The Best Headphone Stands to Organize Your Space

Quality headphones are a worthwhile investment for a work space or a gaming setup. A headphone stand stores, displays, and protects your gear and keeps your desktop organized.

By Jasmine Harding | Updated Apr 30, 2021 10:29 AM

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The Best Headphone Stand


A headphone stand provides a storage spot for banded headphones and reduces visual clutter in a work space. Many of these desktop accessories not only protect headphones and keep their cords organized and safe from damage but are also stylishly designed and therefore double as desk decorations.

Basic headphone stands are fairly straightforward, consisting of just a base and a hanging hook. More elaborate versions might include contoured designs, cable organizers, or USB and AUX ports. Regardless of the design, the best headphone stand is sturdy, stable, and styled to suit a user’s office needs. The following guide breaks down the features to look for in a headphone stand while also exploring some of the top stands on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Avantree Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand Hanger
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder
  3. BEST DUAL STAND: Avantree Neetto Dual Headphones Stand for Desk
  4. BEST UNDER-DESK: 6amLifestyle Universal Headphone Headset Stand
  5. BEST FOR GAMING: Razer Base Station V2 Chroma for Gaming Headsets
The Best Headphone Stands


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Headphone Stand 

A headphone stand provides a stylish storage spot for banded headphones. Beyond looking nice, they can also protect pricey investments. Stashing headphones in a drawer can cause damage; they can knock against other items or the cord can fray or tangle. A stand keeps headphones far from other objects—and beyond the reach of spills and messes. When choosing the best headphone stand for your needs, consider the stand type, material, how much space you have, and any additional features you want the stand to have, such as USB or AUX ports.


  • Desktop headphone stands are stand-alone units that can display headphones on a desk, a table, or a nightstand instead of tucking them into a desk drawer. Desktop headphone stands are a popular option, but other space-saving choices are also available.
  • Under desk models attach to the side of the desk. Some of these headphone holders clamp onto the desk edge, while others attach with screws or a sticker strip. These headphone organizers have a small footprint and take up little to no desk space.
  • Dual headphone stands are for storing two headphone sets. Many of these stands are designed with a T-shaped hanging bar, so you can hang a pair on each side without taking up more desk space.
  • Whether for gaming or working, some users may benefit from a headphone stand with added features, like USB and AUX ports. These features turn the stand into a multipurpose hub for connecting other devices.

Available Space

How much space is available to dedicate to a headphone stand is another factor that will inform your choice. Think carefully about how tall and wide a stand you can accommodate. Luckily, most headphone stands have a small footprint and don’t take up much valuable desktop real estate.

Headphone stands with larger bases often have add-ons such as storage trays or USB or AUX ports—these useful features justify their larger size. Some headphone organizers have trays or pockets to store items like charging cables, phones, and office supplies. Built-in cord organizers also reduce mess and free up desk space. Those who are tight on space should consider an under-desk headphone hanger that won’t cut into the working area.

While most stands accommodate universal headphone sizes, it’s prudent to make sure the headphones will fit on the stand, hook, or holder before pushing the “add to cart” button.


Headphones stands are commonly made of metal, wood, or plastic. They come in different styles and shapes, most with hanging hooks or contoured holders.

The design of your headphones has a lot to do with the stand material that will work best for your needs. For headphones with a padded headband, a soft, padded stand can prevent denting. Materials like silicone, foam, and rubber cradle headphones, leaving less of an impression in the padding. Softer materials can also keep the headphones from slipping off their holder.

Ample cushioning may be less of a concern for hard plastic or metal headphones, but these harder materials still need protecting. A headphone stand with a smooth finish prevents accidental nicks or scratches on headphones. Polished wood and smooth metal have clean, sleek finishes that are less likely to scratch a headphone headband. Rubber or felted feet under the base can prevent slipping or scratching the desk surface.

USB and AUX Ports

USB and audio ports can turn a simple headphone stand into a secondary computer hub. Headphone stands with USB ports can have between one and four ports for work, gaming, or hobby use. These ports are useful for transferring data or charging devices and double as a USB dock to expand the number of usable ports.

An AUX port allows users to plug their headphones into the headphone stand rather than their computer, which can be more convenient than plugging into a laptop or a system unit that’s farther away. Some headphone stands with an AUX port support surround sound audio quality;   additional add-ons such as wireless charging and LED lighting can upgrade the functionality and look of a headphone stand even more.

Additional Features

Headphone stands can include a range of performance and style features, including nonslip bases, built-in cord organizers, and stylish aesthetics.

  • Nonslip bases are handy, almost essential, features for desktop headphone stands. Rubber grips along the base prevent the stand from slipping and sliding on a desktop. Other stand bases are finished with felted grips, which are still a little slippery but do a good job preventing desktop scratches.
  • Cord organizers on headphone stands reduce cable clutter. They’re a handy spot to wrap the headphones’ cable while they’re hanging on the stand, and they store other desktop cables like phone or device chargers. These organizers can be part of the stand or cleverly disguised in the base.
  • Style and color can turn a functional accessory into a desktop design element. Headphone stands come in a variety of styles and colors. From minimalist aluminum organizers to others made from warm woods or colorful acrylics, there’s a stand to suit every desktop.

