The Best Hanging Planters for Indoors and Out

Plants add texture and appeal, whether on a patio or in a kitchen, and the best hanging planters will draw the eye upward to create a natural focal point.

Best Overall

The Best Hanging Planter Option: La Jolie Muse Hanging Planters

La Jolie Muse Hanging Planter Pots - Set of 2

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Hanging Planter Option: GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers

GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers

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Best Modern

The Best Hanging Planter Option: Abetree 2 Pcs Hanging Planters for Indoor and Outdoor

Abetree 2 Pcs Hanging Planters for Indoor and Outdoor

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Plants are an affordable way to add a pop of color and style to update indoor and outdoor rooms. In particular, hanging planters provide a few distinct advantages over growing plants in flower beds or perennial gardens. Plants in a hanging basket are less prone to insect infestations and the soil is often of better quality. Also, the planters serve as design elements in their own right, so it pays to put some thought into the selection process.

The best hanging planter should visually complement the room (or patio), provide adequate space for the plant’s roots to grow, and be made from durable materials to enjoy it for years to come. This guide will explore the most important factors to consider when shopping for the best hanging planter for indoor and outdoor settings and then review some of the top products on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: La Jolie Muse Hanging Planter Pots – Set of 2
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers
  3. BEST MODERN: Abetree 2 Pcs Hanging Planters for Indoor and Outdoor
  4. BEST FARMHOUSE: Mkono Galvanized Metal Wall Planter, Farmhouse Style
  5. BEST ECLECTIC: MyGift Dangling Southwest Desert Color Ceramic 4 Pot
  6. BEST GEOMETRIC: Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Decor
  7. BEST TERRARIUM: KnikGlass Set of 3 Wall Hanging Terrariums
  8. BEST MULTI-PLANTER: Umbra 1011748-660 Triflora Hanging Planter for Window
  9. BEST VARIETY SET: Amazon Basics Hanging Planter (3-Pack)
  10. BEST FOR PATIOS: La Jolie Muse Large Hanging Planters (Set of 2)
The Best Hanging Planter Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hanging Planter

Plants can be either focal points or secondary accessories in a room. Hanging plants draw the eye upward, creating a more substantial visual impact than a plant positioned on a table or the floor. For the best design effect, a hanging planter should be large enough to hold the desired plant specimen, be made from durable materials, complement the room’s style, and be hung securely. Personal style and preference play a significant role in selecting the best hanging planter as well as the best plants for hanging planters—but it also pays to consider a few other factors.


Choose a hanging planter that is attractive, but don’t discount its size. Various plant species require more or less room for root development, so select a planter that’s large enough to accommodate the desired plant. For example, spider plants are well suited for hanging planters because they drape and trail wonderfully, creating show-stopper appeal. However, they also tend to become root-bound, so they require a pot that’s a minimum of 8 to 10 inches in diameter. On the flip side, miniature succulents and air plants grow well in pots as small as a few inches across without becoming root-bound.

Size is also a factor for aesthetic and functional reasons. A tiny hanging planter in the corner of a large room with a vaulted ceiling won’t look nearly as appealing as a large decorative pot that better fills the space. When considering size, also keep in mind that the larger the planter, the heavier it will be, which means hanging it will likely involve drilling bolts into ceiling joists (or wall studs). Small, lightweight planters are often simpler to hang, requiring only the insertion of toggle-type bolts in the drywall.

Material and Form

Hanging planters are available in a wide range of materials, from molded plastic and ceramic to terra cotta and metal. Selecting the best hanging planter for a specific room requires analyzing the room’s overall theme, the decorating budget, and the desired visual effect. In general, selecting a planter made from a material that accentuates similar material in the room will help make it look like a part of the overall decor. For example, a chrome planter hanging above a chrome table will visually anchor both pieces, creating a feeling of unity.

The planter’s shape and form can also accentuate similar shapes in the room, or you can use it to add a contrasting effect. For example, a globe-shaped hanging planter will act as a visual anchor to pull together the look of other round shapes in the room, such as a globe ceiling fixture. Alternatively, a planter can add visual interest and a contrasting geometric appeal to a room with an abundance of cubical design elements.

