the job. To that end, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Manual screwdrivers are less expensive than electric screwdrivers and don’t require a battery source for use. Users have to rely on their own power to achieve sufficient torque from a manual screwdriver, which can be difficult when working with harder materials like oak, mahogany, or ebony wood.

An electric screwdriver offers more power and does the work for the user. With large projects that require driving many screws in a short time frame, an electric screwdriver is a great option. For jobs that require a lot of torque to drive large screws deep into concrete or metal, then a drill or impact driver may be more suitable.

Electric screwdrivers fill the gap between a manual screwdriver and a drill to provide a more balanced driving experience that won’t strip screws or wear the user out. If that sounds like the right tool, then read on.

How We Tested the Best Electric Screwdrivers 

We wanted to make sure this buying guide suggested only the best electric screwdrivers, so we rounded up some top-tier models and put them through hands-on testing. Here’s what we did:

First, we put them through a torture test of sorts. We found a piece of wet, dense-grain Douglas fir and drove standard exterior-grade screws into it as well as standard construction screws. We timed how long it took each of the cordless screwdrivers to remove the exterior screws, switch directions, and drive them back down. We then switched bits in the middle of the test and moved to the construction screws to repeat the process. This test told us quite a bit about these models’ power output, as some began to overheat in hand or simply couldn’t handle the task.

Next, we tested ease of use. It just so happened that there was a kitchen cabinet remodel going on in one of our houses, and we used these electric screwdrivers to attach cabinet hardware. With swinging cabinet doors and raised heights to work with, this can be a pain with traditional power tools. Most of the models excelled here.

Finally, we took an ill-advised venture into electronic repair, using each of these models to remove and replace screws in a vacuum, a TV monitor, and an old Xbox controller. We lost some screws, and these items may never work correctly again, but we were able to assess these screwdrivers’ usefulness in these scenarios.

A person testing the best screwdriver option on a piece of wood with several other electric screwdrivers on a table in the background.
Photo: Tom Scalisi for Bob Vila

Our Top Picks

These models are among the best electric screwdrivers available based on price, effectiveness, and reputation. We put them through their paces, testing their power and ease of use.

Best Overall

Bosch GO Professional Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 5 Nm
  • Max speed: 360 rpm


  • Features a comfortable grip with rubber overmolding
  • Pressure-sensitive mode activates as soon as enough pressure is applied to seat the tip of the driver bit
  • Burly, heavy-duty construction in a compact size with durable plastic housing


  • The push button is slightly sensitive and can activate tool too soon

When the job calls for a high-quality electric screwdriver that’s both compact and comfortable to use, there are few better options than the Bosch GO Professional Cordless Electric Screwdriver. This in-line electric screwdriver features a 3.6V rechargeable battery built into the screwdriver, and it comes with two bits, a charger, and a hard carrying case.

This electric screwdriver has plenty of features to boast about. It has a five-position adjustable clutch, with a sixth position for maximum power (5 Nm at 360 rpm). It also offers Smart Stop tech, which stops the driver bit when it begins to slip to prevent stripping the screw. It also has two modes of activation: press-button or pressure-sensitive, activating as the user pushes the bit firmly against the screw. It also has an electronic brake, which is supposed to stop the bit as soon as the pressure is released.

In all honesty, this electric screwdriver was everything we’d hoped it would be. It’s powerful, compact, and comfortable. It had no issue driving screws in and out of our wet framing wood despite its compact size. We really enjoyed the pressure-sensitive trigger mode as we felt it was the easiest activation method in this lineup. However, the push button was a bit sensitive for our taste, often activating before we were ready to fasten.

Get the Bosch GO electric screwdriver at Amazon.


Milwaukee M12 ¼-Inch Hex Electric Screwdriver Kit

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 19.8 Nm
  • Max speed: 500 rpm


  • Comfortable ergonomic grip with rubber texture allows for extended use
  • Adjustable clutch with 15 settings plus drill mode
  • Lots of power to drive and remove stubborn screws
  • Carrying case and extra battery for easy storage and longer usage time


  • Heavier at 2.2 pounds, making it harder to use for an extended time

DIYers searching for an electric screwdriver that bridges the gap between a manual screwdriver and a full-blown power drill should consider Milkwaukee’s M12 Electric Screwdriver Kit. This sturdy screwdriver comes with a soft carrying case, a charger, and two 1.5-amp batteries for plenty of runtime on heavy-duty projects.

