The Best Flooring for Dogs That Will Hold Up Through the Years

Keep your furry friends happy and your floors looking spick-and-span with the best flooring for dogs.

Best Overall

Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring for Dogs

Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Best Bang For The Buck

Trafficmaster Laminate Wood Flooring for Dogs

Trafficmaster Laminate Wood Flooring

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Best Tile

Corso Italia Tile Flooring for Dogs

Corso Italia Tile Flooring

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The best flooring for dogs is made to withstand daily life with our four-legged friends. From muddy paw prints and bathroom accidents to dents and scratches, your precious pooch can give your floors quite a beating.

Jennifer Meska, head of merchandising at LL Flooring, a floor retailer, says, “Pets can be notoriously hard on your flooring, but there are many excellent options for hard-surface materials and finishes that will stand up to the scuffs and scratches that come from our furry friends.” Suitable flooring for pets holds up against scratches, dents, and grime to look neat and attractive for longer. Read on for the features to look for in the best flooring for dogs, and explore our top picks for durable, pet-friendly flooring.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Trafficmaster Laminate Wood Flooring 
  3. BEST TILE: Corso Italia Tile Flooring
  4. BEST BAMBOO: Cali Bamboo Flooring
  5. BEST LAMINATE: Pergo Outlast + Laminate
  6. BEST VINYL: Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring
  7. BEST CARPET: Lifeproof Playful Moments II Textured Carpet
A dog laying down on flooring

How We Chose the Best Flooring for Dogs

New flooring is a big investment, and if you have a dog, you’ll want to make sure your flooring can handle life with pets. When choosing our top picks, we kept a few key features in mind. All the products we considered had to be easy to clean, durable, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant within reason. The floor’s finish can also have a major impact. Dr. Sara Beth Ochoa, a veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of West Monroe in Louisiana, suggests matte or satin finishes rather than high-gloss: “They do a better job of hiding minor scratches or scuffs from pet nails and paws.”

We narrowed down our top choices by examining product specifications and consumer reviews to ensure the flooring holds up to everyday life with dogs. We chose trusted brands and retailers with a track record of providing high-quality flooring products.

Flooring is a major design decision for your home, so we prioritized attractive flooring options. For even more flexibility, we looked for products with an array of colors or finishes so users can customize their ideal flooring.

Our Top Picks

The best flooring for pets is tough, easy to clean, and attractive. Read on for our top picks for pet-friendly flooring that combines beauty and durability to hold up to your furry friends.

Best Overall

Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Luxury vinyl
  • Dimensions: 48 inches long by 8.7 inches wide
  • Features: Waterproof, scratch-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, stain-resistant


  • Permanent ScratchProtect coating eliminates the need for refinishing over time
  • Features an antimicrobial coating, making it resistant to mold and mildew
  • Several finish options to complement virtually any color palette


  • The 6-mil wear layer option is slightly thinner than other protective coating options

As the name suggests, Lifeproof’s flooring is made to withstand everyday life, even in busy homes with dogs or children. This luxury vinyl plank flooring is easy to install: The click-lock installation can be done as a DIY project or by professional installers. It interlocks for a fully waterproof seal, and a preattached underlayment adds comfort and soundproofing.

Lifeproof’s luxury vinyl plank flooring has a wide shade range of realistic woodlike finishes. The top of each plank is embossed to look and feel like real hardwood, so shoppers can achieve the wood look without the high price tag.

With excellent scratch and stain resistance, this flooring is suitable for homes with dogs. Lifeproof’s ScratchProtect permanent coating protects against everyday wear without the need for polishing or refinishing down the line. As an added bonus, an antimicrobial coating on the bottom and top of planks resists mold and mildew growth.

Get the Lifeproof vinyl flooring for dogs at The Home Depot.