Don’t rule out hanging more than one planter or hanging a multi-planter that offers more than one planting section for added foliage. When in doubt, print out an image of the planter you’re considering, and hold it up to imagine how it will look in the room.


A hanging planter will create the optimal visual effect if it complements the existing style of the room. Many individuals are looking to develop a distinct interior design style, and this should be a consideration when choosing the best hanging planter for an indoor or outdoor setting.

  • Modern: A bright chrome hanging planter or one that adds a bold splash of color is well suited to a home with modern decor. Look for clean lines and strong geometric patterns that match other elements in the room. Consider choosing a planter in a color that contrasts with the furniture or the draperies.
  • Farmhouse: The inherent charm of farmhouse design combines primary colors and a hint of rustic appeal to create a comfortable, lived-in feeling. Modern farmhouse design borrows elements from various styles, including country, minimalist, and even industrial. Select a hanging planter with simple lines in white, brown, or muted earth tones to complement the room.
  • Industrial: A top trending style, industrial design often incorporates iron elements that create a masculine look reminiscent of yesteryear factories and loading docks. To achieve this result, select a planter made from black iron—or an iron-look material—or one made from copper or brass. A heavy fiber rope or chain for hanging will complete the look.
  • Coastal: Bright, airy, and with dominant splashes of blues and greens, coastal design themes are natural backdrops for hanging plants. Look for planters in whites, tans, or shades of green, and opt for natural jute hangers to complement the planter.
  • Eclectic: This free-spirit style combines elements of bohemian and shabby chic allure. Select a planter with bold colors and lively patterns, or consider hanging multiple planters, each of a different size, design, or color. The eclectic look is all about breaking the rules and incorporating items that don’t follow strict design guidelines.
  • Traditional: In a traditional-style home, a wide variety of hanging planters suit the aesthetic as long as they don’t look too out of place. Look for planters with patterns or textures that repeat those found in other decor elements, such as an ornate fireplace or a Persian rug, to tie the look together. Opt for a planter in the room’s existing color scheme family, such as shades of the greens, blues, or browns that already serve as the dominant colors in the room.


Plants add decorative appeal, but only if they’re healthy, which means regular watering. Unfortunately, for those with busy lifestyles, watering can be overlooked until the plant suddenly appears dry and wilted. If adhering to a strict watering schedule isn’t in the books, consider a self-watering planter that features a reservoir that holds water and gradually disperses it into the soil. For those new to tending hanging plants, a self-watering container reduces the risk of both watering too little or too much, making it simpler to grow healthy plants.


Lightweight hanging planters are often suitable for installing on a wall or a ceiling using toggle-type bolts in the drywall. The bolt itself is key—some toggle bolts will safely hold up to 30 pounds of weight, while others will hold less. The best method for hanging heavier plants is to insert the fastener into a ceiling joist or a wall stud. If in doubt, go with insertion into a solid framing member rather than just the drywall.

Our Top Picks

The variety of plants that will grow well in planters is nearly endless, so the best hanging planter is the right size and design for the type of plant(s) an individual wants to grow. Read on to discover a selection of hanging planters that are at the top of their class in a variety of categories, taking into account the above mentioned factors, affordability, and overall quality.

Best Overall

La Jolie Muse Hanging Planter Pots – Set of 2

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Plants look better in pairs, and this set of two 10-inch planters from La Jolie Muse will showcase a duo of indoor or outdoor plants. Made from recyclable plastic combined with stone powder, these planters look like natural stone but are much lighter in weight. Choose from three design styles—white, light grey, and a marble pattern—to complement just about any home’s decor.

Each planter is 4.7 inches in height and includes a detachable drain plug and a water storage basin at its base to prevent dripping water if the baskets are used inside. These weather-resistant planters hang from an attractive braided rope that offers rustic charm, making them ideal for placing in a sunny window or on a covered porch or patio.