This model from Milwaukee features a staggering 19.8 Nm (175 inch-pounds) of torque, providing plenty of punch for stubborn screws. And, it can drive or remove screws at speeds up to 500 rpm. This electric screwdriver also features an adjustable clutch with 15 settings and a drilling mode as well as an onboard LED work light, a built-in battery gauge, and a belt clip.

This is one heavy-duty screwdriver, and we thoroughly enjoyed using it during our tests. We appreciated the adjustable clutch first, as 19.8 Nm is far too much for electrical plates and some electronics. Also, we liked that it came with two batteries and a carrying case, though its sturdy construction tells us it doesn’t really need the protection. The grip was the most comfortable in our tests, with well-designed ergonomics and a rubber texture. However, it is considerably longer with the battery attached than most of the others on this list, making it slightly more difficult to manipulate in tight spaces. Our only real complaint is that it’s almost as heavy as a standard drill.

Get the Milwaukee electric screwdriver at The Home Depot.

Best Bang for the Buck

Black+Decker 4V Max LightDriver Cordless Screwdriver

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: N/A
  • Max speed: 180 rpm


  • Adjustable handle adjusts to 3 grip positions
  • Very lightweight yet powerful enough for basic tasks
  • Affordable price point for the features offered


  • Not enough power for medium- or heavy-duty jobs
  • Light isn’t bright enough for practical flashlight use

This variable-grip electric screwdriver can be adjusted from in-line at zero degrees to a pistol grip at nearly 90 degrees for enhanced maneuverability. The 4V 1.5Ah battery provides enough power for very light-duty DIY tasks like hanging pictures, removing remote-control screws, or replacing home signage.

This screwdriver is a bargain selection that won’t leave shoppers’ wallets too light after purchase. It also includes a light that can be used on its own as a flashlight or for light-guided screwdriver use, and at just 1 pound, it won’t leave arms aching.

The one thing that we feel this screwdriver really has going for it is its price point. For the price, it’s an extremely good deal. It has flexible grip positions, a relatively comfortable trigger, and it’s lightweight. We do think it’s very underpowered for anything more than the tasks we described above, and the light is very weak, but for the price, it’s a great option.

Get the Black+Decker 4V Max electric screwdriver at Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Acme Tools.

Upgrade Pick

DeWalt 8V Max Gyroscopic Electric Screwdriver Kit

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 4.5 Nm
  • Max speed: 430 rpm


  • Sturdy construction, particularly for a flexible screwdriver
  • Bright LED ring around the front of the screwdriver for functional light
  • Comfortable rubber grip for less hand strain
  • Flexible in-line or pistol-grip positions suit a variety of jobs


  • Gyroscopic action takes some getting used to

DeWalt’s 8V Max Gyroscopic Electric Screwdriver Kit might be one of the most flexible screwdriver options on the market. This model features a convertible handle that twists to provide an in-line grip or a pistol grip, allowing users to choose the most comfortable position for their needs. And, to add to the comfort, this model doesn’t have a trigger or activation button. With just a twist of the wrist, the gyroscopic action activates, driving the screw until the user twists back.

This model comes with a battery, charger, and a soft carrying case. It also has a bright LED ring around the driver bit and a built-in battery gauge for tracking the remaining juice. As far as the power and speed, it offers 4.5 Nm (40 inch-pounds) of torque and 430 rpm, all of which the user can control with the 15-setting clutch.

Testing proved what we already believed to be the case: This is one sweet screwdriver. We liked the flexibility between the pistol or in-line grip, and the action felt more secure and sturdy than other flexible models. We’re still struggling to get the hang of the gyroscopic action, but the speed, torque, and comfortable rubber grip will make the adjustment worth it.

Get the DeWalt Gyroscopic electric screwdriver kit at Amazon.

Best In-Line

DeWalt 8V Max Gyroscopic In-Line Electric Screwdriver

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 4.5 Nm
  • Max speed: 430 rpm


  • Comfortable rubber grip to reduce fatigue and strain
  • Plenty of speed and power for a variety of tasks from driving screws in dense wood or simply replacing a doorknob
  • Built-in LED work light for illuminating dark corners


  • Gyroscopic action takes some getting used to

For those looking for a powerful cordless screwdriver with the same grip as a manual screwdriver, the in-line design of the DeWalt 8V Max Gyroscopic In-Line Electric Screwdriver may be just the ticket. Users can charge the 8V 1Ah battery with the included battery docking station and, once charged, monitor the battery with the power indicator on the side of this lightweight 1-pound screwdriver.