Best Bang For The Buck

Trafficmaster Laminate Wood Flooring

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Laminate
  • Dimensions: 50.63 inches long by 7.6 inches wide
  • Features: Scratch-resistant


  • Glueless installation system provides quick, secure plank connections
  • This flooring is compatible with some radiant heating systems
  • TrafficMaster scratch-resistant wear layer protects against dogs’ claws


  • This product is not waterproof or antimicrobial, so it may not be suitable for all pet owners

Pet owners looking for an affordable flooring option will appreciate the price of Trafficmaster’s laminate wood flooring. It features the brand’s 7-millimeter scratch-resistant wear layer for optimal durability and is rated for heavy residential use. It comes in two colors—a warm, rustic pecan shade and a cooler stone color—providing options to suit a variety of home decor styles. Both colors come with low-gloss finishes, making any scratches and dents less apparent. The flooring is easy to install due to its glueless system, which ensures strong plank connections. It’s also Underwriters Laboratories Greenguard Gold certified for low indoor air emissions, making it a health-conscious choice.

Get the Trafficmaster flooring for dogs at The Home Depot.

Best Tile

Corso Italia Tile Flooring

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Porcelain tile
  • Dimensions: 24 inches long by 12 inches wide
  • Features: Waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant


  • Class 4 abrasion resistance is suitable for heavy traffic in residential spaces
  • Features an absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent, making it truly waterproof
  • Slip resistance greater than or equal to 0.42 dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF), making it safe to walk on even in wet conditions


  • Ordering in multiple batches may result in color variation

Corso Italia’s porcelain tile offers a stylish quartzite look and comes in a variety of colors. Each tile measures 24 inches long by 12 inches wide with a 0.325-inch thickness, and each case includes eight tiles covering 15.5 square feet. It’s constructed from Grade 1 first-quality porcelain with a glazed, slightly textured finish that adds character.

This tile is waterproof and scratch-, stain-, and even frost-resistant, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The tile’s slip resistance meets American National Standards Institute standards, ensuring safety in wet conditions, although it’s not recommended for extremely wet outdoor areas like pools. The porcelain is made from natural materials and is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and PVC, making this tile an eco-friendly addition to a home.

Get the Corso Italia flooring for dogs at The Home Depot.

Best Bamboo

Cali Bamboo Flooring

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Dimensions: 72 inches long by 5 inches wide
  • Features: Water-resistant, dent-resistant, scratch-resistant


  • Extremely durable; 3 times denser than oak due to fossilizing process
  • Eco-friendly; made from sustainable and responsibly harvested bamboo
  • Ultra-low VOC and FloorScore certified, making it safe for families and pets


  • Water-resistant but not waterproof; spills should be cleaned up quickly

Bamboo is naturally durable, with inherent water and scratch resistance, making it a great alternative to traditional wood flooring for pet owners. On the Janka hardness rating scale, strand woven bamboo has a rating of around 5000, making it significantly harder than woods like maple and fir. Bamboo is also a renewable resource, making it a sustainable pick for those seeking an eco-friendly option.

This bamboo flooring from Cali Bamboo features a rich mocha color, and the planks, measuring 72 inches in length by 5 inches in width by 0.55 inches in thickness, are suitable for installation on or above grade over wood or concrete subfloors.

Get the Cali Bamboo flooring for dogs at Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

Best Laminate

Pergo Outlast + Laminate

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Waterproof laminate
  • Dimensions: 47.24 inches long by 5.23 inches wide
  • Features: Waterproof, scratch- and dent-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant


  • Waterproof; protects against water damage from spills and accidents
  • Holds up to heavy traffic due to scratch and dent resistance
  • Easy click-lock installation and pre-attached underlayment for easy installation


  • The smooth finish of this flooring may be slippery for some dogs

Any dog owner knows that accidents happen, whether it’s a knocked-over water bowl or a bathroom training mishap. Pergo Outlast + Laminate is a waterproof flooring option that makes an excellent choice for dog owners. Pergo is so confident in their laminate that they recommend their flooring for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms where spills happen. When installed correctly, this laminate flooring will hold up to steam



Rated AC4 for heavy-duty residential and medium commercial use, these durable laminate planks are scratch-, dent-, and stain-resistant. With a realistic wood pattern, they’re an affordable way to add the wood floor look to a room without the hassle. Easy click-lock installation and a preattached underlayment make these planks easy to install.