Best Bang for the Buck

GROWNEER 5 Packs Macrame Plant Hangers

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Plant lovers need not spend a lot of money to create a virtual wall of hanging plants or, alternatively, to add a hanging plant in each room of the house. This set of five GROWNEER Macrame Plant Hangers features various knot designs and lengths. Ranging from 35.5 to 48.75 inches, all of these hangers will hold pots up to 10 inches in diameter (pots not included).

Each macrame plant hanger is handcrafted from a light beige cotton cord—so no two are identical—and provides a metal ring at the top for attaching to an installed hook or L-bracket. Dress up a corner of a room, create a natural curtain of plants in front of a window for privacy, or hang plants on an overhead porch or patio ceiling to add a splash of nature and visual interest.

Best Modern

Abetree 2 Pcs Hanging Planters for Indoor and Outdoor

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Add contemporary flair to a covered porch or an interior window with the Abetree Hanging Planters that are equally suited for both indoors and outdoors. These modern-style hanging planters feature circular black metal rings, each measuring an ample 13.4 inches in diameter, with a pot support in the middle that holds a 5.5-inch pot (two black pots included). Each circular plant hanger boasts a sturdy hook at the top that connects to a 12.2-inch black rod, supporting the planter while adding a chic minimalist look.

Buyers will also receive two black metal hooks and two toggle-style bolts for hanging the planters on either wood or drywall. The pots do not contain holes, so Abetree recommends adding a few rocks to the bottom to keep roots from standing in water. Alternatively, users can drill two or three holes and place a small drip pan beneath the pot. No drip pan is necessary for outdoor use.

Best Farmhouse

Mkono Galvanized Metal Wall Planter, Farmhouse Style

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This set of two galvanized metal, wall-mounted hanging planters from Mkono is just the ticket to add a touch of quaint farmhouse flair to an interior wall or to dress up an exterior entry. Each rustic planter is 11.7 inches tall and features a flared design that measures 3.6 inches across at the base and 5.8 inches across at the top.

These wall planters are best suited to artificial plants or dried flower arrangements that do not require watering to prevent water from draining onto—and possibly staining—the wall. Soilless plants, such as air ferns, could also be an option. The planters include a variety of fasteners: metal screws for insertion in wood siding, toggle-type bolts for attaching to drywall, and soft-stick circle hooks that don’t require drilling a hole at all. Choose from a silver or a white finish.

Best Eclectic

MyGift Dangling Southwest Desert Color Ceramic 4 Pot

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Add a touch of Southwestern style to any home with these dangling hanging planters from MyGift that feature four soft earthy colors: blue, green, orange, and brown. Fill the pots with herbs or other small-variety plants and hang them indoors or under a covered porch to add a splash of color to any spot in a home.

Each pot is 3.7 inches in diameter and 3.7 inches in height and includes a drainage hole at the bottom. The entire hanger measures 30.7 inches from top to bottom, and the small caldron-shaped containers are connected with a natural jute rope, providing the authentic look and feel of the Southwest desert.

Best Geometric

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase u0026 Geometric Decor

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With its sleek geometric design that combines a smooth white ceramic pot with a brass hanger, the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase will become a focal point in any room. Use this indoor wall-mounted hanging planter by itself, or group two or more planters on the wall to create a custom living art display. This diamond-shaped planter is approximately 4.5 inches by 2.7 inches by 7.2 inches. The no-drain design makes it an optimal choice for plants that require minimal watering, such as succulents or air ferns.

Best Terrarium

KnikGlass Set of 3 Wall Hanging Terrariums

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Create a work of wall art with this set of three KnikGlass Wall Hanging Terrariums. Each globe-shaped, clear glass hanging planter features a flat area on the back that sits flush along the wall for stability. The set features three different planter sizes: 6 inches in diameter, 4.8 inches in diameter, and 4 inches in diameter. Additionally, the planters extend outward from the wall at 3.6 inches, 3 inches, and 2.6 inches, respectively, to create a pleasing staggered effect.