The in-line design can be difficult to use in tight spaces, but the gyroscopic action that simply requires twisting a wrist to drive the bit makes it very convenient. Also, this model boasts several helpful features, including a built-in LED light, a smaller-size battery pack that can charge a battery in just 1 hour, a variable-speed setting of up to 430 rpm, and a torque of 4.5 Nm.

We’ll be honest. Even after hours of use and testing, we aren’t used to the gyroscopic action. We aren’t really able to get the hang of the speed adjustment yet, but we do appreciate the technology. Beyond getting the hang of it, we liked that it had plenty of power and speed as well as a built-in LED work light. The grip was also extremely comfortable, which is probably even more important with a gyroscopic screwdriver than it normally is given that the user has to twist their hand to adjust the speed.

Get the DeWalt Gyroscopic In-Line electric screwdriver at Amazon, Lowe’s, Acme Tools, or Toolbarn.

Best Kit

Makita 3.6V Electric Screwdriver With Li-Ion Battery

See It

Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 4 Nm
  • Max speed: 220 rpm


  • Flexible, variable grip so it adapts to many jobs
  • 81-piece kit full of driver bits to tackle various tasks
  • Great value at its price point


  • Plastic handle offers very little grip
  • Clumsy thumb trigger

Would-be DIYers who worry about not having the right bits or kits should check out this electric screwdriver from Makita. This variable-grip screwdriver allows the user to choose between in-line or pistol-grip orientation, and it comes with an 81-piece kit full of driver bits and attachments, so users can almost always have what they need.

This screwdriver features a built-in 3.6V battery with a 1.5Ah rating, as well as a USB charging cord. It has an LED light that activates with a switch on the bottom of the screwdriver. It also has a thumb-activated trigger for forward and reverse operation, provides 4 Nm of torque, and spins at up to 220 rpm.

Let’s start with our biggest complaint: the hard plastic handle. It’s not great. There isn’t any rubber overmolding or finger contours to promote grip. This is especially troublesome since this model has a thumb trigger. This combo makes holding onto it a bit of a challenge, as it prevents the user from wrapping their thumb around the handle. Otherwise, we really appreciated the full kit of bits, the variable grip, and the fact that it’s quite a value at its price point.

Get the Makita electric screwdriver at Amazon.

Best Heavy-Duty

Bosch PS21-2A 12V Max Two-Speed Pocket Driver Kit

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 30 Nm
  • Max speed: 1,300 rpm


  • Plenty of speed and torque for heavier-duty jobs
  • Compact design is a good blend of size and power
  • Adjustable clutch positions for controlling output


  • Slightly heavier than some light-duty models

Folks who’d like to keep a handy, powerful electric screwdriver on hand for tough tasks but don’t want to lug a full-size drill around may appreciate this model from Bosch. The PS21-2A features a top speed of 350 rpm in one setting, and a top speed of 1,300 rpm in the other. And, this model produces up to 30 Nm (265 inch-pounds) of torque.

This kit is relatively bare bones, as it comes with two 12V 2Ah batteries, a charger, the screwdriver, and a carrying case. However, its power makes up for any lack of accessories. Plus, for those worried about it having too much power for small electronics screws or fastening cabinet hardware, this model features a 20-position clutch, preventing it from stripping screws or overtightening fasteners in delicate hardware, as well as an additional position for drilling.

We thought this electric screwdriver was excellent. It was the most powerful in testing, driving screws quickly, easily, and faster than other models in the test. We also found that it was the best blend of size and power—much smaller than even a compact impact driver. We appreciated that it came with 2Ah batteries, as the next closest in the comparison was only 1.5Ah. Also, the 20-position clutch was, well, clutch, as this model does have the ability to strip some screws. But otherwise, it has plenty of speed and torque for typical fastening needs, and the rubber grip made it comfortable for prolonged use—a good thing too, since it is a bit heavy.

Get the Bosch PS21-2A electric screwdriver at Amazon or Lowe’s.

Best Light-Duty

Worx 4V Max Li-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver

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Product Specs

  • Power source: Rechargeable battery
  • Torque: 5 Nm
  • Max speed: 300 rpm


  • Well designed for light-duty use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable contoured grip with rubber overmold


  • Not as powerful as it claims

If the electric screwdriver’s storage destination is the junk drawer, the Worx 4-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver might be one of the best options out there. This light-duty screwdriver is compact, and it comes with a small hard case with bits, meaning DIYers will always have what they need in that junk drawer.

This model features a 4V 1.5Ah battery, and it provides up to 300 rpm of speed and 5 Nm of torque (44 inch-pounds). Users can dial that torque up or down with the press of a button, choosing from three settings. It also has an ergonomic rubber grip as well as two built-in LEDs to illuminate the fastener.