Get the Pergo flooring for dogs at The Home Depot.

Best Vinyl

Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Luxury vinyl
  • Dimensions: 47.6 inches long by 7.5 inches wide
  • Features: Waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant


  • Scratch- and stain-resistant ceramic-bead surface coating
  • Embossed, realistic wood-grain finish and embossing
  • Various color options likely to please most flooring shoppers


  • Only suitable for indoor, temperature-controlled environments

Vinyl flooring is generally waterproof and comes in a range of attractive finishes, making it a top choice for dog owners. The Home Decorators Collection vinyl plank flooring is a mid-priced choice that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean for pet-friendly flooring in any room. Best of all, with its no-glue drop-and-lock installation, this flooring is easy to install.

An enhanced ceramic-bead coating makes this flooring a durable option and helps it resist scratches and stains. With a realistic wood-grain finish and luxurious embossing, this vinyl plank flooring offers the rich look and texture of a hardwood floor without the extra maintenance. The larger size planks make for dramatic flooring that also holds up well to daily wear and tear.

Get the Home Decorators Collection flooring for dogs at The Home Depot.

Best Carpet

Lifeproof Playful Moments II Textured Carpet

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Product Specs 

  • Material: Carpet
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Features: Stain protection, odor resistance


  • Features 27 vibrant, fade-resistant colors to match different decor styles
  • Eco-friendly with Federal Housing Administration and Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Plus certification
  • Low VOC emissions; promotes a healthier indoor environment


The Lifeproof Playful Moments II carpet is affordable and durable, making it ideal for pet owners. It’s available in 27 neutral fade-resistant colors, providing an option to suit any home.

It’s crafted from a blend of polyester, polypropylene, and triexta fibers, giving it a high-density texture that feels luxurious underfoot. On top of being comfortable, this carpeting also has properties that resist soiling, stains, and odors. This protection remains effective over the years, even after multiple cleanings. The fibers used to make this carpet repel moisture and keep it on the material’s surface, making it easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends annual hot water extraction cleanings to keep the carpet looking brand new.

Get the Lifeproof carpet flooring for dogs at The Home Depot.

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What to Consider When Buying Flooring for Dogs

The best flooring for dogs is attractive and hardy, made to withstand the daily wear and tear that our furry companions can inflict. There are plenty of flooring types to choose from, so shoppers can find a pick that is tough as well as attractive. When choosing dog-friendly flooring, consider the type, size, maintenance requirements, and additional features like slip, scratch, and water resistance.

Types of Flooring for Dogs

When it comes to the best flooring for dogs, material is one of the most important factors. Certain flooring types hold up much better to the common concerns of dog owners, such as moisture, scratches, and dirt.
Tile is one of the more durable materials against the scratches and dents that come from little nails. Since it’s so smooth, it’s also incredibly easy to clean in the event of muddy paw prints or puppy accidents.

Tile flooring is super versatile, with a huge variety of tile types, textures, and colors available. Keep in mind that porcelain tile is more durable and less porous than ceramic tile, making it a better choice for households with dogs.

Tile isn’t only popular for pet owners; it’s also generally one of the best flooring types for kitchens and bathrooms. A few downsides of tile floors is they can feel very cold underfoot in the winter. Grout lines can also easily become dirty and stained over the years.


Laminate floors are attractive and easy to clean. They offer the elegant look of hardwood floors but are generally cheaper and require less maintenance.

Laminate flooring can be damaged by standing water, but water-resistant options are less sensitive, so there’s no need to panic if Fido has an accident or knocks over the water bowl. Laminate flooring is also scratch- and scuff-resistant, but to ensure it can withstand dogs, look for flooring with an abrasion class (AC) rating of 3 or higher. One downside of laminate is that it can be very slippery, which can be a hazard to some dogs.
Vinyl is popular for its beautiful look; easy cleanup; and resistance to water, stains, and scratches—all traits to look for in good flooring for dogs. Luxury vinyl planks can look very similar to hardwood or other popular flooring types, but often with a lower cost and less maintenance.