Our Top Picks

A quality set of headphones is a must-have accessory for many, whether for listening to music, working, or gaming. A headphone stand helps store, display, and protect this gear while keeping your space organized. The following picks are well made, sturdy, and store banded headphones in style.

Best Overall

The Best Headphone Stand Option: Avantree Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand Hanger

Made from black silicone and silver steel, this headphone stand from Avantree has a sleek, clean design with a gently contoured silicone hanger. Its design prevents scratches and dents and maintains the headphone band’s curved shape. The silicone hanger also keeps the headphones from sliding about.

Amply sized for most headphones, the hanger can hold headbands up to 1.5 inches wide. The stand is 9.8 inches tall and measures 5.9 inches across at the base, taking up little desk space. Its nonslip silicone base doubles as a lipped storage tray, perfectly sized for a coiled headphone cord or other small items.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Headphone Stand Option: Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder

Satechi’s minimalist, sleek aluminum headphone stand coordinates well with aluminum-bodied laptops and boasts a variety of handy ports. The stand’s wide, flat hanging hook has a small silicone pad that keeps headphones in place. Shoppers will appreciate that its cord organizer is on the back of the stand, so cords are hidden from view when wrapped around the organizer. Measuring 11.26 inches high and 5.51 inches across, this stand leaves a small footprint.

What really makes Satechi’s headphone stand worth considering is that it has four ports integrated into its base: A built-in 3.5-millimeter audio jack allows users to plug headphones directly into the stand, and it has three USB-A ports. While these ports don’t support device charging, they are useful in connecting USB devices to the computer. Although this stand is costlier than some other options, the sturdy frame combines a headphone stand, a hidden cord organizer, and a USB hub for long-term organization.

Best Dual Stand

The Best Headphone Stand Option: Avantree Neetto Dual Headphones Stand for Desk

For audiophiles with multiple headphones (or families with a pair for each person), this multipurpose headphone organizer from Avantree is a terrific solution. Made from sturdy black aluminum, the stand has two contoured hanging hooks that can each hold two sets of headphones, depending on headband width.

A wide weighted base measuring 7 inches by 4.7 inches ensures the stand stays upright, regardless of how many pairs of headphones are stored. Although the base is larger than that of most other stands, it doubles as a tray for storing cables and other office accessories. Measuring 9.8 inches tall, this Neetto stand will fit most headphones.

Best Under-Desk

The Best Headphone Stand Option: 6amLifestyle Universal Headphone Headset Stand

Those lacking in desk space should consider this simple black headphone stand from 6amLifestyle, which installs to the side of a desk or a shelf. Its metal hanging hook can accommodate one or two headphones, up to a total weight of 11 pounds.

To install this under-desk hook there’s no need for screws, adhesive, or tools. Setup is a snap: Simply fit the rubberized clamp over the desktop and tighten the adjustment knob. The nonslip clamp can be installed on surfaces 0.7 inches to 1.38 inches wide.

Other thoughtful details add to this headphone hanger’s appeal, including a raised tip on the hanging hook that prevents headphones from sliding off. Measuring 2.5 inches long, the universal size of the hook accommodates most headphones or even two sets of slimmer headphones.

Best For Gaming

The Best Headphone Stand Option: Razer Base Station V2 Chroma for Gaming Headsets

With several ports, the Razer Base Station V2 Chroma is the ideal headphone stand for storing and plugging in gaming gear. The simple black aluminum design has a 4.72-inch-wide circular base and a 10.94-inch height to fit larger gaming headsets without sacrificing desk space.

With a low center of gravity that keeps the stand from tipping, a nonslip rubber-bottom base, and RGB lighting, the Razer stand is the ideal addition to any gaming setup. Powered by Razer Chroma RGB, its lighting is customizable and allows for game immersion. The colorful lights can sync with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and a range of other gear.

Two USB 3.1 ports allow users to connect USB devices to the base, and its 3.5-millimeter combo port accommodates a headset or a microphone. For an immersive gaming experience, the audio port supports surround sound.

FAQs About Headphone Stands

A headphone stand is a designated spot to store your headphones, keeping them on display and within easy reach. If you’re still mulling the best headphone stand for your setup, check out the following commonly asked questions.

Q. How does a headphone stand save desk space?

A headphone stand saves desk space by providing a dedicated spot to place the headphones and organize the cord. Most have a small footprint and take advantage of vertical space. Some stands also have bases that double as storage trays, which makes them even more useful.

Q. Are all headphone stands the same size?

No. Headphone stands come in a range of sizes, from small hangers that attach to the edge of a desk to larger desktop organizers for multiple headphones.

Q. Do headphone stands damage headphones?

It is possible for a headphone stand to scratch the headphones or dent its padding. Consider a stand with a contoured shape or a protective padding to prevent this type of damage.

Q. Can a smartphone be charged on a headphone stand?

It depends on the stand. Some headphone stands have integrated USB charging ports to charge phones and other devices, while others have USB ports for connectivity purposes only.