At first use, we struggled to find a place for this model from Worx. While it says it provides up to 5 Nm of torque, that sure felt like an overestimation to us. However, once we started using it for electronics, the comfortable grip, speed, thumb-activated button, and torque control started to shine. We also liked that this tool feels sturdy and well constructed in the hand. It was at that point we realized that despite the seemingly overestimated power rating, this is a quality tool that has a place in most DIYers’ tool kits.

Get the Worx 4V electric screwdriver at Amazon or The Home Depot.


Based on testing, these three models did not meet our standards.

Black+Decker AS6NG Cordless Electric Screwdriver

The Black+Decker AS6NG Cordless Electric Screwdriver offers a budget-minded price point, but for a similar price, there are models with much more power that are much more comfortable than this model’s semi-textured plastic handle.

Worx WX255L SD Driver With Screw Holder

The Worx WX255L SD Driver With Screw Holder seemed essentially like a gimmick, with the screw-holder attachment falling off constantly and the bit-changing magazine being frustratingly difficult to manipulate, especially with gloved fingers. It was also underpowered for a pistol-grip model, as it was unable to drive screws through denser wood grain, where other models had no issue.

Skil Rechargeable 4V Screwdriver With Circuit Sensor

The Skil Rechargeable 4V Screwdriver With Circuit Sensor has an extremely awkward activation collar and a very weak drive. It could not handle our torture test, and the fact that it requires two hands to hold the screwdriver in place and then switch the collar in most cases is a massive inconvenience.

Jump to Our Top Picks

A person testing the best screwdriver option on a piece of wood with several other electric screwdrivers on a table in the background.
Photo: Tom Scalisi for Bob Vila

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Screwdriver

Don’t invest in a new electric screwdriver without learning about its most important features. The considerations below will help with finding the best cordless screwdriver for any need.


With motorized power, electric screwdrivers can replace manual screwdrivers for all but the most basic jobs. However, not everyone needs a heavy-duty electric screwdriver, so be sure to decide what it will be used for before buying one.

Most cordless models come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, while others accept disposable batteries to eliminate the recharging wait time.

The power output of an electric screwdriver is measured in volts.

  • Lighter models average about 3 to 7 volts (V) of power. These lower-voltage screwdrivers are great for light- to medium-duty applications, like assembling furniture, hanging wall decorations, or other simple tasks with low- to medium-density material.
  • Heavy-duty electric screwdrivers are best for high-density materials like metals or hardwoods. Buyers should consider a heavy-duty option with voltages that fall between 8V and 15V if they are expecting to do a lot of work with an electric screwdriver that would be too demanding for a lighter model.

Ultimately, pairing a light- to medium-duty electric screwdriver with a powerful cordless drill is likely the best option for a cost-effective solution for just about any screwdriver need.


Torque is a measurement of how much force an electric screwdriver is capable of exerting on a screw in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The higher the amount of torque, the more force is used to turn the screw.

Torque is measured in Newton meters (Nm). (Torque may also be expressed in inch pounds; 1 Nm equals 8.851 inch-pounds.) Electric screwdrivers can have a torque between 1 Nm on the lighter side and up to 27 Nm for heavy-duty models. However, 27 Nm is quite high for an electric screwdriver, with most options falling between 3 and 10 Nm, which is more than enough force for the majority of DIY projects. If shoppers are concerned about regularly working with high-density material, they should opt for a higher-torque option.


The speed of an electric screwdriver is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). Lighter electric screwdrivers will have an average speed of 150 to 300 rpm, but they can exceed this number.

Keep in mind that while a higher speed means that the screwdriver rotates faster, this can cause the screwdriver bit to slip and strip the screw if the user is not able to control the tool. This is a good consideration for any increase in power, speed, or torque for an electric screwdriver. The best electric screwdrivers have variable-speed control to suit different tasks.

For most people, a constant rate of 150 rpm is already more than what is used to drive screws manually, so any of these speed options will help get the job done quickly and without fatigue.


Electric screwdrivers come in several forms for maneuverability, including fixed-pistol grip, variable grip, and in-line.

  • Fixed-pistol grip electric screwdrivers have a pistol shape, hence the name. The small handle and finger trigger allow users to hold the screwdriver without it slipping, regardless of the speed and torque being exerted.
  • Variable-grip electric screwdrivers have an adjustable grip that users can bend, rotate, and reposition for the best access and maneuverability. These adjustable grips are great for those concerned about space restrictions or those who can’t decide between a fixed-pistol grip and an in-line screwdriver.
  • In-line electric screwdrivers resemble manual screwdrivers but function the same as any other electric model. Due to their straight grip, they can more easily slip through gloved hands if the speed or torque is too high, or if hands or the grip of the screwdriver is wet or slippery. This option is great for those who want to make the switch to a powered screwdriver but prefer the feel or compactness of a manual screwdriver.