One downside of vinyl is that it can dull over time. To put off dulling, look for a thicker wear layer (the protective top surface of the vinyl flooring) to keep the vinyl’s sheen and protective properties longer. The wear layer is measured in mils and can range from 6 to upwards of 20 mils. The higher the mils, the more durable, although anything within this range is considered suitable for residential use.


Looking to set up a small faux grassy patch for your dog? If you want to add the look of grass without the maintenance of a lawn, turf is an excellent option. It is easier to maintain while giving dogs the satisfaction of a grassy yard.
Other Materials
Hardwood floors are timeless and beautiful, but many types don’t hold up well to the daily wear and tear of dog ownership. Hardwood floors need frequent maintenance and can be prone to moisture damage, dents, and scratches. If shoppers are set on hardwood floors (they are pretty irresistible, after all), there are ways to make it work. Choose the hardest wood option possible or opt for a rustic, textured appearance, which can hide scratches. Also, consider damage-resistant finishes to better withstand wear and tear.

Carpets aren’t the top choice when it comes to households with pets, but many can’t resist its cozy plushness. You can definitely make the right carpet work, even in a home with dogs. Carpet is comfortable underfoot and is nonslip, making it the perfect surface for dogs to snooze and play. If you choose carpet, opt for a lower pile and look for options that are durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.


When shopping for flooring, consider the rooms being refloored, their primary uses, and their sizes. Shoppers may wish to choose different flooring types for different rooms, such as tiles for a bathroom and vinyl for a living room. If the plan is to hire an installer for your project, they’ll take care of most of the hard work. For DIY installs, measure each room accurately and get a little more supplies than needed, just in case of any installation hiccups.

Upgrading flooring is an expensive endeavor, so also consider the cost of the amount of flooring needed. One type might look inexpensive when looking at square footage costs, but those costs can quickly add up when installing flooring for a whole room or the entire home.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Messes are inevitable with a dog. Whether it’s muddy paw prints or a bathroom oopsie, floors will bear the brunt of the problem. For dog owners, simple maintenance and cleaning are top priorities. Not only will it make cleaning messes easier, but easy-to-clean flooring is also less likely to stain or absorb odors.

Hard and nonporous flooring types like tile, laminate, and vinyl are among the easiest to clean and maintain. Fur won’t stick to their surface, and they can be easily mopped to get rid of other messes.

Carpet and hardwood flooring require more maintenance. Carpets need diligent cleaning (a good vacuum comes in handy, especially with shedding dogs). They can be tougher to clean if there are liquid messes, so look for a stain-resistant option. Hardwood floors are among the most difficult to maintain, requiring cleaning, polishing, and eventual refinishing.

Anti-Slip Feature

If you’ve ever seen a dog slide across a slippery floor, you can imagine the importance of an anti-slip finish. While puppies might not mind the rough and tumble of slick flooring, senior dogs may have some trouble with slippery surfaces. To keep pooches safe and happy, consider flooring with an anti-slip finish.

Laminate flooring tends to be a slippery option, so it’s important to keep that in mind before installation. For better traction, consider choosing textured laminate flooring. Buyers can also add an area rug or runner to make laminate less slippery. Tile, vinyl, hardwood, and carpet tend to be less of a slip concern and are suitable for most dogs.

Scratch Resistance 

Scratch resistance is a major flooring concern for dog owners. Even the most well-manicured dog’s paws have nails that can scratch sensitive flooring, especially if the dog is rambunctious.

Most dog owners forgo hardwood flooring because it can be easily damaged by dogs’ nails. If you’re set on hardwood, consider a hardwood variety or engineered hardwood planks, which tend to hold up better.

Laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet have excellent scratch resistance to hold up to the click-clack of claws. Plus, laminate and vinyl can be made to look like hardwood, so buyers can take advantage of the attractive look without their floors getting scratched up.

Tile and carpet are naturally pretty scratch-resistant when it comes to dogs. Carpets may show some damage if sharp claws are involved, but they won’t show gouges like sensitive hardwood floors will.

Water Resistance 

Water resistance is another significant concern when it comes to flooring in pet households. No matter how well-trained a pooch is, accidents can happen. Not to mention, dogs will occasionally track water, snow, and mud into the house and knock over the water bowl.

Tile and vinyl flooring are highly water-resistant and can tolerate standing water, which is why they’re a common choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Laminate is designed to be water-resistant but can become damaged if water seeps between its seams. Because of this, it’s best to avoid standing water on laminate flooring.

Keep carpet and hardwood as dry as possible to avoid any damage like molding or warping. If you have these flooring types with pets, avoid standing liquids.

The Advantages of Owning the Best Flooring for Dogs

Dogs make excellent companions and are beloved members of the family, but there’s no question that they can do a number on flooring. Whether it’s scratch marks, accidents, muddy paw prints, or piles of shedding fur, the best flooring options for dogs hold up to these concerns. A suitable flooring option will make you (and therefore your pooch) more relaxed about flooring mishaps.

High-quality flooring that is easy to clean as well as liquid-, stain-, and scratch-resistant is a sound investment for those with a dog. It will look nicer for longer and provide peace of mind that a rambunctious playtime or bathroom mishap won’t ruin the floors. These hardy flooring options are a good investment; if you have kids or are prone to spills and messes yourself, they’ll also hold up well to whatever you throw at them.

Dog-friendly flooring has many qualities most people look for in flooring, so there is an almost endless array of styles, textures, and colors available, from stain-resistant carpets to realistic wood-grain vinyls. Plus, these durable flooring options are lower maintenance than traditional options like solid hardwood, while still looking attractive. In short, dog-friendly flooring types are excellent for pet households—or any household—for the following reasons:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Stain- and scratch-resistant
  • Generally life-resistant overall to look attractive for longer


Installing new flooring is quite an investment, so you’ll want to find an option that both you and your dog will love. The right flooring for dogs can last for well over a decade, even with rambunctious pets. Read on for some frequently asked questions about choosing and maintaining your new flooring.

Q. Can dogs scratch vinyl plank flooring? 

High-quality vinyl plank flooring is very durable and scratch-resistant, so it should hold up well to the pitter-patter of paws. This type of flooring typically has a protective layer that shields it from scratches, dents, and stains, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its appearance over time. Cheaper or lower-quality vinyl flooring may not offer the same level of protection and could be more susceptible to damage from a dog’s nails.

Q. What type of flooring is most scratch-resistant? 

Very hard flooring like tile, stone, and concrete are the most scratch-resistant flooring types. Tiles—especially those made from porcelain—resist scratches well and suit various designs. Stone flooring, like granite and marble, combines durability with a high-end aesthetic, though softer stones are less resistant. Concrete is known for its strength and modern look, and it withstands heavy foot traffic and scratches.

Q. Which is better for dogs: laminate or hardwood? 

Laminate flooring is often a better choice for dog owners compared to hardwood. It’s more affordable, easier to maintain, and less susceptible to damage from pets. Laminate’s durability and resistance to scratches and stains make it well suited for households with dogs, offering a practical and cost-effective flooring solution.

Q. How do I clean flooring for dogs? 

It depends on the type of flooring and the type of mess. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s or flooring installer’s directions for cleaning. For everyday cleaning, a broom, vacuum, or mop can take care of small messes. Pet accidents may need some extra attention to prevent stains or odors.

Q. What types of flooring for dogs last the longest? 

Very hard flooring types like tile and concrete have long lifespans and hold up well to the messes dogs can cause. Vinyl is also an excellent choice, with some premium products offering lifetime guarantees.

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