Add small rocks, gravel, or a soilless potting mix to grow mini succulents or air ferns. This set will complement modern, contemporary, or even eclectic decor with the contrast of glass containers and colorful plants. Wall fasteners are included.

Best Multi-Planter

Umbra 1011748-660 Triflora Hanging Planter for Window

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Achieve triple the plant power with the Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter. This multi-planter features three compact pots that are suspended by vertical metal ropes attached to a horizontal metal rod. Install the rod on a wall or a ceiling, and customize the length of each rope to stagger the individual hanging height of each pot. The white pots are made of sleek glass-like melamine, and the rod is stainless steel with a black finish. The planter is designed to fit a standard 24-inch kitchen window.

Best Variety Set

Amazon Basics Hanging Planter (3-Pack)

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Clean lines and the combination of ceramic and metal make this three-pack of hanging planters from Amazon Basics a complement to the contemporary aesthetic of any room. Display these small square planters—each measuring 10.11 inches by 4.79 inches by 5.71 inches from the top hook to the bottom of the planter—by hanging them on a wall or from a ceiling.

These hanging planters are available in a choice of two color/metal combinations—white and copper or white and brass—though other combinations are available when purchasing a two-pack or a single planter. The planters are ideal for plants that require minimal water, such as blooming cactus or succulents, as the pots do not contain drain holes.

Best for Patios

La Jolie Muse Large Hanging Planters (Set of 2)

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Dress up a patio or a porch with this pair of La Jolie Muse Large Hanging Planters. A combination of recycled plastic and stone powder gives these planters the rustic appeal of concrete without the weight. Each planter measures 13.2 inches in diameter and hangs from a natural braided rope that’s knotted at the top to slip over a hook. The pots are 6.7 inches tall and hang to a depth of 17.7 inches from the top of the rope hanger to the bottom of the container. This heavy-duty rope hanger is adjustable to allow the planters to fit the available patio or porch space.

Sturdy but lightweight, these planters are weather resistant, so they won’t crack, peel, or fade in inclement weather or beating afternoon sun. They each include four drainage holes to ensure overwatering won’t be an issue. Choose from four finishes—gray, speckled black, speckled yellow, and a marble pattern—and then fill these planters with trailing foliage or bright annual bloomers to naturally complement outdoor space.

Tips for Using Hanging Planters

Hanging plants are among the most affordable design elements for a home. By choosing a hanging planter that complements the home’s style and design and filling it with a plant that’s attractive and easy to grow, it’s possible to add a touch of nature without spending much. Plants differ in the amount of care they need; for example, ferns often flourish even during short periods of drought compared with orchids that require strict water schedules and a humid environment. By adhering to some general guidelines, plants are more likely to survive—and thrive—in a hanging planter.

  • Fill hanging planters with a commercial grow mix rather than soil from the yard that can bring insects into the home.
  • For most plants, the soil must drain well, so choose a planter with drain holes and place a small dish or drain pan beneath it to keep water from dripping onto the floor.
  • Select suitable plants for the available light conditions, in addition to the chosen environment—indoor or outdoor.

FAQs About Hanging Planters

Plants brighten a home and emit oxygen, so they can be a welcome addition to any interior or exterior space. For newbie plant owners or hanging planter novices, a few questions are to be expected. Check out some of the most frequently asked queries here.

Q. What plants are good for hanging planters?

Plants that vine and drape are the most suitable for hanging planters. Foliage and blossoms that spill over the sides add visual interest.

Q. Do hanging plants drip?

Any potted plant can drip after being watered, and it’s not an issue if the plant is hanging outdoors. However, if it’s hanging indoors, make sure the pot has an attached drip pan, or use a small dish to catch the drips.

Q. Where do you hang hanging plants?

Hanging plants are ideal for the corners of rooms, along walls, and in front of windows. The only hard and fast rule is to avoid hanging the plant where it will interfere with the walking path in a home.

Q. How often should you water hanging plants?

Research the specific plant’s water needs to be sure; in general, though, water a plant when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch.

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