The battery power for an electric screwdriver is measured using milliamp hours (mAh) for small batteries or amp hours (Ah) for larger batteries, with 1,000 mAh equaling 1Ah. A 1Ah battery is capable of producing 1 amp of energy for 1 hour of time.

Alternatively, a 1Ah battery can produce 10 amps of energy but can do so for only 6 minutes. Keep in mind that cordless screwdrivers are used only intermittently on projects, and a 1Ah battery loses power only when the screwdriver is in use. Lithium-battery options are the most common.

The average Ah rating for electric screwdriver batteries is between 0.5 and 2.5Ah. When it comes to an electric screwdriver’s battery life, users should consider the following: the availability of electric power for recharging; the average length of use; and the power, torque, and speed requirements of the screwdriver, as higher energy output drains a battery faster.


The size of the electric screwdriver is important to consider because size ultimately indicates the power of the tool. A larger tool has a more powerful motor, but keep in mind that it will be heavier as well.

Electric screwdrivers tend to weigh between 1 and 3 pounds, though some heavy-duty exceptions can weigh up to 5 pounds. A 1- or 2-pound screwdriver may not seem like a lot of weight to manage, but when used for a long period of time, even a lightweight screwdriver can cause some hand, arm, and shoulder fatigue.

Extra Features

Electric screwdrivers, like most common power tools, come with various features intended to make the job easier and set them apart from other models.

  • A magnetic screw holder extends from the front of the tool so users don’t need to hold the screw while using the screwdriver with the other hand.
  • An adjustable clutch system allows users to raise or lower torque levels that the screwdriver can exert.
  • An instant-stop feature prevents the tool from driving if the screw jams or is fully screwed in. This stops the transmission of torque from the tool to the hand and arm, saving users some aches and pains.
  • LED lights provide extra visibility when working in dimly lit spaces.
  • Kits come with electric screwdriver accessories like multiple bits and a carrying case. More advanced sets include add-on tools such as a manual screwdriver or cutting wheel.


Still not completely confident about which kind of electric screwdriver you need? Take a look at these popular questions and their answers below.

Q. Is an impact driver the same as an electric screwdriver? 

Impact drivers and electric screwdrivers share some similarities, but they are different tools. Think of an electric screwdriver as a smaller, lighter, and less powerful version of an impact driver. An electric screwdriver is designed for occasional use, while an impact driver can withstand frequent, prolonged usage. An impact driver is built for heavier-duty tasks—basically a midpoint between an electric screwdriver and a power drill.

Q. How do I choose the right electric screwdriver? 

Think of the tasks you’ll take on with the screwdriver. For light- to medium-duty tasks, like assembling furniture and hanging wall decorations, 3 to 7V are sufficient. Heavy-duty jobs involving high-density material like hardwood require 8V or more. Battery life for electric screwdrivers varies from 0.5 to 2.5Ah, with higher values amounting to longer runtimes. The force produced by an electric screwdriver, or torque, ranges from 1 Nm on the lighter side up to 27 Nm for heavy-duty models.

Also, consider the grip. Fixed-pistol grip electric screwdrivers feature a small handle and trigger operation. Variable-grip electric screwdrivers can bend and rotate to reposition the grip for enhanced maneuverability. In-line grip electric screwdrivers feature a straight grip that more closely resembles a manual screwdriver.

Beyond these essential considerations, there are additional features available, such as variable speed, torque adjustment, built-in LED lights, and included screwdriver bits.

Q. What is the difference between mAh and Ah ratings in batteries?

One thousand mAh is equal to 1Ah, and both are measurements of how much electrical current is discharged from a battery over a period of 1 hour. Higher numbers equate to a longer battery runtime for electric screwdrivers, with shorter lifespans being measured in mAh and longer lifespans measured in Ah.

Q. How can I make the battery life last longer in electric screwdrivers? 

To make the battery life last longer in an electric screwdriver, always charge the battery fully, then use the screwdriver until the battery runs out. Don’t leave the battery charging longer than necessary, and do not remove the battery from the charger if it has only a partial charge.

When storing the electric screwdriver, store away from high heat or freezing temperatures. Also avoid storing the battery near magnetic objects and metals, as these materials can seep power from the battery.

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